Cowards Are Why Hell Exist


I try to find as short of videos as possible. For simple lessons and easy to understand topics. For some this may be a refresher, but for a majority of our youth just be honest because I know they have not been teaching civics in schools for at least the past decade. Just remembered you are put in school to be indoctrinated, and to fall in line with the working class. I have stated before that death and power are the only 2 roles of government that make any sense in order for the government to exist.

Strongest military in the world and taxes we are believed to not be able to argue. What if a large majority were to stop paying taxes. Or just stop filing in general. This is just simply a question I would like answered. Not saying you should. Is it wrong to ask the consequences of your actions? If 100 million people just decided, they would not do it. Would everyone be arrested? I have no idea.

What I will tell people to do is look around at the world you live in and look where changes can be made but because of some ideological, or social pressure you continue to pay for this, vote this way, raise your children or listen to people who may know even less than you do. Could be a teacher, politician, or even the guy fixing your car. I am not saying to be rude either. ASK QUESTIONS! I know some of you probably think it is more hassle than just handing money over. In some cases, yes. If whatever you bought cost 5 dollars, just remember though, it could cost $2.50, you are just paying more for nothing. Compliance is defined as: the action or fact of complying with a wish or command. Complacency is defined as: showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements. Coward is defined as: a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things. Working for someone you can be compliant and complacent, but never be a coward. Bangov Actual, out.



Nazis Used Democracy

I had a thought today. More like a fear. It is a fear that I have had for a long time. First time I am sharing it. I am afraid of time. Time heals all wounds. Not sure if that is true or not unless you live for more than 1 lifetime. I was thinking, walking in to work today that in 10 years, maybe 20 years. Is the Holocaust going to be a part of forgotten history. According to APnews there are 245,000 living holocaust survivors. While Fox5 tells us that between 300-350,000 are still alive. The number is not so important. The stories that these people come to tell us are very important, and very real.

Unimaginable evil, that some deny even happened. Can’t imagine that they are bad people for it. Remember not everyone can take the horrors of real life. Some deny evils existence out of fear that they will bring about its fruition. Fruition is defined as: the point at which a plan or project is realized. My belief is in doing that you turn a blind eye to an evil that is very real. What we learn from the days of Adolf Hitler according to

In February 1932, Hitler ran against Hindenburg to become president. Goebbel’s propaganda campaign presented Hitler as a new, dynamic and modern leader for Germany. To emphasise this point, Hitler flew from venue to venue via aeroplane. Hitler lost the election, with 36.8% of the vote to Hindenburg’s 53%. Despite losing, people now viewed Hitler as a credible politician.

Following another Reichstag election in July 1932, the Nazis became the largest party with 230 seats and 37.3% of the vote.

Hitler was not immediately appointed chancellor after the success of the July 1932 elections, despite being leader of the largest party in the Reichstag.

It took the economic and political instability (with two more chancellors failing to stabilise the situation) to worsen, and the support of the conservative elite, to convince Hindenburg to appoint Hitler.

Hitler was sworn in as the chancellor of Germany on the 30 January 1933. The Nazis were now in power.

Just remember evil is something that people make so. It is not what you see in movies, not magical, you don’t have to read about it in books. It is people who simply just don’t want you to be free. People’s freedom and prosperity are something of a sickening feeling to them. Stay away from them, evil has a way or corrupting, as propaganda does to the weak minded or willed. I hope that more survivors of the holocaust would come forward to share their stories. As disheartening as they can be to hear, it is an evil I take pleasure in keeping an eye out for a future where it can be stopped dead in its tracks. What really resonates is in the video above that his last message is “keep the world from acquiring amnesia, REMEMBER REMEMBER this happened. Bangov Actual, out.


















When Government Steps Aside

This is about as simple as it can be put folks. I just over 3 min you can either acknowledge that you are the problem, or the solution. Ask yourself, “do you want government to fix your problems?” If “yes,” well then you are the problem, in all aspects, for the rising cost in food, utilities, gas, and anything else you can think of. You the people are responsible when government is allowed to print money in order to satisfy spending that you as for. We need more money for xy and z. When really money has never been the solution for the majority of things that we spend.


Economist like Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell have said over and over again that even the economy coming back from collapse has been able to come back from the depression, or even the housing crisis of 07-08 simply when government has stepped aside and been able to let it repair itself. No other entity creates inflation and digs a hole deeper for the economy to get out of than government interference. Just remember that no matter how powerful you think government can be, the will of the people will always be the leverage that is needed in order to move mountains. Bangov Actual, out.


Climate Change Is The Most Profitable Lie We Have Ever Seen


This is like Iraq and looking for WMD’s. Afghanistan and a 3-star Army general stating:

“We were devoid of a fundamental understanding of Afghanistan — we didn’t know what we were doing,” Douglas Lute, a three-star Army general who served as the White House’s Afghan war czar during the Bush and Obama administrations, told government interviewers in 2015. He added: “What are we trying to do here? We didn’t have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking.” (Article here)

You guys remember Al Gore, right? “Global Warming?” Well what he failed to mention when trying to sell climate science was that back in the 70’s it was done before. This piece has been quoted before for anyone who had listened to Rush Limbaugh back in the day. Long story short: (Article here)

“Gwynne was the science editor of Newsweek 39 years ago when he pulled together some interviews from scientists and wrote a nine-paragraph story about how the planet was getting cooler.”


“His April 28, 1975 piece has been used by Forbes as evidence of what the magazine called “The Fiction of Climate Science.” It has been set to music on a YouTube video. It has popped up in a slew of finger-wagging blogs and websites dedicated to everything from climate denial to one puzzling circuit of logic entitled “Impeach Obama, McCain and Boehner Today.”

