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Spend And Then Die

Business to me is just something that you are willing to commit to and make your life’s work. It used to baffle me that someone would turn down a 100k job. Even if it is a job of your dreams type of scenario. I am all for the grind, away from the wife and kids on a daily basis, or even weeks at a time. To some this may seem like a “workaholic” or even a selfish individual. All they tend to think of is money, or themselves.

Let us step back here for a bit. A man, trying to provide for his family’s basic needs, because for a lady having granite countertops may be a basic need. Or endless jewelry, presents for the kids. You’re telling me a man is selfish when all his efforts go towards the wants and needs of his family? You may want to look up the definition of both. Workaholic- a person who compulsively works hard and long hours. OR Selfish- lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. 

Seems to me a man to be doing PRETTY FUCKING WELL, if he has devoted the majority of his existence to what his family asks for. Does anyone know what the word servant means? Servant- a person who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant. I think we are now on the same page when it comes to what can be expected of a man. 

Working at all hours of the night just to keep food on the table. Forbes Advisor survey tells us that 40.7% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. NY Post, and Business Insider tell us that 51% of Americans making over 100k a year live paycheck to paycheck. What is even more funny to me, and all of us suffering is that these are things that can be changed in a matter of weeks. Not years but just changing your habits. This is a world of fuck it times, so why wouldn’t you just say fuck it when it comes to making life a little easier on yourself.

Forbes Again with paycheck-to-paycheck people reporting that cost of living…i.e., housing, insurance and utility bills are at the forefront of their financial hardships. Which really chaps my ass is that 27.5% related spending to “social pressure” aka spending unnecessarily. “Fuck off Tom, I’m not going out with you tonight?” Of course, we all like to go out and have fun but more than once a month and you are just throwing anywhere from 30-200$ a month away. Also being at a bar, it is fries, maybe a burger or tots and a couple beers. (3…4..5 beers you degenerate, you’re just making my point.)


Just understand that living paycheck to paycheck is like paying off that credit, only paying off the minimum every month. It will inevitably get you where you want to be when life is at its end. You die, and the only way you’re out of debt is when your life insurance pays for it before it goes to your kids. So, commit to something that you think is worthwhile. Doing that you come to realize how much you can be without filling that empty void we all try to fill with expensive stuff, alcohol, clothes, food, etc. Bangov Actual, out


For all you feminist out there who may want a woman’s side to this, just know you are more than welcome to write one yourself and send it to info@ban-gov.com.


Your Business Is A Life, Raise it

As I lay here with my son on my chest I am reminded of all the things I planned to do but never got around to. I don’t feel regret for not doing them, but I do wish as a parent I may be able to spare my son from feeling the same way. Living a fulfilling life I’m not sure is people’s goal anymore. A life of purpose has always seemed to pull on people’s heart strings. Finding a point A and sticking with it all the way to Z. Not really even being sure where Z is, they trail on to B then C. Eventually they arrive at D. That being 5 years down the road with no end in sight they abandon the whole thing and start a new venture on a different path they feel motivated about. If you have read any of my other blogs then you know im not a fan of motivation. Motivation is something you use to get yourself through to the finish line. It comes and goes like a deadbeat father in and out of your life. It’s never really there when you need it. It’s there in the good times, but never there in the bad times. Which is funny that fear is more of a father than motivation will ever be. Those who have fear already I hope will receive guidance by those who want the best for them. I’m reminded of a story by Elon Musk. He was talking about the days when he owned 2 businesses that were on the brink of failure and going bankrupt. He said it’s like raising a child. You don’t want to see it die so all the money he had he put into both and hoped they would succeed. This coming from one of the richest men in the world you can imagine everything turned out alright for him. That story stuck with me and now that I have children you can bet it makes sense to me now. I have no idea what to become of my children but I’m hoping in their days of fear that I can guide them in a way that makes sense. In a way that that fear has cleared and they can see a clearer path.


Those of you who wish to start a business, understand that you are growing a child. Your effort towards it may make you seem lost at times. You may not even see the ending at times. Whole point of a life pursuit is that you don’t know the outcome. Just that you gave it your all, but life doesn’t stop just because you cash in your chips and fold your cards. You gotta be willing to play the long game. For those of you reading, you dictate your life. No matter how many people believe in you, if you don’t, forget failing, life will be as if you never tried. Bangov Actual, out.



Share Your Success

Hello everyone, what a beautiful day it is. For all you writers out there, I am posting this in order to reach the community of entrepreneurs for their advice, knowledge, success stories on how they created a business. Would love to get this insight in how people make their way of life a reality. For so many it is a pipe dream and would love to bring this to light and have others who may be thinking about it some expertise from people who are doing it. Please send me anything you wish to share. can be as short or as lengthily written as you please. Some topics to help you.

What is your business/product and a little how you got started?

How many employees do you have?

How long have you been in business?

Advice for others, some mistakes or missed opportunities along the way?

How did you start to fund?

What is you background experience?

What research did you do prior?

What research did you do prior?

Always looking to help the community out with knowledge from others.

Thanks everyone!






Written By: Janet Lovelace

Budget-Friendly Beginnings: 7 Tips for Cost-Conscious Startups

Starting on a business venture with limited financial resources is a feat that.
many shy away from, often due to the misconception that substantial capital is a
prerequisite for success. However, this notion couldn’t be further from the truth.
With strategic planning, innovative solutions, and a lean approach, you can
establish a thriving business even when funds are scarce. In this article, BanGov
delves into a comprehensive seven-step guide designed to empower aspiring.
entrepreneurs to launch and scale businesses efficiently, all while maintaining a
shoestring budget.

