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More Guns, More Crime…..eh

Of course, Bangov is in favor of people’s rights to own a firearm. We would be ForGov if not, and that title is shit if you ask me. That being said, in a political realm you’re either for guns or not. That does not mean you have to be for specific groups that utilize the same material items you do. If neo-Nazis used the same body wash as me, I wouldn’t shove a bottle down the toilet. Doesn’t mean the company has endorsed what they stand for. So, the same goes for the NRA. Now I will be very clear in admitting that the NRA is a useless organization. Never sent a dime to them, and never will. Never will I send a dime to any gun rights organization. They are all useless, WHY DO WE NEED TO PAY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS? They are rights, they were given to you since the inception of this country. 

It is weird to me that people don’t like that we have a 2nd amendment. I am sorry that your founding fathers of your country were advocates of tyranny, or did not think that was important. This of course is not a good enough argument, when you look at the last 100 years and wonder why such a 2 cent amendment (sarcasm) like the 2nd amendment would be useful, maybe it would be the times where governments have utilized the confiscation of weapons in order to control mass populations to the point of slavery, famine, genocide. This I like to call a flashcard of events in case that anyone needs a reminder of why gun confiscation is a bad idea. Confiscation, buyback, gun control, gun registry, common sense gun reform, all the same shit, just with a different name. Like a business trying to avoid bad publicity, like a business changing their name after a scandal. Link here for some good ones.

-170 million deaths over the 20th century

Definition of government: the governing body of a nation, state, or community. Nowhere in the definition of government is it for the betterment of humanity. Not about safety, not about well-being, it is about control.

Control: to exercise restraining or directing influence over: regulate

to have power over. rule

-Turks, Armenian 1915-17

-29-34 Soviet Union 10 years of firearm confiscation

-China 34-76, nationalist and Communists 42-44 4 mil die in famine

-Chairman Mao – political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.


-Bangladesh 1971

-75-79 Cambodia, religious leaders, Vietnamese, western culture, capitalism, English or French speaking, more than a 7th grade education, wearing EYEGLASSES!!

-Guatemala, Mayan Indians

-Uganda 71-79 soldiers who doubt, 16,000, instructed by God to throw Asians out. 3 or more people not to be together if one is armed. Ameen lived in Saudi Arabia, 300,000 died and nobody pays for it.

-Rwanda 94 hutu, Tootsie Tootsie deemed rebels and to be extinguished.

link to a video explaining this here.

This is not for those blinded by mindless politicians who don’t know anything about guns but will over exaggerate or for lack of a better word sell guns to be things that get up on their own 2 legs and walk into a school and start shooting kids. Keep painting that picture, as much as you would like and gun advocates will keep using the 2A speech. You keep saying they don’t need a particular gun and they will keep digging heels in about why they do when another individual uses one to save lives. For those of you who don’t care for facts, logic or reasoning, you are encouraged to keep explaining your points on why guns should be made illegal for only those who abide by the law and not for criminals.

Wayne Lapierre former CEO of the NRA currently being found liable for misallocation of over 5 million dollars in funds. Private jets, lavish vacations to the Bahamas all on the company’s dime. Fox News gives us a bite of what is going on. New York Attorney General Leticia James, (James is from New York so red flag already.) Bringing lawsuits back in 2020 to NRA, former CEO Wayne LaPierre, former CFO Wilson “Woody” Philips and general counsel John Frazer as defendants. James (from New York again remember), was known to be “politically motivated”, “Who campaigned for the office by vowing to investigate and take on the NRA.” (All the same Fox News Source.) Using the same source it states that LaPierre has since 2021 paid back to the NRA $300,000. Whether you as the reader would like to deem that an admission of guilt, be my guest. 

Please read the article further for more juicy details. With all that being said it is no wonder 3 rich dudes would make any excuse in order to utilize company funds to ball out on a private jet. Not my money so I don’t care. I would say to make it right, every NRA member gets 1000 dollars in order to go buy a gun. I mean what better way to allocate misallocated funds than to advocate a gun purchase from a gun rights group. Of course, politicians have to be paid right?