Don’t worry guys and gals, it gets better. Just understand that these people with being in the public sector realize that they are not going to get rich doing it. The social security that they win your votes with is not sufficient enough for them to retire on based on the presumption that they were elected, therefore think they are worth more, so are willing to lie, fabricate or even pass legislation that will benefit them in the stock market. Does anyone think it is weird how rich these people get while in office and are wizards in the stock market? Doesn’t matter, but anyway whilst Al Gore makes himself to be an environmentalist and yet:

“Mr. Gore has long campaigned about the environmental damage done by fossil fuels (in the process earning a Nobel prize). Now he has first-hand experience of its economic benefits, after the Qataris reportedly paid around half a billion dollars for Current TV. Based on his reported stake of around 20 per cent, the former VP is expected to net around $100m (£60m) from the sale, a healthy gain on the $60m that Mr. Gore and his partners are reported to have paid for the channel in 2004.” (Article here)


“While it makes Mr Gore richer, the deal gives Al Jazeera a way to expand its reach in the US. Despite its record of awards and commendations for its international coverage, particularly during the Arab Spring, it has faced an uphill battle in convincing Americans that it is a legitimate news organization, not a propaganda tool for oil-rich Gulf states or Islamist militants.”

Now everyone likes making money, and I have to hand it to a person to take the trust of so many as an elected official and then turn it around and profit by it in the way that he has. It is a never-ending battle in order to find the hypocrisy that spews out of these politicians. I am sure you all know that Al Gore as well has stock in Apple worth 35 million as of 2020.

Apple as well claims to be zero waste verified: (Article here)

“More than 100 facilities had been zero-waste verified, meaning no waste is generated in the manufacturing process. The company adds that in the fiscal year 2021, suppliers redirected 491,000 metric tons of waste from landfills.”

So you mean to tell me that Apple went from 491,000 metric tons of waste to landfills, “oh wait let’s just reuse the stuff to make new phones and are all good now?” I smell a rat!!…Well that was faster than i thought to find this gem. Forbes calls Coca Cola most polluting Brand in plastic waste.

Just a friendly reminder to people, always follow the money. Bangov Actual, out.

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Marriage is Easy, Just Don’t Involve Government.

I have been known to say this before that the conditions of a marriage are between 2 people and the world they create for each other. Why does anyone think the government should be involved? I think in this interview with one of New Yorks most streamed divorce lawyer James Sexton. He speaks about how prenups do not make him that much money. Even for a guy who charges $750/hour, a prenup will make him in the ballpark of 5k. A divorce stretched out has made him 3 million dollars.

Prenups in my opinion are a surrender of all things when going into the marriage. When you go into a marriage knowing that if it ends you will have everything divided up based on the agreement that was written when you loved each other. Now that you are getting divorced you cannot squeeze everything that another person legally thinks the other person deserves. A third party being a judge, or laws made up by other people with their own bias towards marriage, don’t control the outcome of other people. Worst argument I have ever heard is the tax benefits of being married legally. Anything you can do being married legally, having to do with filing your taxes separately you can do just as well being married. Just depends on who gets more money filing with the child. See who gets more filing with the child then split the bigger of the pot.

Anything from life insurance to assets when someone passes away, to medical decisions can be done through a lawyer, what is more important it forces a conversation to be had with your significant other. If you are going to commit your life together, you better have a conversation in case of your death. Once more it excludes a particular legal aspect out of your life that didn’t need to exist. The government tells you what to do, while a lawyer does what you tell them to do. YOU ARE PAYING THEM FOR THEIR SERVICES. A judge does not give a shit, they will tell you what you can and cannot do whilst legally handing over authority to the government.

When watching this, it really hits you that when you choose to commit yourself to someone, you hope that the intent of both of your is to make it easy for each other, as well cheer each other on through life. You are both adults, so you don’t need big daddy government telling you what to do when they have no skin in the game. Bangov Actual, out.


Covid Made People Stupid

When you see healthcare professionals, even at the highest levels of government avoiding questions, or wanting to answer them in a way that was not related to the question. My favorite is when they refuse to answer yes or no. A beautiful example of Dr. Fauci expressing how to break the will of people in order for them to comply with the mandate. For someone who has the responsibility for people’s health nationwide, he sends a dark message that although not surprising that even he can be bought.

Video above shows the true intentions of Dr. Fauci against the American people. 2:48









Alex Jones Is Innocent

I have watched the Alex Jones court proceeding where they play the video of his show on December 14, 2012. Throughout the show being played it was apparent right from the start that Alex Jones did not act like the School Shooting was a fake. Starting at 7:50 you will Jones state that: “It’s more than these dead poor children.” If that doesn’t indicate that he knew it was a truly horrific event, then not sure what people will try and make up because they hate the man so much. I encourage people to watch this video proving that Alex Jones did nothing to take any light away from the atrocity.

Many times, I have seen that people on their podcast still to this day say that Alex Jones should not have said what he said about saying that Sady Hook Shooting was a fake. Even close friends remember it that way. The only thing that would come close to what he is being accused of is at 28:46 in the video saying it could be staged, but then references the Batman theatre shooting, Fast and Furious where government lost track of nearly 2000 weapons that ended up in Mexico and resulted in the death of a Border Patrol Agent in 2010  and ending with Sirhan Sirhan RFK assassination and examples of mind control programs.

No matter how outspoken Alex Jones may be on conspiracies. Even if you don’t like the guy, just watching the video it is clear that this was an aim to destroy a man and silence him for asking too many questions. Bangov Actual, out.