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Covid Made People Stupid

When you see healthcare professionals, even at the highest levels of government avoiding questions, or wanting to answer them in a way that was not related to the question. My favorite is when they refuse to answer yes or no. A beautiful example of Dr. Fauci expressing how to break the will of people in order for them to comply with the mandate. For someone who has the responsibility for people’s health nationwide, he sends a dark message that although not surprising that even he can be bought.

Video above shows the true intentions of Dr. Fauci against the American people. 2:48









Don’t be a Victim to this Scam


The video above comes from Ironclad. and incredible source of news and information. If you are not familiar, I highly advise you look into more content that has been provided on the YouTube channel.


This segment is about the inner workings of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. The cartel has been known for their ability to adapt to changing environments in how to be as profitable as possible. Watching this video, you will be educated on a bit of history and inner workings of the cartel as they work to scam Americans out of thousands, and sometimes over a million dollars. In reference to a case that they are talking about where a sum of 1.8 million dollars was scammed out of just 1 individual. I have found the story in a USA Today article if you would like to read that as well.

The intention is to make people aware of this scam, for those who own timeshares in Mexico, and those who have received any of these calls. This is a very real threat to your livelihood and advise that conversations be had between people who may be at risk. Makes sense to think that those that are older would be prone to be victim of scams. According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commision):

“In 2021, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z young adults (ages 18-59) were 34% more likely than older adults (ages 60 and over) to report losing money to fraud, and some types of fraud stood out. Younger adults reported losses to online shopping fraud – which often started with an ad on social media – far more often than any other fraud type, and most said they simply did not get the items they ordered.”

So, we all get stupid in cyber space sometimes when we see something of desire. Whatever you are buying just realize to stick to reputable sites, or those you know are legitimate, if you don’t know, I promise you probably don’t need that pencil holder, fake watch, or jeans you think make you look cooler than all your friends. (You don’t)

Share with friends and family, let people be aware that dangers are not always just physical. Bangov Actual, out















Laws Against the Constitution Are Not Laws

When the greatest country in the world shows its true colors, I am not surprised that Texas is leading the way. Gov. Greg Abbot with 7 different bills that are pro 2A in order to give his citizens the right to protect themselves. The bills are as they are presented in the video:

  1. Constitutional Carry
  2. Texas now a Sanctuary state for guns, Shielding from Federal overreach
  3. Preventing any government entity from prohibiting sales of firearms or ammunition during declared disasters.
  4. Prohibiting government contracts with businesses that discriminate against firearm and ammunition businesses, or organizations.
  5. Holster Choice, whatever kind of holster is chosen.
  6. Ability to store firearms in hotel rooms.


My favorite thing to tell others is when an organization like the ATF is not even able to secure firearms that have been confiscated in crimes, it should be a clear message to people that they are not going to save you. This “protection” fallacy that any 3-letter agency is going to be the one to save, rescue or keep criminals from getting guns is clearly stretched as far as it can go. WE know the truth so for states like Texas that see and realize “ya we’re on our own.” Just from the BLM/Antifa riots we know that police can be overrun when a precinct in Minneapolis was set on fire. (Article Here)

Guns are a part of why America is able to withstand people in congress who actually don’t like this country, but just want to rule. We have guns to defend ourselves and they are readily available to all, especially criminals. Pbs article states:

“Nearly 112,000 guns were reported stolen in 2022, and just over half of those were from cars — most often when they were parked in driveways or outside people’s homes, the Everytown report found. That’s up from about one-quarter of all thefts in 2013, when homes were the leading spot for firearm thefts, the report says.”

Say what you will about criminals, but they are very good at adaptation. If the home is the path of least resistance to stealing a firearm, then they will just get it from there. Then they found out, oh wait we don’t even have to go in. They just break your window and bam, there it is. Guns are not the problem. All gun legislation does is give an upper hand to those who do not follow laws…Ban/Gun Laws. Bangov Actual, out.



When Pro-Palestinian Protestors Become Racists

You and I get into an argument, just some good ole debate on things that we may disagree upon. Well just remember it can be anything from which color shirt to wear on casual Friday. All the way up the chain to what I should believe in. Things can go off the rails really quick. Just like we have seen the last week which many students at campuses across the country gather in pro-Palestinian mobs. Mob is defined as: a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence. Now you can get mad at that all you want, but when “protesters” utilize trash cans to charge at police and break their lines, your true intent becomes transparent that you only wish to become a sizable force in order to overpower the opposition.

I hope that this is staged.

Well shit.















Worst President Ever

Biden will go down as the worst US President in history. The lack of doing your job to secure the border, all time high inflation, and my personal favorite, more expenses for working families. Obama would have gone down as the worst US President in history, but he actually was coherent in his abilities to speak to the people even if it was all bullshit. 


Thomas Sowell does a wonderful job on targeting the atrocities that Obama endorsed as spending 8 years in office was a success in eroding the values of American life. 

My favorite part of this interview is Thomas Sowell explaining in which Obama’s background being misinterpreted by so many as means for a prosperous community, or even helpful to the community around him. This is said by Thomas Sowell in the video above at 2:45-3:10.