America is already the most lethal country in the world. Do a quick google search…ok fine I will do it for you. WiseVoter tells us Yemen in 2nd place has 52.8 guns per 100 people. Not bad Yemen. America has 120.5 per 100 people (MERICA), fuck ya America, keep that shit going up. Now I know what some liberal minds are thinking out there that “more guns equal more gun deaths.” Well, if you will click this link right here you will notice gun deaths per 100 people for America is 4.12 per 100k people. Although that is disheartening to us all, I ask that you keep scrolling down and check other countries like Iraq, Bahamas, Venezuela, and so many others who have less than half the guns Americans do and deal with vastly more gun deaths than we do. Whatever you’re reasoning for owning a gun, the best and most secure way of securing your freedoms for you and your future generations, is by buying more guns, more advanced and being better to equip yourself against those who try and take them from you, foreign or domestic. Bangov Actual, out.

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Be Your Own Example

I had sex, and I liked it…OK not really , kind of going through a dry spell, but if that doesn’t get your attention then what will right? Establish what really “motivates” you. When you look at your lives and think that they could be any other way. Really define who you are now and define who you choose to be in this world. It is one of your biggest freedoms looking at the life you have and the life that you want to live for the rest of it. Doesn’t matter how old you are and the younger you are the less excuse you have because you have so much life left to live and time is on your side. The older you are I don’t want to hear any shit from you either, you have all the experience that life had to offer and you tend to use it as a way of superiority. You may be thinking well this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. Literally every generation we have had to right the wrongs that we have had to endure in the past. Anything you bitch about now you have been bitching about for years and have never been the one to change it. You don’t have the power, money, grew up in the right family, bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan. The less you tend to complain the more clear headed you are about making decisions for the better. I was once told by a gym teacher, ya, my mentors were pretty big back then. What he said was for some reason, “complaining never got anything done.” Now I may lose readers just off that alone, but just for a second, for the simplicity of that statement just know that I hate it as well. For how simple it is, just the most annoying words ever put together, it almost has a unscented, non flavored ice cream vibe to it. Like 2+2=4 No. Fucking. Shit. What is even worse is 13 years later I am bringing it up on my blog in trying to tell others that an age difference does not justify how you get to act, feel, or react to certain situations when they may be the very thing standing in the way of getting you to where you want to be. Bitch and complain all you like, scream in your pillow, punch your car, get into a fight with a bee hive. Whatever has been told you, that has made you think you are not good enough, or that you can’t be the person you aspire. Just know that they are wrong. They are on the wrong side of evolution to think that they get to decide what you are capable of. Whoever is still telling you these things, no matter the situation you need to get very far away from them. They are on their way down to rock bottom, and if you are in reach they will pull you down with them. Let’s try and be a good influence on people out there. Bangov actual, out..



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Get Comfortable With Doubt

Doubt: Feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.


This is a big one for me. For many of us this may determine whether you go left or right. Do you face your fears, or do you take a minute to just breathe. Take a min to realize you are afraid, and like a bath just soak in the ambiance that it gives off. Makes the room seem cloudy, like you don’t have all the answers you need, or that you think you need right now. It’s OK to feel this way and just know I am glad that you have felt it before. Like taking a cold shower you just have to let your body go through the sensations and be cold so that the body will go through. It’s natural cycle to warm up. Yes doubting yourself is part of the process of moving forward. You will doubt yourself every step of the way. It’s a fear tactic that others use against you when they want you to go a certain way. It is a tactic used by societal norms in order to control what we believe to be “normal.” I would advise always going against societal norms and change it to be for the better. As long as you don’t endanger others around you then all you are doing is disrupting a system that has been disrupted once before. Does not mean you’re a bad or mean person. Just means that people may not understand at first glance that you may want them to be a part of this with you in the event they may find their own pursuit along the way. Disruption breeds creativity, and leads people down paths they may not have intended to go down. Doubt to me is as a fly in the kitchen. It is annoying a few times until you finally have it pinned and kill it with a towel. Think of yourself as the solution and people will determine whether they want to follow or not. Biggest thing you can do is give people the choice and let them decide for themselves. Some will follow, some will be too afraid, just like you were so many times before. So decide now whether you will not be afraid this time, or next time. The choice is yours when you decide that you are worthy for better. Nobody else can make that decision for you, just as nobody else is to blame for the current state you are in. When you decide, because it is your decision to doubt. Take a moment, know that it will pass. Do not make decisions in times of doubt, do not choose to quit, do not choose to give up on what you have worked hard for because it will be there again and again. Day 1-infinity, so it is important for you to know since doubt is inevitable. Why wouldn’t success be the opposite? Go left and give into your fear, or go right and accept your passion for something. Again, you decide. Bangov Actual, out.


