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Dating, Not For The Faint of Heart.

I recently went on a date with a woman. Ya, who knew I had a romance life..NOT FUCKING ME!. She was nice, beautiful, but when things don’t click, they just don’t click. This is for the gentleman out there looking for someone. Ladies just understand it is nothing against you if I don’t have a blog for you specifically all the time. Don’t think I won’t, I am just not a women so mainly they will be asking for your opinions on a subject, but anyway I digress. Gentleman, what I have learned is do not force chemistry with a woman or it will eventually blow up in your face. As well look out if she is forcing it, then you know something is up(ladies this can all be mirrored for you as well so RELAX.)  A 50% divorce rate in this county and society is now cringing at the fact that we are seeing open relationships, swingers and a rise of only-fans where men and woman can show there goodies for cash. You’re not going to surprise me at all that your 20th date this year has gone bad…20th? oh you think that’s a lot? Well Karen I hate to break it to you but finding your soulmate across the pond ain’t what it used to be. Many dates you will go on and many dates you will have to go on to find someone that is worth your time. Be aggressive, BE E AGGRESSIVE. Nobody knows what they want when it comes to themselves so sure as shit they won’t know when they have a 6 foot blonde hair blue eyed devil who maybe is a mommas boy and sucks in the sack. Meanwhile a 5’9″ blonde/brunette/redhead (whatever the fuck you’re into) is maybe more sexually experienced than you and what is WORSE is you shame her for that to protect your own ego. Spend some time getting to know yourself and get a glimpse of what you want so you’re not chasing life pursuits that are meaningless to you. If you’re under 25, eh, fuck anything you want, you’re young. Either way on a date, or while looking for your passion, just enjoy the date. Be playful, flirt, and just respect the fact that both of you took time out of each others day to realize what you liked and did not like about each other. Both of you can want kids, but if you hate each other then the kids become anchors instead of life rafts keeping you both together. While looking for your passions, or while looking for your person will take time, just know that life will mold into a dream that you didn’t know you even wanted. That is what I call bliss. So keep working, keep going on dates, keep looking for opportunities, or avenues of income, just don’t forget to have a purpose for an eternal happiness that just needs to last a lifetime. BanGov is all about about the individual and their pursuits. So whether you take clothes off for a living, fold them or make them, just think to yourself, BanGov.  Bangov Actual, out. Also any blogs/ideas you want to hear other thoughts on besides your own, hit me up at info@ban-gov.com.


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BanGov Affiliate Marketing…

Just wanted to let everyone know as for affiliate marketing, yes I know its blah blah blah I need money but just know as I do take with high consideration if I am to put the BanGov name on any of the products that you see affiliate links for just know I have tried these products before. I have held them, I have smelled, tasted or even jerked off with them. They are of the quality that I trust to use myself. Here at BanGov, as business advocates, big or small I look for products based on the quality that is seen in how it may be utilized. I do not take this job lightly and I certainly do not care for company sponsorship unless I utilize the product myself and if it is not of great quality. Thank you all for your time.


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“We live, and We die”

Repeat after me

These are the things I say to myself, this is not for everyone, and you have to find your own way in this life.”we live, and we die”,we live, and we die.” Now this may scare some people. Some people may even close this because they don’t want “negative” thoughts in their head like life is just a bunch of rainbows and unicorns. In my experience I have come to a point in my life where these words make way too much sense for me to ignore them. I’m 30 years old and now more than ever I’m at a point to where I’ve realized how much life I’ve wasted..or did I? Was watching movies, playing video games, chasing girls, a waste of time??? Anything can be a negative if you utilize it in a negative manner. These experiences have molded me into who I am and I expect all reading this to remind themselves that you lived your life according to what you didn’t know, or thought you did know you wanted. “We live, and we die.” Say this out loud and it will put a pounding in your chest that will bring you to the realization that life does end for you. Whatever you believe in after death I cannot convince you otherwise, and that is your right to have that perception. Just understand as you get older and begin to remember, “we live, and we die.” Is all about you getting the most out of life, so don’t read this and then say “well, this is as good as its going to get.” Remember, “we live, and we die.” I say that every morning and I don’t drink coffee. Coffee makes me tired, but remembering I’m going to be in the ground someday and to leave behind a legacy for others to remember. Coffee kind of becomes a joke. This is where healthy eating, exercise, taking vitamins all comes into play. You want to be able to be at your peak so mentally you can be at your peak. My objective isn’t to scare but it is to get a fire started inside you that will eventually bring life into your every day. When you kiss your spouse a little longer. When you hold your kids a little tighter. Why do we only do this in times of fear? Shouldn’t we want to do it because we know we won’t get to forever?…These are the types of fears that motivate me everyday in order to move forward not without fear, but because of it. Can only hope that I don’t stop because I may have been tired or distracted. Stay focused ladies and gents. Still got a lot of life left, but just remember, “we live, and we die.”…Bangov Actual out.


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Remember High school guys????

