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For My Concealed Carriers

I was at breakfast this morning with a friend and this garbage can r2d2 looking thing is going back and forth across the side walks. I thought, “oh that’s awesome, it’s picking up trash.” NO, it had security printed across the front. This is what security has amounted to now. Just understand people, this to me is exactly the lies that we have been told to us from day one. From birth we are told a false sense of security about how we thought cameras were going to prevent crime. Now we just have rapes, murders and kidnapping on film. hahaha that having a gun you’re more likely to use it on yourself. Welp, everyone get rid of your guns then, no more gun deaths right? Would be great if I could tell everyone to stop doing things to hurt others…if they listened I’d probably have more viewers on my blog site, but eh. So my question is to everyone, what false senses of security do we have about our finances, our livelihood. Look up businesses shut down during covid. Look up how many businesses in America closed forever when covid hit. Peoples businesses they have worked on all their lives. My issue is not with covid, my issue is who told these people struggling that 1 source of income was enough? You have to work your whole life anyway so why not work on more than one lifeline for yours or your families future? Look at someone who owns guns, everyone and their mother is able to have a gun. Someone comes to their house to take away their livelihood, they have pistols, shotguns, rifles, and back ups to their backups!!! I get it, MURICA. That’s the difference between immediate fear and long term fear. The fear of retirement makes you lazy, the fear of getting shot, you buy 10 guns. Everyone looks at guns as the answer, when they are only what they have always been and that is a tool. Tools in the war against poverty. Buy 10 guns, I don’t care, try buying 2 businesses. Buy 10 businesses, then buy an army. Look to the stars when wanting more for yourself, don’t believe the lie that you have a certain job/career and think that you’re “secure.” Security is the game of life, so learn how to play. Question or comments, info@ban-gov.com