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DEI, Wanting What You Don’t Deserve

Well, when your airplanes begin to catch fire, lose part of the landing gear during takeoff or just simply catch fire while in flight. Might be time to have a word with your engineers about what could be done to mitigate this. When a plane loses its DOOR; you know the thing that keeps all your customers inside the plane at 31,000 feet. Just seems as if things are slipping. Boeing for instance is slipping in their stocks by a smidge. According to Forbes stock price for Boeing has dropped 29% just in the new year of 2024. Makes sense when in the same article you will see that it is dated for March 12th. Just last Tuesday it is reported Boeing has failed 40% of their FAA audits for the Max 737 and Spirit AeroSystems has failed 54% of their federal audits. (Seems like a lot.) Just to add, Allegiant airways has reported that it will be purchasing Boeing Aircraft. Specifically, 50 of the Max 737 and with a possibility of 50 more orders.

The only reason I would be willing to speculate that this is not going to get any better, is because the CEO of United Airlines, which has been having most of the plane issues, went on to say in an interview that United has the highest numbers of diversity. (WHO GIVES A SHIT.) Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines states that the company will have 50% of their aviation classes be women and people of color.

Elon Musk has been getting backlash from civil rights groups for the comment “Do you want to fly in an airplane where they prioritized DEI hiring over your safety? That is actually happening.” President and CEO of Urban National League went on to say that Musk’s Comments were “abhorrent and Pathetic.”. (Same article) Musk also posted on X that “It will take an airplane crashing and killing hundreds of people for them to change this crazy policy of DIE,” Musk wrote, misspelling DEI. From here what is very sad is all we can do is wait for either side to be right. We can all hope for Elon Musk to be wrong because these companies are going to push for higher standards of DEI. 

What I would like to bring your attention to is a CNN article about DEI and former Harvard College President Claudine Gay being fired over a congressional hearing of Anti-Semitic rhetoric in school that was being allowed. During the congressional hearing Elise Stefanik (New York’s 21st District (R) questions Gay on the use of certain no no words like Intifada and its use of the words in context to Palestinian uprise and call for violent armed resistance against civilians and the genocide of Jews. (link here.) I am seeing the issue with DEI is it only pertains to one race which will inherently disadvantage other races, but that is not enforced to help, say white people, Asians, Hispanics or even just people that may be deserving and have put forth the effort. Why is it about Color? Sounds racist right?                    

Billionaires such as Bill Ackman describe DEI in a 4000-word post on X stating, “inherently a racist and illegal movement in its implementation even if it purports to work on behalf of the so-called oppressed.” While I would like to encourage all who have the ambition of doing anything outside the norm of how they grew up. Whether you come from a poor family or not, it is purely based on what you are passionate about first, then how much work you put in to get to where you want to go. Putting people in roles they have not earned based on skin color or gender is the same as saying these groups of people are disadvantaged and will never work hard enough based on their skin color or gender. It is racist and it is wrong. In my opinion it puts people in unnecessary danger in order to adhere to the mob pushing for it. Hire people based on those who can do the job and make it through the training. Does not matter the skill, trade or job. You hire those who want it, not those who think they deserve it with no effort. Bangov Actual out.


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