Day: June 5, 2024


Alex Jones Is Innocent

I have watched the Alex Jones court proceeding where they play the video of his show on December 14, 2012. Throughout the show being played it was apparent right from the start that Alex Jones did not act like the School Shooting was a fake. Starting at 7:50 you will Jones state that: “It’s more than these dead poor children.” If that doesn’t indicate that he knew it was a truly horrific event, then not sure what people will try and make up because they hate the man so much. I encourage people to watch this video proving that Alex Jones did nothing to take any light away from the atrocity.

Many times, I have seen that people on their podcast still to this day say that Alex Jones should not have said what he said about saying that Sady Hook Shooting was a fake. Even close friends remember it that way. The only thing that would come close to what he is being accused of is at 28:46 in the video saying it could be staged, but then references the Batman theatre shooting, Fast and Furious where government lost track of nearly 2000 weapons that ended up in Mexico and resulted in the death of a Border Patrol Agent in 2010  and ending with Sirhan Sirhan RFK assassination and examples of mind control programs.

No matter how outspoken Alex Jones may be on conspiracies. Even if you don’t like the guy, just watching the video it is clear that this was an aim to destroy a man and silence him for asking too many questions. Bangov Actual, out.