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Dana White, A Family Man of Business

Dana White is my annual BAMF, (Bad Ass Mother Fucker). I like to keep up with an annual BAMF based on the times we are living in and what big moves they make in their career. Dana White, Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, just all the greats we know and love. If you are not a fan of Dana White, I highly encourage you to go and see the short documentary he is in. A short documentary of the UFC, YouTube channel Patrick Gavia did an excellent job on the story America’s Most Savage CEO.

I am a huge fan of billionaires going around laws and making things like the UFC as great as it is. This guy went to foreign countries to make the UFC what it is today. I am so done with all the other sports. Let’s see a fight. Just the way nature intended, this guy against another dude who has the balls to get into a ring. Why the fuck would I care about someone putting a ball to one side of a court or field to be put in a net or on a patch of grass. I just watched Gladiator again this week and was like, “oh ya, we used to do that shit.” Even better now though, everyone lives, everyone gets to go home. Little bruised, nobody dies, ok maybe a few times that happened, but not nearly as often and nobody sends lions when the fighters get tired. All in all, still pretty damn good entertainment.

In an interview with Theo Von, Dana White illustrates how he can say “go fuck yourself” (34:58) to one of his sponsorships who became politically inclined to tell the UFC President that he needed to take down a personal post about the former president Donald Trump. I’m sure the jackass sponsor guy thought Dana would just willingly comply with this ridiculous request. Well, guess he found out that Dana was not someone to be pushed around. Dana White has expressed numerous times about what kind of business he runs. They are a family; these are people that Dana has known for upwards of 20 years according to him. I would not be surprised if a part of his own family were to receive financial threats due to empty threats of not being sponsored by people who are as careless to think of him as a weak person or who treats his employees as family would not go scorched earth.

That being said, this is a company that has succeeded through covid as well climbed to new heights during very difficult times. Great points that Dana has made as well from a business perspective is that you must have people you can rely on. As well while asking Theo Von “would this work without them?” pointing to this staff off camera, Von replying “no ” just verifies Dana White’s mentality on the importance of the people around you. 

I do wish people would understand the importance as so many successful people have, that the people around you are either pushing you forward or holding you back. Be with people that believe in the same mission as you. Hardest part is finding the right mission for you. If you’re a shit musician but you keep going down that path, then you are wasting your time. No matter how much you believe in it. You have to be realistic in your approach to life. Jordan Peterson so eloquently says but I am not quoting, to go about an aim. First aim high, but make sure you know the steps in order to reach the end goal. I’m paraphrasing but, I will link here so you can interpret it for yourself. If I was to teach, I would say if you were to shoot a basketball, why start from half court when you should start with lay ups then work your way back. Or if you aim to win the homerun derby, but have never hit a baseball before, you see where I am going with this. As much as I may shit on other sports, they make great analogies and it’s all beers and hot dogs anyway so who gives a shit. Bangov Actual, out.

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