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Your Empire Is Waiting

My patience with customer service people has increased….OK only a little it, but at least I am not screaming by the end of a 15 min hold anymore. Which in my experience has been happening a lot throughout these last few months. Not only on the phone, but in ordering processing, and I am aware of hold times, shipping, delays of inventory stock. Just a few things that can make days turn into weeks, turn into months. It is quite exhausting when you have a dream. It just never seems fast enough for that dream to come true. This is when you begin to make excuses, and you have to be aware of what you are doing when impatience sets in. I don’t have enough money, don’t have time, don’t know the right people in order for this to work properly. Well you are going to have to roll with the punches in order to be able to get through certain aspects of your pursuit. I had a buddy of mine build a house and holy shit was that a process. Some may say, “well that is not the same thing I am going through, that does not help me with my problem.”  Lazy, lazy, lazy. I am not going to tell you every little aspect of what it takes for your dreams to come true because that is your dream not mine. It is your responsibility to know the ins and outs of what it takes to get to each level and beyond. Make every excuse you want, but until you just commit and keep going, no matter how slow or boring in the beginning it may be you will never be able to build momentum in order to make the changes you want to. Back to my story though, building the home was promised in 3-6 months, ended up taking 9 months. With the building itself, right before lumber prices had spiked, that was a set back for money to be asked for. Needing a shed to be built for the water pump because it could not be put underground. He built it himself just FYI. Then winter came and construction had to be halted due to snow. Not to mention all the permits that had to be signed before a well could be put in. I am not familiar with construction projects, but the fact that the state has control over that, BANGOV, but OK I have said my peace. The house ended up being built. With everything he and his wife could dream of for their 2 children on a plot of land to call your own. I am not saying your dreams have to be any certain size, shape, taste or fashion. What I will say is in the end committing to them and going through whatever hell need be to succeed will be worth it to say you did not just accept the life that you were born into. Do not care if you were born into a wealthy family either. They have problems, dreams and aspirations all their own so shut up about people having more money than you, better car, better house. They chased their dreams and are reaping the benefits of hard work and you deserve to do the same. Bangov Actual, out!



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It Comes From Within

Caught between a rock and a hard place. When schedules tend to build up and day becomes more and more busy, it’s almost like breathing through a straw. Swimming laps, and you are in between 2 brick walls. Any break in your form and you chip a nail, sprain your wrist or WORSE, can’t complete your flip turn…but I digress, those who are trying to make things work by filling your schedule are not doing it through keeping busy. Focusing your efforts is something I myself have struggled to do for a long time. Problem is I still continue to do it. I just want to do so many things in life, for many years I have tried to tackle different pursuits in order to make meaning out of life without really having one that I intend to focus on and really define it’s true worth or purpose for me to continue. I think I just answered your question of “what should I do then?” I’ll bet you already have had as few to maybe a million times in your head where you considered a pursuit in something, but just did not think it was worth your time or maybe was thinking “what if I fail?” Well newsflash you have already wasted enough time not following that in which you have been day dreaming about for years. At the end of your life will you be thinking of things you have wanted to pursue? Problem that people tend to have with the pursuit of happiness is the “pursuit” aspect. Pursuit as per the definition is the “action”, key word here, of following or pursuing someone or something. Pursuits are all we have to feel alive leading us down unknown or unexpected twists and turns. Choose one and go. When you choose to stop, that is your choice. Just do yourself a favor and do not stop because of fear or lack of motivation. Motivation which I have discussed before and yet has come up many more times because people think they have to be motivated in order to start moving. Motivation from this point on will no longer be something that I am in search of. From this day forward motivation will be created within. In the endless pursuit that is life, I will wake up, walk, talk, drink, eat sleep and even PISS motivation because it is something created within. This as well ties into your self reliance. The “need” for motivation should be developed from within. It is what is kicking and screaming at the door trying to get out. To rely on others for things you can produce yourself is like asking if you can have a cookie. “Are you still a child or are you an adult?” Think of rolling down a hill…just go with me ;on this, you’re at the top of the hill. When you’re at the top you get into a shopping cart and you have nobody else with you. You need to edge the cart near the slide and just jump in at the moment just before it leaves to gain speed. Just reading this far you probably have already said, “what about brakes?” What about this, what about that? You all already putting safety nets and things for you to ensure nothing bad happens. Just jump in and enjoy the ride, let go of the fear and know false senses of security are a killer of the human experience of adventure and what it means to know what you’re made of. Bangov Actual, out!


