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Nice Guys Suck


The harshness of being a man is a world of confusion, testosterone, misinformation about what you should and should not do. This may be passed on by your father, or even just the male role models you have around you. Now of course I have to say being a man does not mean that you should go home and beat your wife. Given that we have feminist groups, or women who claim to be feminists that think any form of male dominance is evidence of the “patriarchy” or a violent animal of a person who hits women. They also like to push the agenda of calling it toxic masculinity. What brings a smile to my eye is that men have always been in agreement of 2 things. No, I don’t mean men who call themselves feminists and that actually mean it. Haha sorry gents, your man card has been revoked. 

Whether you devote yourself to one, or are playing the field, 2 things still stand and 1 being that women cannot tell men how to be a man. It just cannot be done. Women can say what they want and will want the complete opposite. So, ladies, we’ll take all your comments and get back to you on the 12th of never. The second is that no woman ever wants a nice guy. Think very hard about these gentlemen. If you are with a woman who claims that she wants a nice guy. Think to yourself, are you in control of anything? Do you make any decisions? Do you pay your own bills? Do you spend your money on what you want or are you guilt tripped into what she wants, and what she thinks is necessary? These are nice guys. Those who are not comfortable confronting the opposite sex out of some misguided sense that you must do what they say or else they will leave you.

The reality of being a man is the ability to realize that you are your own man. Women don’t teach classes on how to be a man. They will occasionally test you throughout the relationship. Granted, you take out the trash, checking the house at night for bumps in the night. Or even the occasional disagreement that shows you still have a pair in order to get in an argument with her when she is wrong. 

Men, Nice is defined as: pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory. Once your woman has labeled you as the nice guy in her head, pray she does not know how to use a dictionary, because when she finds out what she has been calling you. I guarantee you she will be thinking of that guy that made her laugh today and realize she wants more than “satisfactory.” Also, ladies, I cannot hate you for that. Why wouldn’t you want a man? Someone who shares enthusiasm for life, not someone who you feel like you’re surpassing and will grow tired of. A man can keep up. A nice guy tries to keep his place. Bangov Actual, out

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