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Creepy Joe & Son

When the apocalypse happens for some, and they find out that even the highest forms of government can be exposed to dealings with foreign nations. To others this may seem just like another day in corruption (Government.) Of course, when you’re in politics for over 40 years and maybe your 401k is not what you thought it would be when you supposedly “beat” the NRA, even though the law expired after 2 years of banning “assault weapons.” Basically, just slap a beehive and run as it rebuilt itself back together. 

As text messages, what’s app messages, emails are found over the course of the last few years on Hunter and Joe Biden dealings with the CEFC (Chinese Evangelical Free Church) all we can do as a nation is hope that these findings be taken seriously. Serious as if laws are to be broken, even those by POTUS. This all according to The New York Post. A breakdown of the Biden family ties to the CCP(Chinese Communist Party.) The Washington Post states that over $4.8 million was sent to Hunter Biden, depending on your source you will see anywhere from 3.8 to $5 million.

These times of confusion, whether you are on the left or right can be very concerning for those especially in an election year. Questions are going to arise, do we even trust voting anymore if states are going to try and dictate who they put on the ballots? Of course, we will need to have all of this go up to the Supreme court for all this to be sorted out. We are told nobody is above the law in this country, but for those who make the laws, it is just a convenient saying. My hope for writing this is to bring people some clarity of mind, as well to be sound of mind before making any decisions. Politics can be very confusing and people rushing to accusations before having all the facts are decisions that can be made emotionally. Emotional reactions have a very low rate of being positive, even though actions with good intentions. Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions. 

The fact that human error, incentive, greed, does not discriminate when it comes to rich, poor, race or stature. As imperfect as a system can be, we still have hope for the better, and the continuation of this Republic standing as the greatest in the World.

As Bangov begins to grow, it is still my responsibility to you as individuals to remind you that even in these times of uncertainty for what is going on in the political world, you are still in control of your actions. The actions to make your life better with daily improvements such as waking up and telling yourself that you will be better. Always learning, adapting, putting yourself in the driver seat of your own life. These Biden times can be trying for some, and positive for others. Your view should not be negative based on who the President is. Fortunes are made and lost with every President. How you invest your time and money will determine your outcome. Bangov Actual, out.