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What Does It Mean To Be A Veteran?

Someone asked me once what it meant to me to be a veteran. I assumed they meant military veteran, but let us define Veteran as the question was asked. Veteran is defined as: a person who has had long experience in a particular field, OR, a person who has served in the military. For those of you who don’t know I only give one or more definitions in order to better communicate a point. My intentions are strictly for better communication, and to open up the boundaries between myself and whoever will read this. This being a military service platform, both active and prior service, this is one question, when asked I did not just answer and then write a blog about it. I did answer the person who had asked as effectively as I could at the time. For this blog though many things have to be addressed. Those of you who read my blogs, I am never going to say that if you are not a veteran then you are not welcome. I will however say if you are not open to communicate, have a conversation and come to some sort of understanding or compromise, then we have nothing further to discuss. Veteran to me is an understanding that I have gone before to fight in someone else’s stead. For whatever freedoms you think are important to you. I have also been asked why do you think you fight for freedoms, when they are constantly being taken away from those who send you to the place to fight? Which is a good question. I’ve spoken about this with other Veterans and they as well are exhausted by government overreach. Remember this is BanGov for a reason. Veterans no longer are required to serve their country. Country is defined as: a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory. BanGov is no longer fighting for a country governed by those who choose what fight is necessary. BanGov is about fighting for a way of life for yourself. The pursuit of the individual is part of a decentralized theory that if everyone fights for their way of life they will inevitably respect everyone else’s. Continuously thinking that someone or something is continually holding you back from achieving is just an excuse for not trying. With this as a forethought then it is no wonder impoverished communities stay the way they are, and are told by their parents they have strikes against them and should just stick to the common complacency, WE HAVE ALL HEARD BEFORE!!. Go to school, work hard, go to college, get a good job, pay your bills, get married, have children, and then die knowing that you achieved what everyone else has been brainwashed into believing is the importance when nobody even asked what you wanted out of life. Anything outside of that you are considered and outcast by your peers, even if they may think the same way but are too afraid to ask. What does it mean to me to be a veteran, it means I have a basic understanding of what it means to put foot to ass for a way of life and as your neighbor be sure that if any group of individuals no matter their way of life, if it is in their interest to disrupt yours then the foot to ass mentality shall be visited once more. Insert Tom Cruise, Scorched Earth, Tropic Thunder video here. Unless of course they wish to discuss a way of life that we can agree on that I may like better. I mean round of drinks and just ask, “hey, what kind of weird shit are you into?” Now never losing my brothers or sisters in combat related incidents, but just maybe we can agree that some of those that we have served with are lost on what to do when they get out of the service. Which to me is problem numero uno (number one). To me telling someone that has dedicated their life to service and was willing to give it up for however long in defending it, 2 years, 20 years and then tell them they no longer have to serve. Well you have basically told them they have no purpose anymore. Never did I hear when getting out I should continue my service to others. It was them saying I was free, I could do whatever I wanted, I could be whomever I wanted. Well no fucking shit, I didn’t think I went to jail. I still was working and doing things for money other than the military. I didn’t only just have one purpose. I wasn’t in a prison sentence because I couldn’t have any other ambitions. This to me is what prior military struggle with more than anything is a lack of self worth when they think the fight is over and because they no longer take orders from those with their own agenda. Now obviously I am no doctor, or mental health specialist, CLEARLY. I can read though, and mental health is defined as: a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. This is not just for Veterans, this is for all who need something to hold onto. Reality may feel like it is slipping away, I have been there. How you think or feel about yourself matters. So tend to THINK positively about yourself and what you are capable of, and trust that the FEELING will come with time. Again, what does it mean to me to be a Veteran? Well while day in and day out I’ll continue to work on myself. I will adapt skills, and really try to define a purpose for myself as an individual. Patiently waiting for the inevitable future when those who try to impede on my way of life or those of my community. My rifle will be oiled and ready when they no longer wish to talk. This is BanGov Actual, and I live to serve. BanGov Actual, OUT!