1. Start Lean with a Basic Model

The most prudent approach to building your business is to begin with a minimal
viable product (MVP). Concentrate on essential features that make your product or service unique and useful to your target market. Not only does this reduce initial costs, but it also allows you to launch sooner and start collecting invaluable feedback from real customers. Once you have these
insights, you can refine your offering and explore opportunities for expansion.

2. Opt for Economical Solutions

Navigating the complexities of running a business becomes more manageable when you opt for cost-effective digital tools. From website creation platforms to project management software, there are a variety of affordable or even free resources at your disposal. By using these budget-friendly solutions, you can significantly reduce your operational costs, making it easier for you to concentrate on essential business activities and plan for future growth.

3. Prepare to Scale Smartly

Speaking of growth, its essential to plan for scaling your business from the get-
go. Take a look at automation tools and software that can make tasks more efficient as you grow.
For example, integrating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system early on can help you manage contacts and streamline sales processes. In doing so, you’re laying the foundation for a scalable, efficient operation that won’t require a complete overhaul as your business expands.

4. Adopt a Cost-Efficient Work Environment

Expensive office spaces can eat into your budget. Instead, consider workspaces that can flexibly adapt to your needs. Working from home eliminates commuting costs and rent, while coworking spaces offer a more structured setting without the long-term commitment. By choosing an affordable work environment, you’re making smart financial decisions that directly contribute to your overall business strategy.

5. Engage in Skill Exchanges

It’s not uncommon for businesses to require services that they cannot afford initially. One way around this is to engage in barter agreements with other professionals or businesses. Whether its exchanging marketing services for product development skills or trading accounting expertise for web design,
bartering can be an effective way to obtain necessary resources without financial outlays.

6. Safeguard Your Documentation

When operating on a shoestring budget, even a small data breach can be devastating. Secure your business by making sure your documents are well-protected. Using PDF files with encryption and password features can add an extra layer of security, ensuring that sensitive information is safe from unauthorized access. This practice will not only protect your business but will also build trust among
your clientele.

7. Delegate Wisely to Cut Costs

Consider outsourcing tasks that do not require your direct involvement or are outside your skill set. Some websites offer a platform where you can hire freelancers for one-off jobs or ongoing projects. This strategy allows you to leverage specialized skills without the financial burden of hiring full-time staff, letting you focus on core business activities.

Wrapping Up

Starting and running a business with minimal financial investment is a challenge that requires not just entrepreneurial spirit but also strategic acumen and meticulous planning. The methods highlighted in this article serve as a robust framework for those who aspire to transform a limited budget into a successful business venture. By employing these strategic steps, you don’t just minimize costs; you also set your business on a trajectory for sustainable growth and long-term success.

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Act Now, Or Be Lost In Wait.

I do tend to wonder how many people watch YouTube in order to give them motivation for the day. I understand entertainment, they do have Sharknado on their and I highly advise if you have not already watched then get your life together. In all seriousness, don’t watch any video, just scroll through the videos and look at the bullshit headlines that are there. All bullshit just waiting to be gobbled up by those who are more susceptible to click bait. It’s insane how many videos will teach you the same shit all over about how to ‘redefine yourself” or some fashion of discovering your inner potential. Interesting enough I would be excited to learn how many of these people utilize these same techniques every day. A guy with 1000 videos on how to improve your life. No, he does not do it every day. He just needs something to present and sell to you every day so that you keep watching.


I’m not saying to not look for help, I am sure that a YouTube video or two have been able to talk people off a ledge, or not take that ak-47 into Walmart. I only suggest committing to an ideal and not committing to watching a new video every day. Life can be one big contradiction when trying to find answers for a particular problem and it will confuse the hell out you. That will just lead to more confusion and what is worse, a decision on making moves in your life will never occur. Try watching one video instead of 12. Commit to the message, try and make it a part of your life for 30 days and see if it works. The implementation of change is by the same process becoming a part of your life’s daily routine. If you just listen to the words but don’t act, then change is a pipe dream you have been daydreaming about till it just becomes a memory. 


Life can be rough when you don’t have the answers that are needed to make things change. It is worse when you feel lost and you know what you have to do. You just feel hopeless. So don’t just watch videos, Act, and be a participant in your change. Bangov Actual out.


Don’t Control, Communicate Instead

Again, people it’s called Bangov, not anti-politics. I truly believe that conversations are great to build and understand in this world, BUT when you are talking to someone that has already made up their mind, or someone who is emotionally involved in the subject, they may think of themselves as a subject matter expert. Great example is David Hogg, survivor of the Parkland Shooting and is now an advocate for gun control. Does this make him an expert on the subject of gun control, violence or reform, absolutely not, but those who know even less than him are willing to partake in someone who has risen to fame in such a short amount of time. Don’t worry about credentials, people on the internet know who he is so he must be a legitimate person to follow for “change.” 


 Bangov is a very strong advocate for communication in various forms. Especially in which it strengthens communities by mutual respect and understanding. How diverse a community can be can only see the light of day between violence and chaos is through discussion and said having an understanding of each stance on a particular matter. If someone is one way, let them be that as long as it poses no harm to you or others. Way of life as I have stated many times in other blogs is up to each individual to decide for themselves. How they wish to dress, talk, or where they wish to work. Of course, conversations can be had about the best option based on the facts, but then again those who have convinced themselves they are right are immune to logic and reasoning and should be left to live as they wish. Control your actions and not those of others. As I like to tell others, if those who feel someone is trying to control your outcome based on what you believe, it is almost as if a bomb is about to go off. They usually don’t have control over their own lives and when they feel you slipping away, or they feel their way of thinking is irrelevant, they tend to explode. So, my best advice is to steer clear of the blast area. Get these people out of your life and this is a self-confidence you will gain all on your own as you take a step in the right direction.


Control is an illusion, Bangov Actual, out.