You guys remember high school right? Jocks, nerds, goths, lots of hugs. So when you think of this, just imagine going from being a jock to being a nerd. Jocks wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out with a different crowd and nerds were too afraid to even be around anything bigger than a laptop because it made them look too skinny around the girls….but anyway that is the struggle with trying to create something outside of your comfort zone. Getting out of your own comfort is going towards a world you may not know or understand, or you may even be ridiculed for…so my advice is if you have something you’re going for, just know you will be ridiculed. Be prepared to be shot, stabbed, bullied and eventually when you get to where you’re making others feel uneasy, they will try and buy you. Create, create, create and don’t hold back thinking this will help anyone like you. Do it because it is what is inside you and you would be lying to yourself or even conforming to a societal norm in order to be average. Hope you guys enjoy these, any questions or comments, or anything you would like to discuss please hit me up at info@ban-gov.com. Sex,business, daily struggles, lets talk about it. Never know who it may help.

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Find your Bangov

Hey guys it’s late, like 1am and this is what I’ve been trying to get through to you. This feeling of I have to go,go,go. This is when your mind takes over because you’ve pushed it to a point of gaining momentum, you’ll never know where it comes from. Sometimes it will happen at 1am when you’re just trying to sleep. Maybe happen while your having sex, YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!….but when you find that thing, when you find your Bangov, when you find that thing that is going to keep you up at all hours of the night, just know you’ve found your passion. It’s NOT motivation. Motivation is just what can get you up but you must create a list for yourself to do things that will be productive in your pursuit to move forward. You really need to understand that motivation is a feel good sense, and even then it doesn’t keep you going. Like coffee you’ll hit a wall and then you still have to push. You may have to write thoughts down, or do all the things you may not want to do now. If going and playing video games, going out with your friends, getting drunk or whatever is easier then do the opposite. Do the hard stuff like writing your ideas, dreams, hopes, aspirations in order to keep yourself on track moving forward. Sounds crazy but tell your friends and family no once in a while. Tell them you’re working even when they know your not at work, you’re just in your room, DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER, IT IS YOUR LIFE! What they may not understand is that you have something on your mind that they may not have themselves, a passion, a drive, something you have yearning to get out before it bursts. You decide what you want out of life and you will Inevitably become that. Just keep digging deep within and sooner or later it may even scare you what you’re capable of. Just don’t let that fear control you. Grab hold and say I’m in charge BITCH!!! Seriously though I’m tired guys and gals, enjoy your week. Bangov Actual out.



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Have Fun Making Money…Even if it hurts.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with friends about when they went skydiving. They had told me of the fear before even jumping, before even getting in the plane,hahaha they had not even got to the place yet. Just the fear of going brings me to a point of you must push yourself to a point of no return. You cannot even see the light at the end of the tunnel unless you enter the tunnel. So taking these steps will inevitably put you at a point where you are too far in to turn back. Take me for instance, I have invested time and money into a name that scares people. The inevitability is that new things scare people so why not have fear be the wall in which only those who are willing to climb over, go around, dig under, however the FUCK you choose to get to the other side, just know I want those who are daring enough to be on my side. If you’re a pussy, stay home, if you’re weak do not even try, do not waste my time….BUT if you’re curious about life’s simple pleasure such as immersing yourself in a little bit of fear in order to feel alive then be daring. Maybe buy that clutch purse you have been staring at ladies. Gentleman, go buy that suit that you have been thinking about and see the reaction of going to the bar and just bask in greatness of not feeling the fear that so many others around you are not willing to face. Ladies, go grab that dress and maybe one day you’ll look across the bar and see the stud in the suit….just never know… Have fun making money, but first be daring, try spending money and see how your creativity drives you to create what is necessary. I don’t care what product or service your into. If you need to turn one more trick or sell one more service. Fear is going to hurt just a little bit, but pain retains, and pain as well molds you into being fearless. Also if you’ve felt a slight amount of fear of reading this, then you know what you have to do. As always guys, chase your dreams, and Bangov.

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Your world, your chaos

People are not just the way they are, they are evolving, you must as well. When I started Bangov, I was in the middle of dealing with how to think or feel about particular situations. Researching, analyzing, making sure I knew facts about particular situations I was passionate about. Gun rights, education, freedom of speech through social media. It appeared to me that I was spending a majority of my time trying to convince people that they are wrong about a particular situation. Not to say research and solidifying your argument are not important. I highly advocate as individuals make it clear why you think and feel a certain way in order to continue with personal growth. Does not mean we can’t learn from others, or find a common place between those we may disagree with.

Whats more important to me is realizing that not everyone will agree with you, and in a positive way make that the key to finding like minded individuals in order to pursue what you are passionate about and what you want most out of life. Analyze your wants and those who agree with you will help you move toward your goals instead of those who are trying to force an opposition just waste your time. Right or wrong can be left up to interpretation and societal norms. Don’t be afraid to step outside of that and create your own chaos.