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Alex Jones Is Innocent

I have watched the Alex Jones court proceeding where they play the video of his show on December 14, 2012. Throughout the show being played it was apparent right from the start that Alex Jones did not act like the School Shooting was a fake. Starting at 7:50 you will Jones state that: “It’s more than these dead poor children.” If that doesn’t indicate that he knew it was a truly horrific event, then not sure what people will try and make up because they hate the man so much. I encourage people to watch this video proving that Alex Jones did nothing to take any light away from the atrocity.

Many times, I have seen that people on their podcast still to this day say that Alex Jones should not have said what he said about saying that Sady Hook Shooting was a fake. Even close friends remember it that way. The only thing that would come close to what he is being accused of is at 28:46 in the video saying it could be staged, but then references the Batman theatre shooting, Fast and Furious where government lost track of nearly 2000 weapons that ended up in Mexico and resulted in the death of a Border Patrol Agent in 2010  and ending with Sirhan Sirhan RFK assassination and examples of mind control programs.

No matter how outspoken Alex Jones may be on conspiracies. Even if you don’t like the guy, just watching the video it is clear that this was an aim to destroy a man and silence him for asking too many questions. Bangov Actual, out.







Taxation Is Theft

Don’t let the government fool you when you they say that they are giving you “tax breaks.” They create the taxes you pay so each year they can raise it just as taxes and expenses have been going up. (Article here)

““It’s a challenging consumer environment,” said Ian Borden, McDonald’s CFO, noting that many consumers are trying to manage inflation, higher interest rates and dwindling savings.”

Just as Mcdonalds will need to raise their prices due to inflation and be able to afford to pay thier employees, the government will need to raise taxes in order to pay for overreaching entities like the ATF, FBI, IRS, so on and so forth.

A little history of how it all started and why government loves printing money.

Save money any way you can, because inflation and government spending being out of control is inevitable. Bangov Actual, out.


Socialism only works in Short Term

It is a love hate relationship, mostly hate, but when people tend to think that socialism is going to be funded by an organization known as the “government.” It is almost like they think it is going to be funded by something that does not affect them. Walmart, Tesla, or any other billion-dollar industry does not want to pay for your college. Does not want to pay for your medical bills. UNLESS you are of some benefit to them. I don’t mean you came out of your mommy, and you just exist. Nobody gets paid for existing. You have very little right told a company what they should and should not pay for simply because you take up oxygen. You haven’t built anything; you haven’t contributed in any way despite what your mommy tells you. You’re not special, you just like all the others wanting free things from the government must realize that you are paying for it whether you like to or not. Government does not survive without a people taxed to provide its wealth.

These people in the video live in a fantasy world. They live in a very entitled world. People who don’t want the responsibility of investing in their own future. It should be paid for by other people, or government because they are so out of touch to realize government doesn’t just have money like big businesses. Government is not a business. They don’t have a product; they don’t have anything to offer you. They pull other companies and give them your money in order to create products that are needed. You think tanks are made in the White House? NOO! (Article here)

“The Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio, has been building Army tanks and armored vehicles since World War II. It nearly ceased tank production in 2012 under the drastic “sequestration” cuts, but it now produces about 11 tanks a month and employs a growing workforce of 580.”

It has been tried and failed more than once. I guess we will just have to remind people that socialism, communism, Marxism is just another ideology for the enslavement of another by an overreaching government. Bangov Actual out.







Choose At Your Own Risk

When we think of the rights as individuals, we think of the right to free speech, keep and bear arms. We think of civil rights that are considered inalienable. Inalienable is defined as: unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor. What is rarely spoken about as common knowledge now is the freedom of choice. Almost like there is an agenda against it….(weird huh?)                                                                                    

We see here in this video of things such as speed limits that the theory that slowing drivers down but implementing speed limits is just as you would to save a minority of a population even if it meant affecting a greater good. Some of you may be asking what could be more important than saving lives??? Well, you have forgotten that Memorial Day was just a couple days ago. Would you like to explain to me why we send countless lives to fight and die for a greater good? This is not about Memorial Day, but it is about not catering to those who may be blinding us from bettering societal norms based on something as simple as a speed limit. This is not a complete thought by any means, but I would love to have these discussions with others who were more versed in the relevant subjects. Economical, Business-related fields maybe?

