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Relationship advice is all how it is sold

Is it weird to want to research how you and your wife or girlfriend should be in a relationship. How many people do you know that are in a relationship, and are in that relationship based off the previous relationships that didn’t work out? I can only look at the advice that is out there, and hope for a better outcome. Difference is that it does take a significant amount of work. On both parts you have to give respect to the other person that if you are both in this together then you both are here for something. You are not just here because you are told that’s just what you have to do in a society. Maybe if you were told that for the betterment of your children to grow up in a 2-parent household was better for them. Or the amount of time that is put into forming a deeper connection with someone will always benefit the family as a whole. A family that is built on trust and love can have an almost bulletproof path through life and can be resilient to so many harsh realities if a person knows that his family is strong enough to carry some of the mental burden. Dwell is defined as: live in or at a specified place. If you choose to stay in unhappiness for too long, it will be your default. Move on people, if happiness seems too far away, then learn to be content. Bangov Actual, out.