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Comfort Does Not Get You Off Your Ass.

You have been through this before. Not knowing when the next dollar will come through. You only think that you were out of the deep end because you could pay your bills for a few months, and you considered that breathing room. Problem is you are thinking even right now about digging into your savings and not even for a business plan or model. You really only are thinking that if i get through this next month that everything will be fine for the following. You know it won’t. You don’t need those things you want. You really don’t even need to buy food, but you’re just tired of cooking the same thing over and over again.

This is a mentality that I know all too well. I think most of you reading will say yes, I’ve been there. Or I am there right now. It is ok, just remember to take a step back. Remember what you have, maybe be grateful for what you have for a few moments. Always when you’re facing a problem, you can become clouded by the things you already have. Be inside your house or even just your room for a second. Now put your face right up to something you own. Pretty boring and depressing when you think of how hard you work every day, and you realize that you only have this one thing. 

When you stand back and look at the room as a whole, you may think you have a lot. You have worked so hard for years and now when you see how much you have you just might not buy that other thing that you think you needed. Need, need, need. You keep saying this to yourself as if you needed the last 10 things you bought when you really only needed 1 or 2. The same goes for money. Your inability to adapt to the absence of things you have makes you think that you need more than what you own. You fill your home with more and more things in the thought that it may make you happy. You are able to purchase something. When it comes to times when you can’t even afford gas for your car, or put food on your table, have to have friends pay for drinks. The moment you cannot freely make that decision, you will regret the last few things you bought. In a mad dash you will try and return what you bought, or even sell things you have had had for years.

My issue with me spending money on things that don’t seem worth it to me, is that I am not learning to adapt to what I want. I’ve said it before. Spending money is easy. Even easier, money that you don’t have, or is not yours. Just think of how many Americans are in credit card debt and think how many of those will spend the next 5 years paying it off. Not all debt is bad of course. 

To look at it in another light, when you spend so much money on things to decorate your home and nothing on your dreams. At Least your house looks nice right? Up to you. What are you going to do with the next lump of money that comes to you? A raise at your job, bonus pay, 100 dollars from your grandma. Will it be spent, or invested? Investment is defined as: the action or process of investing money for profit or material result, OR a thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future OR, an act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result. If you did not realize, THAT IS YOUR DREAMS. Do yourself a favor when you get home. Just walk in, close the door behind you. Think about what you have. Was any of this a need? Probably not, but I like how I live. It is “comfortable” ……that is the problem. Bangov Actual, out.

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Whining Is Why You Are Still Here

Overworked and underpaid is a poor mentality. Don’t tell me you’re underpaid when you have nothing to do with creating the income that is set for you. You’re doing your job and you are getting paid to do your job. You agreed upon the terms when you applied so don’t cry about your inability to establish your worth. Wipe your tears, and smile.Of course people will disagree with this because they think they work “hard”… so what, so do the people standing next to you. Also if you are convinced that you work harder than the rest then, then step up to the plate, be a man about it. Yes ladies this means you too. Put all of your efforts into moving forward with the company and do not think to yourself that you deserve anything more than what you have unless you are willing to ask for it to your boss’s face. If you can’t do that, then you deserve to be exactly where you are.




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Help Yourself First

Ego is defined as: a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. What is upsetting is there are some who think that it is to be sold to others. Nobody cares about what you think of yourself unless they make money off of you or are your family. Why is it that we encounter others who want validation from those who have nothing to do with the process of what they are trying to achieve. If you’re on a football team a quarterback is not going to throw the ball to himself. A quarterback is reliant on those he has on his team. He is reliant on those he trusts to do their job in order to accomplish a certain goal. More yardage, block the defense, or score the touchdown. He does not rely on the fans. Same goes with the military. You rely on those with specific sets of skills in order as a whole to move forward. It is very apparent that a person is willing to help others in a time of need. Far more than not do we tell people to help themselves. Don’t think that just because you’re helping others, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help yourself. If you never help yourself then inevitably you become the one begging others for help. This is not to say that walking over people will get you very far. Only so far you can go till someone starts to talk about how they were treated. Your ego will get you as far as the people you walk over to get to the next step. If you don’t have good people skills, or are not interested in getting to know others, then your potential for greatness is like a small window cracked open when it could be French doors open on a sunny day. Bangov Actual, out.



