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Does Your Life Matter?

It is remarkable how people are influenced. Influence is defined as: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. What people don’t mention is that it can also mean to force or control. When someone thinks that their life matters enough to better it. 

Getting a higher paying job or looking for another career option. Let’s say someone doesn’t agree with your intended career path. Let’s say law enforcement. Military, gunsmithing, or something else that may have a particular news presence that week. Haha I’ve seen butcher shops that have animal rights activists, I’ve seen bakers with LGBT protesters because they refuse to make a cake that was against their religious beliefs.

Whether you take these sorts of things into consideration is up to you when choosing a career. Just keep in mind that people are always trying to control aspects of other people’s life because they cannot control their own. If you want to be a cop, go be one of the good ones. If you want to be a baker, and don’t want to bake a cake with a bunch of dicks on it. Other people will have to learn that the world does not revolve around them. 

You decide if your life matters enough not to give in to societal pressure. There are a lot of losers in the world who just want some sort of control in their life. It is not your responsibility to give it to them. Bangov Actual, out.

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Guns? Illegal?? When Did This Start?

Welp! That escalated quickly. Of course, people are going to be pissed when you threaten their way of life. Yes, that means take away people’s guns. Haha what? You guys thought I wouldn’t talk about this? Of course, I would, I’ve been talking about leaving people the fuck alone since you all have been reading these blogs. If you haven’t heard of the “firearms culture,” then let me just tell you they are a bunch of guns toting Wack jobs, consummate professionals, and my favorite, larping questionable. It is pretty fascinating to see one side be completely set in their ways. Know little to nothing about laws, tactics, or even diplomacy, and then on the other side have some of the most linguistically elegant, as well tactically proficient men I have ever seen with a broom stick. One thing we all have in common, we love guns. Now coming from the perspective of a gun owner, which is also if you’re a political representative hahaha it is the worst thing you can say, because we all know this is a half ass attempt at creating some sort of commonality between gun owners and yourself. IT DOES NOT MATTER THAT A POLITICIAN OWNS GUNS. Since you were elected, your job is to be reelected. That means to cater or appeal to those who are going to get you elected again. If in a blue state, then gun control will be your platform. 


We have all heard the arguments that countries who have faced atrocities such as mass shootings, have given up their guns. As well have sold the idea that gun control works based on an emotional perspective. “If you like guns then you hate children.” This is someone who is so emotionally charged in their belief that no matter what you say, you could have every stat or chart proving them wrong. It will not matter to them that you may know more about the topic, or even be able to articulate your point better. If they have either had an emotional experience or if they “identify” (Left words) with the trauma they will take ownership of an experience, they didn’t even have. Then you ask them, we’ll have you ever shot a gun, which doesn’t really matter for the sake of arguments, but you’re trying to win the argument, not actually bring them to a new perspective. They will respond with “no, but my friends have guns.” Sounds pretty stupid now doesn’t it. Just have to say it in your head. 


Of course, also it would be ridiculous to tell any of you which side you should be on with this issue. As always, I leave it up to you. If you like guns, ok, if you don’t like them, ok. Just remember you not agreeing or liking something under any circumstance, does not give you the right to choose for others whether they get to have it or not. You are not entitled to make those decisions for others. ESPECIALLY IF IT IS IN THE CONSTITUTION. LAWS THAT ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ARE NOT LAWS. 


List of gun Confiscations around the world:


170 million deaths over the next 100 years


 Turks, Armenian 1915-17


29-34 Soviet Union 10 years of firearm confiscation


China 34-76, nationalist and Communists 42-44 4 mil die in famine.


Chairman Mao – political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.




Bangladesh 1971


75-79 Cambodia, religious leaders, Vietnamese, western culture, capitalism, English or French speaking, more than a 7th grade education, wearing EYEGLASSES!!


Guatemala, Mayan Indians


Uganda 71-79 soldiers who doubt, 16,000, instructed by God to throw Asians out. 3 or more people not to be together if one is armed. Ameen fled to Saudi Arabia, 300,000 died and nobody paid for it.


Rwanda 94 Hutu, Tootsie, Tootsie deemed rebels and to be extinguished.



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Inspiration Kills Progress

To be inspired is like buying everything you think you will need based on what you think, or picture yourself needing before you even start the job. Also, ladies think of spending 4 hours getting ready for your man who takes you to McDonalds. The excitement of what could be doing rarely ever turns out to be what is expected. Just do your job and maybe after 6 months you’ll realize, huh, “maybe I need more sticky notes.” You have actually been in the position for a while now. You know what to expect. You have a feel for the culture at your job. Maybe a suit is too much, maybe just a sweater vest, nice button up. Comb over your hair, new bottle of hand sanitizer because you’re a fucking serial killer that is afraid of germs and human contact. You get to the next step and your progression continues to the corporate office. Nice suit, ties, socks, whatever tickles ya. Point being inspiration never really got you to where you wanted to be. Just the ability to choose did. Knowing the process of how to apply when the opportunity came into focus. You saw your shot when it was announced the position would be open. You went for it. 


