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Another Paycheck-to-Paycheck Rant

Ya, I know I know, but people still don’t seem to get that money is your responsibility and not the government coming to save you. Having a conversation about money with your spouse is no easy feat. Both of you have different needs and wants throughout a given year. When it comes to thinking about what they are over the course of a year. You begin to ask each other if we really need this. When you ask this, it becomes clearer that you may be able to survive off less than you think. Of course, expenses come up. Can be anything from new tires or the water heater broke.

Breaking down what you spend, and then the lengths you are willing to go to pay off your debts you have. Think if you were to live out of your car for a year. You live next to work; you pay almost nothing in gas to get there. No rent, gas bill is cut in half, and your basic needs are met. I understand this to the extreme for most, but that is the point. Once you are willing to accept that your life is not going to get any better unless drastic changes are made, then you are not going to make the necessary changes in order to climb out of whatever debt pile you have dug for yourself. 

CNBC states 62% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Says “experts” have coined it lifestyle inflation. Which in turn is spending more and more as a person’s income increases. Makes sense when you think of when you got your first big raise. Now you can pay for that new car you always wanted and will get sick of in a month. Vehicles are made to transport your people and their shit, period. Or I make more now, so my clothes will be nice at work. Nobody cares what you wear to work, and worse, nobody is paying you to wear them. Unless you’re a model, then you’ll have to give those clothes back anyway.

You are being sold the world you live in. Everything from the clothes you wear, the car you drive, to the food you eat. Nothing is free in this world. What is great though is that you can say no to everything you don’t need. Some things may make things easier. Just think of your home as a box for all your shit. You can live without a lot of it. Took me a long time to look at all the money I had wasted trying to buy the right clothes, buy a big house, and never really establish myself financially. I am still trying to learn how to do that. Just as time goes by, I still have impulses to buy things I don’t need, and it is frustrating to see how far I could have come if I knew about it in my 20’s. Can go all your life thinking about what might have been. The trick is to accept reality and make the changes now so you’re not saying these things again another 10 years from now. Whatever decisions you and your spouse do decide to make, just know you’ll both be happier for agreeing less is more. Bangov Actual, out.


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