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It is astounding to me that I continuously must present my stance on certain topics. You think it would be simple for people to understand with a name like “Bangov” that I wouldn’t be particularly fond of government intervention in most areas. Well, here I am again making it a point that Bangov does not mean the elimination of government. As passed on through the Declaration of independence and as well The Constitution of the United States this is simply just the advocacy of limiting government powers over the American people. Still love our military as this is a military advocacy platform, as you can see through all the pro-military pictures which was a key element that was wanted by me when creating the website. As well pro America, as if I could not make it any clearer with OLD GLORY ON THE FRONT! 


Love love LOVE how people think the Gadsden Flag is a symbol for slavery now. Didn’t think that would ever happen, but then again people cut their dicks off and advocate for pedophiles now so here we are. I will say the amount of anti-trafficking videos that have come out have really given me another shining beacon of hope that Americans are here to fight. As well people standing up for the state they live in. People don’t want to run anymore, they want to stay and fight against the idiocy that comes from hate speech, black lives matter, gender identity, and anti-American rhetoric.


In the past I have stated that the Government should be limited to Military, property rights and securing our border. Now I’m not sure if securing our border is the best with regard to people getting let in for those to vote in power whomever awards the most “free stuff” like healthcare and education. Just please remember nothing is ever really free. The implementation of cost has just been delegated to those who didn’t know they were overpaying. You know LIKE TAXPAYERS, you selfish monkeys who think that healthcare should be free because of the many astounding reasons you think you’re entitled. Or you think you deserve a free education and go for some ridiculous study like gender studies or a liberal arts degree, then you’re doing yourself a disservice to your future by going for the easiest degree you can get. I digress, but not everyone wants to go to war. Those that do, or at least have an interest in the preservation of our rights and fight for those interests are willing to go to foreign countries and do awesome things. 


Property rights are just as is in the name. Those who have legal documentation of the land being there are not obligated to share with others and are by law protected by those who try to steal it or utilize it as their own. I’m paraphrasing, of course, or let’s say whoever is the owner of multiple vehicles does not wish to let others utilize it while it is not in use. I am trying to be as transparent as possible with this because the more statistics that you throw at someone it seems as if some groups of people don’t care to respond to facts or logic. So, I’ve chosen to respond with simply what is. These are things that if taken away people will tend to respond…”radically.” I wish it would not come to that, but I can’t tell everyone how to react to a threat against their livelihood.


I only wish that people would instead of fighting others for a world of equality of outcome that will never exist, just like wanting world peace or solving climate change or world hunger. Feeding people doesn’t make money, climate change is a fear that is free to those who pay to fight against it. You don’t need to pay anything for the climate to change, it just happens naturally. 


Government is the only business that has to point a gun at people in order to pay them. I’d like to see the private sector come up with the solutions that the government hires them to do anyway. Bangov Actual, out.



Empowering Your Community: Launching A Successful Local Business

Empowering Your Community: A Comprehensive Guide to Launching a Successful Local Business

Opening a local business can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Not only does it provide a source of income, but it also boosts the local economy and contributes to community development. This BanGov article provides practical tips on starting a business in your local community.

Small Businesses Have a Significant Influence on Local Economies

Small businesses are the dynamic lifeblood that fuels the engine of local economies. They serve as robust job generators, hotbeds of innovation, and providers of distinct, community-centric goods or services. Initiating a local business transcends the mere fulfillment of personal ambition; it’s an astute economic maneuver that dramatically amplifies the financial vigor of your community.

Online Coursework Can Boost Your Business Acumen 

Before launching your entrepreneurial voyage, contemplate honing your business savvy through online courses or enrolling in a degree program. For instance, the procedures of an online MBA program provide a wealth of knowledge that spans essential sectors such as business strategy, finance, and marketing. The insights you acquire from these educational avenues can empower you to deftly navigate business challenges and lay a robust foundation for enduring success.

Determining Initial Expenses for a Startup

Venturing into the business world demands a meticulous and precise estimation of startup expenses, including costs associated with equipment acquisition, inventory accumulation, property lease, and marketing initiatives. This pivotal step allows you to craft a strategic financial blueprint and ensures you garner ample funding, thereby paving the way for a triumphant business launch.

There Are Cost-Effective Approaches to Business Marketing

Marketing serves as a vital magnet to draw customers to your venture. Luckily, there exist cost-effective strategies that can powerfully promote your business. Harnessing the reach of social media platforms, local press, community functions, and email marketing efforts can significantly amplify your enterprise’s visibility. The primary objective is to connect with an expansive pool of prospective customers while maintaining fiscal prudence.

You Need Robust and Effective Accounting Procedures

Executing stringent accounting protocols is an absolute necessity for savvy financial stewardship within a business. This includes scrupulous monitoring of income and outgoings, diligent assembly of financial reports, and timely submission of tax returns. To ensure impeccable and up-to-date financial records, it’s highly recommended to utilize advanced accounting software or engage the services of a certified accounting professional.

Transitioning to Digital Formats for Documents

Maintaining an organized archive of crucial documents is fundamental to seamless business operations. Embrace the digital revolution by transforming your paperwork into electronic formats using online PDF solutions. This facilitates effortless access, safeguards against information loss, and streamlines record-keeping processes. Furthermore, digitization frees up physical space, fostering a more productive and clutter-free workspace.

Examining Local Regulations for Business Compliance

Unwavering obedience to relevant laws and regulations is an absolute imperative for every commercial venture. These might span domains such as business permits, health and safety norms, and workers’ rights, to name a few. Conduct an exhaustive examination of the rules pertinent to your particular business type and geographical locale, steadfastly maintaining compliance to forestall any prospective legal complications.


Embarking on the path of local entrepreneurship may be daunting, yet it yields rewarding outcomes. You can construct a thriving enterprise that injects vitality into your local economy and community with strategic planning, unceasing education, and meticulous management. It’s crucial to remember that your business’s triumph is not an isolated victory; it reverberates through your community, fostering a more robust and vibrant locale. Thus, when you inaugurate your venture, you’re attaining personal milestones and contributing to creating a more prosperous and dynamic community.

Written by: Jenna Sherman/ parent-leaders.com