The video explains the common misconceptions of speed limits and the effect they have on a population that is governed by speed. The common thought is simply put that slowing traffic under certain parameters will save lives. It does, but not by as much as you think. 

If you watched this video, you may be asking ok, well what limit we should set for drivers to be safe on the road. Well let’s just say the video is 100% correct in it’s finding, and if people are going as fast as the want to anyway then, why set limits at all? Speed limit signs just become reminders when driving after someone is done with their makeup, grabbing for Mcdonalds on the floor, stop the baby from crying in the backseat, or even looking at their phone, all while going over the speed limit anyway. Looking an article from ( we see the summary states:

“The exact relation between speed and crashes depends on many factors. However, in a general
sense the relation is very clear: if on a road the driven speeds become higher, the crash rate will also
increase. The crash rate is also higher for an individual vehicle that drives at higher speed than the
other traffic on that road. As speeds get higher, crashes also result in more serious injury, for the
driver who caused the crash as well as for the crash opponent. The injury severity of the vehicle
occupants in a crash, for example, is not only determined by the collision speed, but also by the mass
difference between the vehicles and by the vulnerability of the vehicles/road users who are involved.
In a crash between a light vehicle and a heavier one, the occupants of the lighter vehicle generally are
considerably worse off than the occupants of the heavier vehicle. Even more so this is the case for
pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders in crashes with (much) heavier motor vehicles.”

As interesting as this is, there is NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. Maybe tell everyone to slow down? hahaha do you remember CLICK IT OR TICKET?

“Massachusetts state Rep. Jeffrey Roy, who is sponsoring a primary enforcement bill in his state, said he understands some may feel it impinges on their individual rights, but he thinks it will motivate more people to wear seat belts, which will save lives.”

If you ever want to control a population then just say it is for their own good, or that it saves lives, and you’ll get enough people who don’t care to do their own research that comply.


In the video above we hear from The Great Milton Friedman. This argument stems from the question that should an auto maker be able to knowingly exclude parts that may make a vehicle more dangerous to the consumer? If you are going to ask that question, then you have to ask should people be allowed to purchase motorcycles? It is not as simple as what one company does is wrong when you put into perspective that the rights of the individual consumer to choose a vehicle that is safer based on what they deem a risk. Same as if I am to choose to travel by plane, car, or hitchhike. Give people the right to choose based on their own understanding of risks involved. Bangov Actual, out.


Ps. over 40 million speeding tickets are issued annually every year, with it being a 6 billion dollar revenue. Your safety has very little to do with making sure you are slowing down.







The 1 thing that will set you free.

Focus on 1 thing, don’t get distracted. Move everything else that you know is not important aside. We all have talent. We all have this one thing that we are good at. Sometimes we choose to ignore it because we think that it will not be anything of importance to others. We are afraid of the time it takes to invest. A part of our lifetime gone and the unknowing of what will come if it. Will it bring us glory and riches? Or will it be what we feared and just be 20 years of our life that we dedicated to see fade away into nothing. 

How many movies did you watch growing up where athletes spent their childhood learning how to play a sport then have it taken away by 1 stupid mistake. We are constantly taught as children to fear consequences of things without knowing. Don’t do this, no money in that. Parents who have never been there or done that. Who spent their lives afraid to dream of something more. I blame parents for everything because parents now think they have the right to blame the government for the safety, security, education and well-being for the responsibility of their own child.

Focus on 1 thing that your heart tells you to. Doing something you love is hard as it is if you do it for long enough. Doing something you don’t love is hardest when you realize at the end of your life that you should’ve done the thing that was in your heart but never took a shot at. You look at hugely successful companies and seeing the lefts and rights they had to take to become successful is quite a story.

