Prepare For War….Or Immigrate bodies to fight it for you.

I FIGURED IT OUT AMERICA. Ok so just think about the border crisis for a minute. Lines of military aged males have lined up by the thousands at the US Mexico border. Here we are again before an election, and we need a war to start yet again in order to have an increase in taxes. No war, less taxes are pulled, at least that is what the initial reasoning for taxes was. You have Nikki Haley who is endorsed by billionaires. According to Upward News in a 6-year timespan, Nikki Haley went from 1 million in debt to 12 million dollars in income. So let us just say if we are looking at another Iraq and Afghanistan war then of course defense contractors are going to try and get Nikki close to a possible next presidency. Not saying she will win, but I will make the assumption that another war is coming, over something that we don’t actually need to be a part of. Also, all those military aged males coming across the border will be fighting it. As well, letting immigrants’ immediate citizenship if they choose to enlist in The United States Military. As well, Donald Trump is known for his 4 years of a no new war type mentality. We shall see how hard Nikki Haley is pushed to get into some type of power.


According to, most common immigration is happening from Mexico, India, China and the Philippines. So maybe Americans can stay out of this war and just let anyone who immigrated go fight. Of course, again according to recruitment of us military personnel is down. Now this could be many different factors, but a lot of things are surely lining up like dominoes. I’m just wanting to see what the picture is of when they fall. Bangov Actual out


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