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Let’s Define Terms “Wisdom”

Wisdom: the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise.

Let us take into account that those of us that have ever asked another for advice, knowledge on something or “wisdom” of some sort, some may have taken it to heart. Some have taken it with a grain of salt. To have information is instant nowadays, so what we must be cautious of is how this information is interpreted by each individual. Us a population have it in us to tell someone something we know just because we know the particular fact or stat that was told to us. So what does this mean when trusting someone, knowing them long term or not. This is something that I have said before, when i mention it is in your best interest when getting the most out of life, to Dig, Dig, Dig. Dig for not only the facts or stats, but dig for the interpretation of who is telling you this information. Can be your husband, wife, mother, father, daughter, brother. Interesting enough wisdom is not defined by being right or wrong, it is the “quality” as stated in the definition, of being able to  share with others your experiences and knowledge on a particular subject. How do we with so much access to knowledge, so much access to other peoples opinions, “wisdom”, how do we funnel and focus on what we need to, to make sure we are being to true to who we are? I have stated this before, and anyone that has ever read a self help book has the same “wisdom” thrown at them that the people you surround yourself with are the average of what you will get out of life. Those who are stuck, those who are in what feels like a trap of your upbringing. Go for a walk, go for a drive, swim, get out of the bubble you are in for even a moment and know that when you feel that sense of relief, pressure off your chest, breath of fresh air, go back inside and trap yourself again. Go back and realize you have so much more control over your own environment and the “wisdom” that you surround yourself with. Do that a few times a week and your addiction to that freedom will start to feed your creativity for expanding what is possible. Your mind will begin to create different pathways that were once foreign to you. That is how you create your own world by getting out of the one you feel so stuck in right now. Your 9-5 you may not like, your relationship you can’t end because maybe the lease is not up for 6 more months, (which is a piss poor excuse if you ask me.) Try and maintain a level of integrity for yourself in order to break away from a world that you constantly escape through day dreaming of being somewhere else. Your only excuse is that you will not take the necessary steps in order to move forward with your life. Blame yourself and move forward..Bangov Actual, out!


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This May Be Hard To Hear

No one is going to save you. Self reliance is a key factor in the game of life and being in charge of those pursuits in which make you a happy person. Being able to push through pain. We have all heard these things. Many motivational speakers tell those they have will, or determination that they do not know. The difference that must be made is internally. Relying on others to tell you what you are worth is a great indicator that you do not have enough respect for yourself. So why should others hear what you have to say. I am not going to tell you that you have what it takes to do great things. I do not know you! If you think you do then guess what, you’re headed in the right direction. Has to come from you, that you are willing to go the extra mile and not be afraid of that which you dream of. Like a volume knob get everyone and everything around you turned way down so that you cannot hear them. Listen to what is going on inside you and only you. You may have someone on the inside screaming and you cannot hear them because you are too busy listening to the losers around you or those who pretend to know more than you. Take some time for yourself, I promise the more focused you become, the more you will enjoy being alone and listening to the voice of your own eagerness to strive for better. Better car, better house, better things for you and those around you. I won’t tell you your worth it, because if you have any fight in you then you’re already telling yourself. I am just here to tell you to start listening to what is inside. You may not recognize yourself at first, it’s been a while through the many years you have been listening to everyone else on how to do things. The great save for retirement and be scared of harsh spending. Stop telling yourself you cannot afford something, or you don’t have time for things because you know yourself deep down how much bullshit is really between your fiction and the reality of your situation and how it can be improved. Run, scream, kick, and fight your way out of your reality to create a new one for yourself. Life as you know it now is all a matter of your perspective and having the ability to change all comes down to a single choice to commit action into your daily routine. Once or twice a day, not sure how many steps you’re willing to take a day, I won’t decide that for you, but tell me about it if you would like and maybe I would like to incorporate these actions in my life. Bangov Actual, out