To inspire is defined as: fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Crazy to think that you are working somewhere right now, and you have been there for longer than necessary because you have never even known what was next. You feel trapped in the assembly line. You feel trapped because you don’t know how to compete. The position is not important. You may be an assembly worker; you may be one of the top execs at your firm. Gunning for a partnership or even your own branch. Don’t think this will be easy, just know that time cannot be stopped and more importantly it is where you want to be. We all have a constant want to be in a position higher than where we are. Some are content but those who want to move forward just need to keep wanting. If you are constantly needing to be inspired to get up and go to work. It is possible you may not even want it. Ladies think of inspiration like a 1st date. You spend 3 hours on hair and makeup when 30 min will take his breath away. It’s unnecessary and can even be damaging. Bangov Actual, out.

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Disappointment, Dictate your Happiness

Disappointment is defined as: sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. Disappointment can be the cause of fluid action. Can teach you to move forward, stand still or go back to the last thing that brought you happiness or pleasure. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. If the last thing that brought you happiness was drugs, bad relationship, then your fate is sealed to inevitably go back to it.

If your Disappointment brings you back to family, friends, an art or passion. You may be able to push yourself forward again. Hell, you may not even feel as if you went back. Maybe just sidestepped a little in order to figure where to place your foot, in order to keep climbing. 

Don’t let Disappointment control the narrative in your head. Be as some political agenda where you think you have no control. Happiness is defined as: state of being happy, which is defined as: feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. Happiness is a state of mind. Nobody should be able to control it. Yes, of course you can be sad sometimes, but really distinguish next time if you would like to be. Or are you feeling a certain way just because you have been programmed or seen a movie where you thought this is when I am supposed to be. 

Controlling your sadness, I believe is a huge part to being happy. Don’t let others decide your mood. This is when all the past blogs of finding likeminded people come into play. You want these strong-willed people to keep you out of the depths of what you know to be a very sad place. A place you once were, or a place where you’ve seen someone else go.

Like a yawn it is contagious and can spread very rapidly. Bangov Actual, out.


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Interpretation is Taught

Interpretation is a funny thing. It works at 2 speeds. You go 10 miles per hour through a school zone, or you will be going 80 mph through red lights. You either gain a sense of perspective through someone else speaking to you about what you already know but couldn’t rationalize or verbalize yourself. Or you’re screaming and your hairs on fire because you just need the world to go faster. Interpretation is defined as: the act of explaining or making something clear. To those who were not aware, it does not mean how you interpret something in your mind. It is how you are able to teach another of how you understand it. Verbalizing something such as how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be as complicated as taking 2 pieces of bread and putting peanut butter on one slice, taking the second slice and applying jelly. Then taking those 2 pieces and putting them together. To go further we ask ourselves what jelly is and want to know the breakdown of jelly as well as peanut butter to better understand why they go good together, and the history of how they ended up on 2 slices of bread. Why not French bread, or tortillas? I am not telling people how to enjoy pb and J. I’m just saying Wonderbread is the worst bread to put it on, and if you do, you’re going to hell. IN MY OPINION.

That is just my understanding and the only way for me to communicate to you. Bangov Actual out. 

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America The Greatest

As America has always gone through its growing pains. Being a country for 245 years we tend to see our world leaders giving into the language that America is a democracy. That is all I hear when watching the news, democracy, democracy, democracy, when I know it to be a Constitutional Republic. I know what you’re thinking. This is Bangov, this is supposed to motivate me to put the politics aside and focus on my individual pursuits. As Bangov Actual I wouldn’t dream of keeping you from your pursuits. As you read, it is always my full intention to encourage you to keep on focus on your pursuits and embrace what makes you feel fulfilled. If I may divert your attention just for a moment, I would also like to encourage you to focus on this thought process of mine in order to show you just how important the written word is. Now understand I may not be much older than you at 31. I still text and use memes in a comedic manner.

When it comes to defining, or even rationalizing what country we are trying to be. Words are very important. When I say America is, I say with as much conviction as possible that we are a Constitutional Republic. Religious or not, if you are to describe God given, or inalienable rights to yourself. Don’t try at first to convince others of what you are trying to teach yourself. Takes years to ingrain a Pick one first and research to solidify your point of view and let it be challenged so that when questioned, you don’t succeed against those opposing you. Liberty is defined as: the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. So, define who you are so that those who challenge it, or even worse those who try and change for their own agenda, will be stopped dead in their tracks. Bangov Actual, out.



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Dictate Your Focus

Today is a new day. Yesterday there may have been a storm. May have been things broken, or even damaged beyond repair. Start to rebuild anew and you will be forever grateful that you did not give in to your fears. Life’s only consequences are the ones that you create inside your mind. Control, control, control. Dictator is defined as: a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force. The only time you will ever hear me advocate for a dictatorship is within yourself. Nobody should be in control of you, your happiness or how you choose to live. Yes, that even means your own spouse has no control over your state of mind or wellbeing. The right to choose is something nobody will ever take away from you. Choose to be positive, daring, and those who have not chosen themselves, may either follow or be dismissed (allowed to leave). 

Many will shatter at the thought of disappointing others. You cannot please everyone. You can barely please yourself and you worry about whether you have hurt someone’s feelings. Dictate how you want to live and dictate how you want to feel every day. Doing that, why wouldn’t you want to be positive? Bangov Actual, out.