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Takes Just 5 Min

Just 5 min a day will change how you become active instead of reactive to what is around you. If you are wanting to be more aggressive about your day. HAVE MORE TIME. It takes just 5 min a day to move your body. Here at Bangov we are strong advocates for life being in motion and staying in motion. We all have days that move slower than others. Your mind is just playing tricks on you. I have never had faster days or even faster weeks than when my lifestyle remains in motion. Running, swimming, bike ride, weightlifting, or even just a quick run down the street. These little things before you start your morning have a way of getting you into the mindset of being proactive and not just being at a job where you are told what needs to be done. It is a night and day effect that is better than any amount of coffee or energy drink you will consume. What’s even better is it being sustainable for the day. Just 5 min and you begin to shave time off your morning routine. You’ll be awake quicker in order to get your morning tasks done. Instead of being half asleep while eating your breakfast or brushing your teeth, commit to 5 min a day getting on the floor, or getting on a bike. SEX if you need a week trial of the difference it will make in your life to be more proactive towards starting your day.


I’m a huge fan of taking my dog for a run in the mornings, sometimes even before bed when days are stressful. Longer ones at night of course in order to go to bed with a clearer head. All this is going to be up to you. Take pride in your willingness to better yourself, physically as well as mentally. Coffee, energy drinks are not going to keep you going and you’re going to feel the effects the older you get. As well as good meals, just 5 min a day can make you rethink what you put in your body and what keeps your body going. Bangov actual, out.