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Don’t Claim Victim To Failure

Just remember everyone is under the impression they are an expert at something when they read something that they are passionate about. They read something that agrees with their point of view, so in their mind they have already made up their mind on the matter or subject. To question it, you may be labeled by them as misinformed or not informed enough on the subject. My question to them is, always how much do they care about what they are advocating about? Have they invested in it? Or are they just the one yelling on the side of the street holding a sign saying what they want to happen. Protesting does not always mean that you care about the intended subject that you are roaring about. You could be pulled in by your social gathering or people you surround yourself with. 


By the time you realize that you have been lied to or forced by those you call your friends. May be too late for you to go back and think about the actions leading to you being in trouble for someone else’s belief system. It’s not hard to be shouted into compliance. Especially if you have never been shouted at in the first place. Growing up in a “safe space environment.” Nobody ever challenges you. Your parents passively raise you as you walk all over them in search of a purpose for yourself. You lack social skills, so you fall prey to those who can spin bullshit into something of meaning for you to follow. 


You’ve become a slave. Just someone in search of purpose, with no structure, and surrounded by people who don’t care anything about you. Just of the cause that they have fallen for by their slave owners. You end up even more miserable than them because at least they have established some measure of dominance over you. This fake hierarchy where unless you have a younger audience that you have poisoned their mind into the same belief system then maybe you feel as if you have gained the respect of young minds who just don’t know any better and those are the only ones who will listen to you. Earning respect and demanding it are very different things. 


Respect is defined as: Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities and achievements. For someone who has never really achieved anything, but has only been able to corrupt the minds of someone vulnerable to interpretation. We must see ourselves as better. As individuals who are in charge of our own pursuits may experience failure. We must remember not to take the easy way out and think that just because we have failed, we should not go the way of making everyone else around us just as miserable, and calling it an achievement. Bangov Actual,out.



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Gentleman Is Defined As:

The reason I address the guys as gentlemen, and ladies as ladies is because I encourage them to act accordingly. Gentleman is defined as: a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man. This term ” Gentleman” has been pushed and pulled into the meaning of those interpretations of the word. My standards of a gentleman may differ from yours. If a man were to leave a date, even though chivalrous and polite, if the male and female do not have a chemical bond that calls for a second date then the male not be known as a gentleman so please ladies give credit where it is due. Would love to bring back this type of stature. As a means of something for men to strive for or even be taught as a young age in how to treat those around him.

Manners are defined as: polite or well-bred social behavior. You are told to do it because you should be polite. What is not said is that manners are a way of letting people know you have respect for them. It is not about superiority, it is simply a social skill in having those around you feel welcome. I like to think of it as putting on a show in order to entertain or be a good host. With simple manners and common courtesies you can show your date, or even show guests at your home a good time. Gentlemen take charge of a room if necessary in order for those around him to feel safe and welcome. Another meaning of a gentleman comes from women whose need is to feel protected. Really sucks when men are labeled as “protective.” Not that I don’t like the word or actions followed. The interpretation of that can be misconstrued as overbearing or even controlling. Little things a man makes sure to do for his significant other, like when both are leaving a place in 2 separate vehicles. He may wait until she has left, to make sure she has left safely.

Other gestures are walking her to her car, holding her hand as she steps down in heels, and gentlemen if there’s one thing that sets you apart from the guys who didn’t have a shot with her to begin with is a simple asking if she got home OK, or even if you forget, just a simple text asking if she made it home OK. Now all of this sounds nice and can be learned over time, but gentlemen my crown jewel of gentlemanly advice that needs to take place and as well will save you a lot of time and money. BE ON TIME. The importance of arriving early to get a table for the lady, so that both of you are not waiting. It sets a vibe for the entire night that she was the importance of your night. It just sets a mood as well that you’re relaxed and then she can relax as well. Also ladies, BE ON TIME, it is not hard for the guy to wait 15 minutes and think, “well she wasn’t that interested”, so I have left a few dates where the woman was late and made no difference to me. I simply left and sent a text saying sorry I couldn’t wait any longer. Your time is valuable and if they don’t get that from the start they are not worth your time. A Gentleman or a Lady is not about being walked all over, it is an understanding between individuals about the respect they have for each other. As well, gentlemen competition breeds improvement, so learn from those around you, and be the best gentlemen you can be. Bangov Actual, out.