Companies like YouTube, if you are not familiar with how they started. YouTube launched as a dating website. In the beginning they were even paying people $20 to post videos of themselves which eventually failed, but then people just liked posting videos of themselves. That is the direction that the company went, and as you can imagine it has turned out pretty well so far. (Article here)

Being afraid is what keeps you from moving forward. You must fight fear and doubt at all times. Your life depends on it. Bangov Actual, out.





Police Don’t Give a Shit Anymore, I Don’t Blame em

Police are those individuals whom you either love, hate, or are not really sure what to think about them. Funny thing is, when someone does something you don’t like, offends you (which is not illegal), calls you mean names (which is not illegal) or just the classic breaking into your home in the middle of the night. The moment that inner bitch comes out you are picking up your phone or you’re screaming for someone else to call 911. It is ok, that is what they are there for especially if you have not been trained to deal with armed assailants in the dead of night. Not all of us can be navy seals. We can all get a gun, but that is up to you and your definition of need.

So, why is it according to NPR that cops are leaving due to low morale and scrutiny. Scrutiny is defined as: searching study, inquiry, or inspection, a searching look, a close watch. Article states:

“In many places, police morale has plunged, and retirements and resignations have soared. A June survey of nearly 200 departments by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), a nonprofit think tank, shows a startling 45% increase in the retirement rate and a nearly 20% increase in resignations in 2020-21 compared to the previous year.

Now this is only a problem when you go to call the police and wait times are 20 minutes. According to 4 things come into play when it comes time to call the police:


  • The priority of your emergency (high, low, or somewhere in the middle)
  • The number of other high priority calls coming in simultaneously
  • The number of officers on duty
  • The number of officers needed per call.

While you may need an officer for someone playing their music too loud, 10 officers could be getting shot at 15 min away. I am happy to report that an average wait time for police response in the 10 most major cities are under 15 minutes according to the same article:


  • Chicago: 3.46 minutes
  • Los Angeles: 5.7 minutes
  • Seattle: 7 minutes
  • Dallas: 8 minutes
  • Miami: 8 minutes
  • New York City: 9.1 minutes
  • Atlanta: 9.5 minutes
  • Houston: 10 minutes
  • Detroit: 12 minutes
  • Denver: 13 minutesNow cops come in all shapes, sizes, attitudes and abilities so don’t think all cops are going to act the same when responding to a situation either verbally or physically. When it comes to police interacting with those they are hired to protect, communication seems to be the one that police departments are willing to pay more for. When it comes to speaking foreign languages, departments are willing to pay up to 5% more for other languages like Spanish, Russian, Asian dialects and even sign language. (

Communication simply put can be the difference between a situation becoming a cordial conversation or a violent interaction. De Escalation being a priority when not wanting to turn simple police interactions into blows or bullets being thrown due to shows of force and from an authority perspective: (

“De-escalation in policing is a technique that attempts to reverse the long taught and encouraged method of using force to control a situation. Instead, de-escalation attempts to diffuse a situation through peaceful means such as speaking calmly, showing empathy, and asking open-ended questions to engage people in a real dialogue rather than demanding answers and displaying power and authority. “

All this being said, safer communities are the goal for the general population. Of course, for law enforcement as well, but maybe a little effort from both sides would change the dynamic of how police officers are viewed today. I encourage everyone, if you really want to see more of a police presence in your city, or even in just your neighborhood. Simple gestures of kindness when police do come around goes a long way. For those who are wanting to go the extra mile, maybe even visit your local law enforcement agency and tell them they are welcome around your part of town and are welcomed by the community. Bumper stickers are great, but seeing your face, a wave, maybe even being invited to community potlucks speaks volumes without even a single word. Remember Bangov is about a stronger community. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Bangov Actual, out.