Talking about a failed Presidency I know may strike some as infuriating, or may be means to call me racist, but that is not it at all. When you are able to comb through even his top 50 achievements, you will come to see that as POTUS he really didn’t accomplish as much as you would like to see as a man in charge of over 300 million people. For example, you will see in the article I mentioned of his top 50 accomplishments.


Right off the bat we’ll look at healthcare. Was it initiated, yes, but with the intention of being more affordable than what people previously had. Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act was initiated in March of 2010. According to


“In fact, Obamacare was largely written by the insurance industry. Simple solutions to making health insurance more affordable, like allowing for Americans to window shop for the best priced policies by going outside their states were completely ignored in favor of a policy that forced millions of Americans to pay higher premiums and possibly lose access to their preferred physicians. “

Secondly if you look at such “accomplishments” like repealed “don’t ask, don’t tell,” Boosted Fuel efficiency standards, diversified federal bureaucracy, which is just another way to say he used affirmative action to give high ranking positions to people of color even though they may not be qualified for the job, or maybe someone more qualified was rejected based on the color of their skin. Gave FDA power to regulate tobacco, passed credit card reforms. Cut the national deficit, which he did not do. All these are just a handful of give people what they want so they will vote for you again.

POTUS is not meant to just hand out free money or say ok to everyone who is bad with their money. We pay taxes to the people who are bad with money, you think we would learn this by now but especially in the decline of our education system, civics is not really a hot topic unless it is meant to push our children towards “inclusion” or “diversity” or being tolerant of people who are out of their minds.

So, what is more to say about a man who his entire 8 years as president was speaking not to improve the economy, and I don’t mean employment. Trump had 3.5% unemployment before Covid hit. That is a political stunt, just like saying you will give everyone free stuff. More jobs are a way of dumbing down economic promises to people who don’t know any better. 

Perfect example of him having to dumb down speech for the majority of listeners.

“First, the government should seek to avoid interfering in economic affairs to allow the forces of competition and innovation to increase the size of the social pie from which everyone can benefit. Second, the government should focus its exercise of national power on defending the nation and its allies from aggression. Obama inverts these key relationships—a fundamental mistake. He is all too willing to use coercion in domestic economic affairs against disfavored groups, and all too reluctant to use it against sworn enemies of the United States and its allies.” (

Bangov Actual, out.


They Don’t Belong Here

Terrorism is defined as: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. 

The term terrorism is thrown out a lot. Whether it be those coming across the border. At least MSN seems to think so when it comes to 736 known or suspected terrorists that came through the southern border in 2023. 


Let’s not get caught up in the details though when thinking about who we let into our country. Since they are already here anyway, we may try and think of how we can expose those that are already around us. ABC News shares that:

“Just because you’re in a small town or a small state does not mean you might not potentially have individuals engaged in the types of activities that would call into question threats to national security,” says Tim Fuhrman, Former Special Agent with the FBI field office in Mobile, Alabama.”

Now these are not the only times that we have seen our borders face numbers that may cause distress of who we may be letting into our country. May not be the 2nd or 3rd…. or 4th or even 20th. Sadly, according to this is only a couple cases compared to the 225 times that has been documented by the article America has had terrorist cells found within the United States. Organizations from al-Qaeda, ISIS, agents of Iran, and some other douchebag entities. 


For over 30 years we have been seeing a plan for the destruction of our country from the inside. Of course, like all things important or that plead for solutions, the government is very good at sweeping those under the rug come time for elections, and we never tend to hear about them. Even worse, the American people neglect to bring it up. They wait on political leaders or agency officials to bring it up. Kind of like FBI director stating: NPR article

“We are in a dangerous period” as various terrorist groups look to leverage the conflict for their own causes.”

And this:

“We’ve seen that already with the individual we arrested last week in Houston, who’d been studying how to build bombs and posted online about his support for killing Jews,” Wray said.

Same article:

“We are not currently tracking an imminent, credible threat from a foreign terrorist organization, a structured attack here or something like that, but it is something that we think heightened vigilance is warranted for,”

All of this coming from the FBI director. I would say it is a time for us as a country to really think forward, especially those who are parents and realize that they are here, and I really don’t want my children to have to worry about these kinds of people. Been happening for 30 years so don’t expect these kinds of things to just go away. Problems require solutions. For groups that don’t consider our way of life worth living, maybe it is time that Americans are a little more vigilant in what goes on in their hometown. Just because you have a lot of land, does not mean you have distanced yourself from all of this, you may just be hiding them more easily from your watch. Not saying to have less land. More patrolling of your land, and more awareness of what might be considered intrusions on your way of life. As always, stay strapped. Bangov Actual, out.

FBI confirms existence of jihad training camps in rural America (

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Money Pit Scams, Vehicles Are Expenses

Now I am no car guy, the extent of my car knowledge has been during my 20s and what needed to be replaced in order to save money on a low wage. Anything from oil change, brake pads, coolant flush, headlight replacements, battery, and even a failed attempt at replacing my alternator that left me stranded. Even though I haven’t a few things like this, I can still be left open to scams tossed out by the dealership. Of course they have to make money, but that doesn’t mean it has to be mine. As well if you are like me and don’t like paying for things that you may only need to do once in a car’s lifetime and then never need again. I would like to know the frequency in which a certain fix will be needed to be done. Especially if it is going to be $800 dollars out of my day.


