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More Guns, More Crime…..eh

Of course, Bangov is in favor of people’s rights to own a firearm. We would be ForGov if not, and that title is shit if you ask me. That being said, in a political realm you’re either for guns or not. That does not mean you have to be for specific groups that utilize the same material items you do. If neo-Nazis used the same body wash as me, I wouldn’t shove a bottle down the toilet. Doesn’t mean the company has endorsed what they stand for. So, the same goes for the NRA. Now I will be very clear in admitting that the NRA is a useless organization. Never sent a dime to them, and never will. Never will I send a dime to any gun rights organization. They are all useless, WHY DO WE NEED TO PAY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS? They are rights, they were given to you since the inception of this country. 

It is weird to me that people don’t like that we have a 2nd amendment. I am sorry that your founding fathers of your country were advocates of tyranny, or did not think that was important. This of course is not a good enough argument, when you look at the last 100 years and wonder why such a 2 cent amendment (sarcasm) like the 2nd amendment would be useful, maybe it would be the times where governments have utilized the confiscation of weapons in order to control mass populations to the point of slavery, famine, genocide. This I like to call a flashcard of events in case that anyone needs a reminder of why gun confiscation is a bad idea. Confiscation, buyback, gun control, gun registry, common sense gun reform, all the same shit, just with a different name. Like a business trying to avoid bad publicity, like a business changing their name after a scandal. Link here for some good ones.

-170 million deaths over the 20th century

Definition of government: the governing body of a nation, state, or community. Nowhere in the definition of government is it for the betterment of humanity. Not about safety, not about well-being, it is about control.

Control: to exercise restraining or directing influence over: regulate

to have power over. rule

-Turks, Armenian 1915-17

-29-34 Soviet Union 10 years of firearm confiscation

-China 34-76, nationalist and Communists 42-44 4 mil die in famine

-Chairman Mao – political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.


-Bangladesh 1971

-75-79 Cambodia, religious leaders, Vietnamese, western culture, capitalism, English or French speaking, more than a 7th grade education, wearing EYEGLASSES!!

-Guatemala, Mayan Indians

-Uganda 71-79 soldiers who doubt, 16,000, instructed by God to throw Asians out. 3 or more people not to be together if one is armed. Ameen lived in Saudi Arabia, 300,000 died and nobody pays for it.

-Rwanda 94 hutu, Tootsie Tootsie deemed rebels and to be extinguished.

link to a video explaining this here.

This is not for those blinded by mindless politicians who don’t know anything about guns but will over exaggerate or for lack of a better word sell guns to be things that get up on their own 2 legs and walk into a school and start shooting kids. Keep painting that picture, as much as you would like and gun advocates will keep using the 2A speech. You keep saying they don’t need a particular gun and they will keep digging heels in about why they do when another individual uses one to save lives. For those of you who don’t care for facts, logic or reasoning, you are encouraged to keep explaining your points on why guns should be made illegal for only those who abide by the law and not for criminals.

Wayne Lapierre former CEO of the NRA currently being found liable for misallocation of over 5 million dollars in funds. Private jets, lavish vacations to the Bahamas all on the company’s dime. Fox News gives us a bite of what is going on. New York Attorney General Leticia James, (James is from New York so red flag already.) Bringing lawsuits back in 2020 to NRA, former CEO Wayne LaPierre, former CFO Wilson “Woody” Philips and general counsel John Frazer as defendants. James (from New York again remember), was known to be “politically motivated”, “Who campaigned for the office by vowing to investigate and take on the NRA.” (All the same Fox News Source.) Using the same source it states that LaPierre has since 2021 paid back to the NRA $300,000. Whether you as the reader would like to deem that an admission of guilt, be my guest. 

Please read the article further for more juicy details. With all that being said it is no wonder 3 rich dudes would make any excuse in order to utilize company funds to ball out on a private jet. Not my money so I don’t care. I would say to make it right, every NRA member gets 1000 dollars in order to go buy a gun. I mean what better way to allocate misallocated funds than to advocate a gun purchase from a gun rights group. Of course, politicians have to be paid right?

America is already the most lethal country in the world. Do a quick google search…ok fine I will do it for you. WiseVoter tells us Yemen in 2nd place has 52.8 guns per 100 people. Not bad Yemen. America has 120.5 per 100 people (MERICA), fuck ya America, keep that shit going up. Now I know what some liberal minds are thinking out there that “more guns equal more gun deaths.” Well, if you will click this link right here you will notice gun deaths per 100 people for America is 4.12 per 100k people. Although that is disheartening to us all, I ask that you keep scrolling down and check other countries like Iraq, Bahamas, Venezuela, and so many others who have less than half the guns Americans do and deal with vastly more gun deaths than we do. Whatever you’re reasoning for owning a gun, the best and most secure way of securing your freedoms for you and your future generations, is by buying more guns, more advanced and being better to equip yourself against those who try and take them from you, foreign or domestic. Bangov Actual, out.

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