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You Owe People Nothing

It is always interesting to me the way we latch on to others. I think it is important to make distinctions about others in our life. Another reason why having 1000 supposed friends is a waste of time. You have your group and depending on the choices they make you can recycle out the ones that give your life more value. To think that you owe anyone because of the friendship they have given you is always in question. Not saying if they gave you money, you should try to repay that friend back as soon as possible. Also just what my father had told me was any money you give to a friend, don’t expect back. So obviously understand if money is given depending on the circumstance, it may just be the end of the friendship. With anyone I call my friend today, I have never owed, never not said thank you, and never not wanted to be there for them when they have needed me. After  everything, they have never owed me. They never will because I choose to keep those who have stuck around in a world where everyone does their part. Everyone chooses to do what part they wish. Not too much, not too little. Mainly you just have to display an interest in each other. Call on the phone sometimes, text message “hey bud, how are you?, Great OK go fuck yourself!” You know guy shit. They have girlfriends or wives, and we all get together, find out what is new and maybe after we don’t see each other for 6 months. Ya, we get busy, life happens, or maybe I never leave my hole, I just keep blogging. Weird that when people haven’t seen each other for a while they automatically go to the conclusion they are not friends anymore. Relax people, maybe they have a new girl or guy in their life, you should be happy for them. Having to share every aspect with you just means that you need to start living life yourself. You owe people NOTHING. This is especially important when thinking how much have you done for people that have never deserved it. Friends they are not if they think their time is more important than yours. That is why you don’t see your friends for a while because you both respect that each other is trying to get your shit done. You’re reading this, trying to better yourself, your situation. Taking steps to make yourself better, well so are they just in different aspects. You’re a nice person and you need to start being selfish, people who take advantage of that are not the ones you should be giving your time to. Bangov Actual, out!


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Dating, Not For The Faint of Heart.

I recently went on a date with a woman. Ya, who knew I had a romance life..NOT FUCKING ME!. She was nice, beautiful, but when things don’t click, they just don’t click. This is for the gentleman out there looking for someone. Ladies just understand it is nothing against you if I don’t have a blog for you specifically all the time. Don’t think I won’t, I am just not a women so mainly they will be asking for your opinions on a subject, but anyway I digress. Gentleman, what I have learned is do not force chemistry with a woman or it will eventually blow up in your face. As well look out if she is forcing it, then you know something is up(ladies this can all be mirrored for you as well so RELAX.)  A 50% divorce rate in this county and society is now cringing at the fact that we are seeing open relationships, swingers and a rise of only-fans where men and woman can show there goodies for cash. You’re not going to surprise me at all that your 20th date this year has gone bad…20th? oh you think that’s a lot? Well Karen I hate to break it to you but finding your soulmate across the pond ain’t what it used to be. Many dates you will go on and many dates you will have to go on to find someone that is worth your time. Be aggressive, BE E AGGRESSIVE. Nobody knows what they want when it comes to themselves so sure as shit they won’t know when they have a 6 foot blonde hair blue eyed devil who maybe is a mommas boy and sucks in the sack. Meanwhile a 5’9″ blonde/brunette/redhead (whatever the fuck you’re into) is maybe more sexually experienced than you and what is WORSE is you shame her for that to protect your own ego. Spend some time getting to know yourself and get a glimpse of what you want so you’re not chasing life pursuits that are meaningless to you. If you’re under 25, eh, fuck anything you want, you’re young. Either way on a date, or while looking for your passion, just enjoy the date. Be playful, flirt, and just respect the fact that both of you took time out of each others day to realize what you liked and did not like about each other. Both of you can want kids, but if you hate each other then the kids become anchors instead of life rafts keeping you both together. While looking for your passions, or while looking for your person will take time, just know that life will mold into a dream that you didn’t know you even wanted. That is what I call bliss. So keep working, keep going on dates, keep looking for opportunities, or avenues of income, just don’t forget to have a purpose for an eternal happiness that just needs to last a lifetime. BanGov is all about about the individual and their pursuits. So whether you take clothes off for a living, fold them or make them, just think to yourself, BanGov.  Bangov Actual, out. Also any blogs/ideas you want to hear other thoughts on besides your own, hit me up at info@ban-gov.com.