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Dark Times For Boeing, And Everyone Who Fly’s

Oh man, when a company as big as Boeing needs daddy to come and watch you build your planes something is happening. At Least that is the plan stated by Emirates President Tim Clark. According to The Hill, Emirates now has a 52 billion dollar contract with Boeing for 55 777-9 and 35 777-8. So sending their engineers to ensure quality product upon delivery is great for those wanting to go to Dubai in the future. What about the planes here in America that need to be fixed? 

Well 2 whistleblowers, one down, as John Barnett is found deceased in his Pickup truck in Charleston North Carolina, he was 62. Family friend told ABC 4 that before John died he said he might end up dead after speaking out against the company. According to the police report, Barnett was found dead in his truck with a gunshot wound to the head and a pistol found in his hand.

Enter Ed Pierson. Pierson is a former senior manager at Boeing and is now bringing the same fight to Boeing whilst bringing similar flaws in quality control and stating “the problem is leadership.” Politico tells Pierson’s story of a flight where he intentionally picked a flight that was not supposed to be a Boeing Max aircraft, but just then as he looked up from his seat the safety card caught his eye reading 737-8/737-9. Pierson immediately gets out of his seat saying “the flight attendant didn’t want him to get off the plane. I didn’t want to cause a scene, I just wanted to get off the plane.”  Pierson goes on in the same article to bring to light that Boeing has made only superficial changes like hiring a safety manager in order to bring attention away from themselves.

According to Fox News, which was according to the New York Times states that only 56 points of the federal audits were passed. An internal slide presentation produced by the FAA shows a mechanic using Dawn liquid soap to lubricate a door seal and cleaning it with a cheesecloth. Which just blows my mind when thinking they could have just used Ajax which is cheaper(sarcasm.) This audit was prompted by the January 5th incident when a new Boeing 737 Max 9 had its plug door blow off during an Alaska Airlines flight at 16,000 feet. Cabin depressurized and the flight had to return to Portland International Airport in Oregon.

Can’t imagine a government agency saying “we fixed a private corporation’s issue.” I guess we have to let them feel important. So the FAA has given Boeing 90 days to make a “comprehensive action plan” to fix their quality control issues. I and thousands of other people who look to fly this year can only hope Boeing will do a little more to fix the issues than employing safety managers. Also note that the  National Transportation Safety Board found that 4 key bolts were missing from the door that came off on Jan 5th, so you might want to put those in next time Boeing. Might help with holding things together, then again I am no engineer. Bangov actual out.


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