Community Policing: Much More Than Walking a Beat (

What Is Community Policing? – Discover Policing



Diamonds Are a Lie

Been researching a leading scam, that scam would be what a perceived value is in what we wear. Whether it be jewelry, clothing, any tangible item you can imagine that is designed to draw you in as a consumer and make you pay more than what it is actually worth. For this piece I will bring your attention specifically to diamonds and the perception that we all have on their value. Anyone that has been in a diamond store and has looked at engagement rings will know as soon as you look at the price difference in natural vs lab grown diamonds you will immediately have a stroke at the cost difference.

Just a quick google search you will see that a 1 carat natural diamond( just the stone) will run you 2500 dollars. Compared to a 1 carat lab grown diamond you’re in the market for 1700 dollars. Without cut or clarity specifications the cost is significant. Remember these are stones, these are rocks. The definition of a stone: hard solid nonmetallic mineral matter of which rock is made, especially as a building material. I say again these are rocks, but some just have different compositions of crystals.


Formation of gemstones geological process through which minerals and rocks deep within the Earth transform into gems. Created under a variety of conditions. Pressure and temperature of the Earth’s mantle, the metamorphism of existing rocks, accumulation of minerals. Over millennia, gemstones develop crystalline structures and acquire their remarkable colors and properties. Once unearthed, cut, and polished, these gemstones become jewelry. (

Moissanite may be another gemstone that you have heard of. Discovered over 120 years ago by a man named Henry Moissan. For the full history read this article in, ( This gemstone that you will read about in the same article is actually extremely rare compared to diamonds considering it comes from a meteorite. These gemstones which again if you are to do a google search find lab made moissanite it will be anywhere from $30- 600 per 1 carat stone depending on the brand name, cut and clarity. If we are to look from a hardness scale according to the OHMS scale. A diamond whether it be natural, or lab grown measures a 10 on the ohms 1-10 scale. If you are to look at moissanite then you are looking from 9.25-9.5. Watching the video below you will see a man smashing a diamond. Yes, diamonds are not as durable as everyone is led to believe. The video goes in more depth when describing “hardness” and it may not be what we all to think or interpret.

I myself had done some testing by purchasing and doing the same kind of testing with a hammer on an amazon purchased moissanite stone. Hammer on the concrete took 5 harder smacks than you see in the video to smash the 3 carat that I had purchased for $50. As well some may be thinking of thermal conductivity as well. I know I was, so i put a torch lighter to the thing and it turned green it got so hot then fell on to a piece of paper where it burned the paper. Rest assured as soon as the moissanite cooled it returned to its naturally diamond like look. No burns, nothings flaking off as moissanite. According to ( moissanite has a high melting point of 2730 degree Celsius (4946 degrees Fahrenheit.) Diamond had a melting point of 4027 degree Celsius (7280 degrees Fahrenheit) according to the ( so unless you’re thinking of jumping into a volcano or in the sun, I am confident you and your jewelry will be long lasting.

These perceptions that we have about what is actually valuable to us is very saddening to think that when we may not be able to afford what we want, we complain about it instead of trying and address what it would mean to waste that much money on something that does not bring you as much joy as you think. I don’t need to give you some long study done about how tangible items are not things that bring your life fulfillment, but I do anyway because some people are that thick headed ( I have written about your health, family dynamic and strong community. Those are what we tend to get distracted from when it comes to buying things that may bring us joy for a week or less.

For men who ask, “how much should I spend on an engagement ring?” I say spend whatever the fuck you want. It’s a rock and some metal and no number of diamonds or gold will determine the success of the marriage, ask any celebrity that has been divorced. Men may feel as if it is not expensive enough then she will say no, hahaha ladies we can always find another woman. Also, ladies you will want a man that is able to say no to you and not give in to the pressure because he is less likely to give in to other women. Define what is most important to you, you’ll save a lot of money on things that you don’t need in order to buy necessities when they matter. Bangov Actual, out.


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