Now dealerships have their way of selling you things they don’t need. Life is a constant of businesses trying to get money out of you. Don’t worry, you just have to look for the signs. One thing is that knowing that it does not take a million different things to make your car last a really long time and get a good life out of it. Of course, it is always mechanics that we see have shit cars because they know what to do and how to make them last. Reader’s Digest has 74 things to make your car last forever.

15 Ways To Make Your Car Last Longer – Electric Car Converts

10 Easy Tips to Make Your Vehicle Last Longer |

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer | Casual Car Guide


Now some of these are ridiculous. Reader’s Digest goes as far as lightening up the number of keys on your keychain. If you don’t believe me this is what they said, it is number 6 on their list:

The weight, combined with bouncing while you drive, can wear out the tumblers inside the ignition and eventually lead to ignition switch failure. To add years of service to your ignition switch, purchase a lightweight keychain that allows you to separate your ignition key from the others.”

Just like this over exaggeration, especially if you have a push button start, is just a way to instill fear in consumers about being too hard on their vehicles in order to be at the mercy of the automotive industry and conceding to a consumer mentality. As a consumer your job is to think what I can afford while a salesman will always try and phrase it to you “how can you afford not to.” Nothing against salesmen, it is their job and specifically what they are hired to do. My advice to you consumers is to develop a backbone and learn to say no. 

Scams come in all forms and fashions and the slimier a person talking to you is the more convincing they can sound. I’ll give you these top 3 according to Consumer Reports only because just within the last year I have been told by a mechanic before selling my vehicle that 2 of these were needed. For your car gurus who need details my vehicle had 65,000 miles on, and I was downgrading from a truck to a small SUV.


1) A transmission flush was the first one that was told to me and given the age of my vehicle it makes sense. In doing my research I gathered around the 60k mark of your transmission you should be doing a transmission fluid change, but I thought I am selling it so not going to spend the money considering the dealership said they would change out all fluids. If you watch the video, you will be entertained to know that some dealerships are advertising that the fluids are good for the life of the transmission. Well of course if your transmission only lasts 60k and then breaks then legally they may not be liable because you bought as advertised. I thought surely, they could not be telling people this. Interesting enough a week later looking at one of my friend’s vehicle service manuals on when the best time would be to change transmission fluid and at what mileage. We were shocked to find out that it did not exist. The handbook for the Nissan Rogue did not give a mileage for changing the fluid. Interestingly enough tells us that the transmission lawsuit has been won in cases against the Nissan Rogue, Pathfinder, and even the Infiniti QX60. Comments given by the same article report people having issues as early as 4700 miles. Scroll down the article to see some of the issues reported by customers.


2) Brake pad replacement and fluid replacement. Now this is a 2020 Toyota Tacoma we are talking about here. I am going to leave that up to mechanics to ponder in their head about it needing to be replaced. Mechanics I have talked to say you may need to do brake pads and they have told me that brake pads dependent on how you drive are easily used after 50k miles. Clear signs are squealing, grinding, shaking or your dashboard tells you. Bleeding your brakes can cost anywhere from $60-$200. Now this is where even researching you can get mixed reviews of what and when it needs to be done. Talking to my mechanic friends they tell me you could have your car for 10 years and never need to do that as long as you just top off the fluid. Unless you have a leak in the line just replace the pads and you are good. Simple enough but I will leave that up to each of you to choose. If you are asked every oil change to transmission fluid change, then you can probably bet it is just to squeeze money out of ya.

3) Now this one is just when you have it happen to you. You don’t really have a choice and you can’t expect it not to happen at another place. Not saying it is not sleezy but remember everyone you go to a service for is trying to find out ways in order to get as much money as they can out of you in as few meetings as possible. When you go to a mechanic shop for something as simple as an oil change and they come back with a list that adds up to thousands of dollars with what could potentially be wrong with your vehicle, just know you probably don’t need any of it other than the oil change. So, say no to all until it becomes an issue that is keeping you from utilizing your vehicle. Here are Consumer Reports again saying to say no to dealership extras.


What a business will do to get money out of you for things you may not need is all dependent on how creative they are. Countless hours of how to sell you something here or there in order to bring more money in. This is how they make money. The best way to shield yourself and your wallet from them is to do a little bit of research and remember that you can just say no whenever you would like. Finding someone reliable to tell you what you need to hear about what is really going on with your car is just finding people through your social network and connecting with people who know cars. Hopefully the next time you need to take your vehicle in for something, it will be in your mind to say no the first time around and research what you may need without being at the mercy of the mechanic. Drive away and don’t come back till you know you may need it. Also always ask for the copy of what was being charged so you can show others who may know a little more than you. Don’t be taken advantage of. Knowing about the second biggest expense besides your house definitely pays off when you know what to say no to. Bangov Actual, out.

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