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Dick Privileges

OK gents, let’s just say you have a number. That number is how many mistakes you could make with your dick. When you reach that number, you have it revoked. If you’re religious let’s just say the almighty comes down and says, ” Jim, your dick privileges have been revoked. You’re no longer fit, and I see a great future for you if I am to take this dick away from you.” You ask, ” but God, what am I if I don’t have my dick?” He says, “exactly”, and then he poofs away, or whatever you think he does, beam of light, take your pick. For you non religious folk. Let’s say Robert De Niro, the almighty himself, comes to your doorstep and says, “Jim, your dick privileges have been revoked.” You say, “but why Robert, what am I without my dick? He says, “exactly.” How many occurrences to where your dick gets you in trouble that you have your privileges revoked. Of all the ways you can fuck up your life gentlemen, the dick seems to be overlooked, sex in general just seems to be an urge that most just gloss over because of the privacy of others. For good reason, but just opening up a conversation to yourself would you believe 5, 10 or even 20 mistakes throughout your life is a good enough measure? From a very young age we are taught the consequences of sex. Of course because of our age going through school. They tell us abstinence, hahaha fucking morons. Abstinence is defined as: The act or practice of refraining from indulging an appetite or desire, especially for alcoholic drink or sexual intercourse. So hey kids, all those bodily urges that make your skin feel like it’s on fire, jerk off 9 times a day, and give you a 5th gear in your hormones, ya just ignore that until you’re no longer the states problem, then try your luck in college as a Virgin. I think of it as, well I don’t want to have every guy someone who is inexperienced in sex, women would just be furious if they are having to deal with a guy who can’t lay some pipe. So I’d say over 30, and ladies whether it is with 30 different women, I won’t be able to make that decision, but for a guy who may have his dick revoked, you just never know, they may stop at 29 and think, OK, 30 will be the one. Not like a majority of people know how to pick winners anyway so what does it matter? I’m sure a mountain of hopeless romantics are just biting their lips thinking that they know what it means to love. So I guess I’ll let them have it. Besides when they realize the mistake they have made picking one they fell for after a day, I won’t have to say a thing. They’ll just refer to my blog. The reason I am bringing this up is sexual frustration between men and women. Men and women have a long standing void of quality of sex. What is rarely discussed are the needs of others long term. Where is the relationship seen to go after a year or 2? We are mainly under the assumption that you grow up and old together. So gentlemen think of it this way. What if you were only with your significant other for a specific amount of time? What if with that man or woman you only had 2 years? What if 4 years? Would how many years you’re with them be a reason for the quality of intimacy. Would it be better or worse? What if you only had one week? Studies have shown that the national average for first marriages is around 7-8 years. When you think of it that way, does that seem like a long time? I have friends that have been dating the same person for between 4 and 10 years. Not even married yet. So begs the question, should marriage be a contract that only lasts a number of years? Or does till death do us part seem reasonable still? As well, the biggest reason for divorce was not cheating, or death. LACK OF COMMITMENT. When I hear that, I think of why everything else fails. Whether you find someone or something to commit to, make sure you’re in it for the long haul, or have a conversation beforehand of the expectations throughout the time you’re together. Bangov Actual, out.


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This One Is About Sex


Gentleman I hate to be the barer of bad news but sex gets old after a few months. Some men are under the impression that they can do it in the same position over and over again because theory has been told by the women, it is the only way they will achieve orgasm. I call bullshit!!! Do not give in to these lies that can keep you as a prisoner in the missionary position. Not saying you can’t go back to it for the touchdown. I can only assume women need to be put in different positions considering how many nerve endings are in her lady garden being 10 times what is on the tip of your dick. Don’t let this discourage you. Better yet take it as a sign of relief that you are able to surprise her in more ways than one that will have her clinging to you like you paid for it. Gentleman it is a very simple means of google and actually wanting to get out of the sexual funk you both may be in. If it is still hot and heavy, great!! Just know that times of mediocrity, mediocrity being defined as: of only moderate quality; not very good. Or ordinary which is defined as: with no special or distinctive features; normal. Uninteresting, commonplace. These are things that develop from a time of neglect, or times of complacency. Complacency is defined as: a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements. This happens over the course of years with no direction of improvement. Same goes for companies with no competition, with no reason to become any better of quality, complacency begins to set in and quality control diminishes. Just as a relationship between customers will become distant, a relationship with that special someone will become less and less desirable. Gentleman and ladies, understand the hard truth in the world of relationships, you ALWAYS have competition. If you are not satisfying your man or woman, then that person has no choice but to either do what is necessary to find a new way of doing things. Bring toys into the bedroom, longer foreplay, take classes, get in better shape. If between the two of you, one is not willing to adapt, overcome, grow, or even just simply does not want to go with you on this journey then you may have no choice but to be on your own. Being with someone that is not at your level of encouragement is just like having someone that holds you back. Life is constantly in motion, constantly evolving. When someone says no to you getting the most out of life, then it is harder and harder to live life yourself.  Bangov Actual, out.


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