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Covid Vaccine Is Killing Us

Those with children may know by now something is going around. A new bug that has been taking parents by surprise. Especially since they are known to have a happy healthy baby and then you go in for vaccinations which are pushed by your doctors. Then a week or 2 later you start to see your child acting out of character. At least that was the case for actress Jenny McCarthy when her 7-year-old son was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 ½ following a series of vaccinations. The article also describes how Jenny continues to find therapies in helping her son live a more normal life, quite a tearjerker, but a good read.

Now if you go and research yourself, to find the articles I found you’ll need to get through all the left-wing media news outlets. I dare you to type in “covid vaccine risk of autism.” you’ll get a handful of 100 no correlation of autism after vaccines. All about people shouting false and spreading disinformation…. they like that word.

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Healthline has a 2023 article about autism numbers reaching new heights. CDC says higher numbers than ever before, 1 in 36- 8-year-olds in 2018, and 1 in 44 as of 2020. Now these numbers are only to show the growth in cases having to do with cases prior to the covid 19 epidemic that shut down the world. 

Now I can’t imagine anyone who would want to destroy something that was potentially going to be profiting from the covid 19 vaccine. Especially when that stuff was to be used around the world. I mean talk about billions of dollars that is to be made by these people willing to fund for the research. Well apparently, not everyone was happy with it. Take this guy Steve Kirsch, in an MIT Technology Review article Steve is known as the funder who used $1 million of his own money in order to begin trials against covid 19 against drugs that were already FDA approved.

In the same article and after a long battle and going against drugs like fluvoxamine, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. You all know ivermectin, the drug made famous by Joe Rogan (click here to hear his experience.) Rogan goes on to explain that he was utilizing it to treat his experience with covid 19, as well other treatments like monoclonal antibodies. (Click here for what that is according to verywell health)

Not saying the guy is perfect, but I will say someone who is set up to make the big bucks on this sort of an investment and also putting a million dollars of his own money and then willing to walk away from it all but still shout out about the danger on twitter. Let’s say he is crazy. Just a month ago Bret Weinstein went on Tucker Carlson and states the death toll from Covid Vaccine is an estimated 17 million. Kirsch assures that everything said is true as well. 

Now of course this is for me to only note from these 2 men and maybe a handful of articles stating that vaccines are proven to give children autism. I won’t list all the articles I found of situations where children have been diagnosed with autism after being vaccinated. More importantly, what can parents possibly do in order to wait till children are a little older to get as many vaccines? I mean holy shit, state laws require children to be vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis b and chickenpox, and this is before preschool which is Arizona law. Now of course for parents I am not suggesting avoiding having to subject your child to that many vaccinations by doing it in small doses, maybe 1 or 2 shots for every doctor visit? How many they need before the child turns only 1 I mean Fuck!! I am not suggesting also that in order to avoid daycare restrictions or vaccination requirements, maybe ask a college teen studying child psychology if she wants to make babysitting money in order to push off vaccination timing requirements set forth by the same industry that lied to us about covid vaccines. I am not authorized to give you advice as I am no medical doctor so I can’t say. 

This just goes to show what is being hidden. Protect your children at all costs, also do not ask a male to babysit your kids, pedophiles exist. Bangov Actual out.

When I said I wouldn’t list all the articles where children have developed autism recently after vaccinations….I lied. This first one is not too long, suggested reading before bed.

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