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Biden, “elderly man with poor memory”

Makes sense that the one guy to have the balls to stand up to the federal government is in a wheelchair. Gov. Gregg Abbot teaches America how to be Americans by actually putting foot to the ass for his state and telling the so-called “Leader of the Free World” to suck his handlebars. Not really sure if Biden knows what is going on or even where he is for that matter. Considering Robert Hur wrote in the special report “We have also considered that, at trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during the interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.” (Link here to read full report.) page.6 second paragraph.

With all that being said I’m sure America sleeps like babies knowing the so-called “leader” elected to support and defend the constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies foreign and domestic. Belongs in a home and isn’t even sound of mind enough to be prosecuted in a court of law.

I guess it is only fair considering Donald Trump is fighting 4 criminal cases. Washington DC faces 4 felony counts, Georgia 13 felony counts, New York 34 felony counts, and Florida 40 federal counts. I’m sure that is not all. I will link to this Politico article, but the best part about it is in the end where it states if he is elected President, he could pardon himself of all felony charges. If you don’t think I was not pissing my pants after I read that. 

So, I guess this is a pretty even battle for both of them considering neither one of them can be convicted of any crime. Trump for not actually breaking the law, and Biden not being able to remember who he is and them not wanting him to shit his pants while on the stand.

Something that did make me chuckle was people telling me they are Republicans that would be voting on Democratic ballots in order to keep Joe Biden from being able to run. Kind of makes you think of the confidence that people have in the voting system that they are willing to vote against their own party just to make sure a man who is our President currently does not have a chance to get in because they don’t even care much for the Republican candidates. They are not big Trump fans either. I’m not going to tell people who have already made up their mind who to vote for. I might as well try and convince an army of trans people they are dudes. It’s just a losing battle.

Gov. Gregg Abbot shows America a pretty wonderful thing that as our “Leaders” of this country are either suffering from dementia or defamation, states still possess the courage to stand up to corruption(government.) Also, as truckers band together to boycott New York City in times where politics are being used to push a narrative on a man they can’t convict. Ordinary citizens banded together can still strike fear into the hearts of those elected without violence, but by simply using capitalism as a means of power that can be taken away from even the highest of authority. Remember people, the things we may come to believe as evil, such as guns, capitalism, media, or even the border, also are utilized every day for good. Just depends on who holds the tools. Bangov Actual, out.