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Taxation, Legalized Theft

Ahh inflation, just one of those things that tends to be overlooked when spending money that is not yours taken from people by force. Ask anyone, if they were able to decide on whether they could pay a tax on their grocery bill, water bill, at the gas pump, barbershop, candy store, let’s just speed this up and say the mall. Everything we purchase has a tax. Why? Welp, ask the government, they will tell you because the business that made your burrito is in America. Therefore, it needs to be taxed in order for you to enjoy it. 

This day and age you may not remember a little event that occurred December 16th, 1773. Little Party known as the Boston Tea Party. Not really a party, more like 100 dudes throwing 90,000 pounds of tea that was imported by the British East India Company overboard in Boston Massachusetts. What is even more fun to note is that all this happened because of the debt hanging over the British Parliament based on previous wars that were fought. So, taxes were imposed, not just a single tax either, many of them over goods or services including business licenses, which in the BanGov world is a huge NO NO FUCK NO, not today, Satan. Of course, in today’s age of course we are run right over with taxation of everything 5 times over. If you purchase bubble gum with the money that was taxed in order for you to pay for that bubble gum, on your receipt you paid a tax to purchase it. Of course, we all forget the manufacturer who was taxed for the materials in order to make the bubble gum. Processing, shipping, and distribution taxes……you get the point, but some don’t.

Asking the internet 2 questions always makes me smile. It almost feels like the government is putting me on a list as soon as I hit the enter button. First is, why do we pay taxes? Which is a legitimate question, and I know people who would scoff at the question. To think it is a ridiculous question to ask where my money goes. What is worse is they say it is not your money. The delusion that the government will take care of us. The delusion that “the government will pay for it.” Where do they think this money comes from? Printing more money that is not even a dollar amount that people have in banks. So, it is all a delusion that amounts to more and more inflation. If you’re not aware of what inflation is, I’ve explained it to a child before and I said to imagine wanting a toy in a toy store. Imagine that toy is 25 dollars. Imagine working for however long it takes to make 25 dollars. Then come back to that toy store to find out the toy is now 30 dollars. Inflation is never being able to afford what you used to in what others would call the “old days.” Pretty much just meant when inflation was not as much.

Why do we pay taxes? According to Business Insider, the law obliges us to pay taxes, which in turn provide everything from health care and Social Security to education and defense. Oblige is defined as: make (someone) legally or morally bound to an action or course of action. I’m obliged to pay taxes, or I will pay a fine up to a point where the government wants to put me in jail. Health care in my opinion would be far more affordable if left up to the open market. I have covered why non-profit organizations would be better off without government fundings due to the article given here. Social Security, education and defense are all in the shitter due to taxes and what we incentivize. Nothing but welfare states giving money away to those who refuse to work. Illegal immigration which I will cover in a later blog, giving money to those who just got here. You made it here, that doesn’t mean you get to just exist like other slob Americans who feel they deserve things they have never earned. What should really irritate Americans is that republicans think that they can fix the public school system. Just another political stunt for them to run on. Fixing a school system that they have watched go down the toilet. It is almost like they watch it fail like a stock in order to get it when it is cheap and easy to say it is broken and needs to be fixed. 

“Taxes help build the nation and contribute to welfare schemes.” Welp considering our national debt and endless spending in order to help other countries fight wars. Afghanistan and Iraq seemed like a huge success to me(sarcasm.) No that is not a shot at our US military for those idiots who forgot this is a veteran owned and operated website. Stay focused, quit looking for baited questions to ask. Scheme is defined as: a large-scale systematic plan or arrangement for attaining a particular object or putting a particular idea into effect. This being said, most government reasoning for paying taxes are schemes. Ponzi Scheme is defined as: a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors. Is everyone following? Does this seem more like the government we all know and despise? It is corruption(government) at its finest. Corrupt is defined as: having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain. 

When I ask why we pay taxes, these are all answers that people usually can come up with. One that I have not mentioned is that “if you want to keep living here then you have to pay taxes.” The United States was founded on a war starting with the rebellion of taxes without representation? Not saying to start a war, but I will go dump a shit ton of Green Tea in the bay if necessary.

Second question is always a showstopper at a bar. What if I stop paying taxes? What if at a store the price I see is the price I am paying. No tax on top of it. That coffee is 4.50. I am pulling out 4.50 and walking out. According to US News, Americans owed at least 114 billion (Nice) in back taxes, penalties and interest in 2020. Also states that fines for not filing are more severe than not paying. To get the gist, you will be liable for all debts to be paid. If not, wages can be garnished, or even your home has a lien put on it if you owe more than $10,000. This being said, the money that you go to work for everyday, is taken from you by force, distributed without your knowledge to various countries that you may have no interest in, and the person that does this may be someone you did not even vote for. Well if that was not worth a war then, not really sure what Americans will fight for nowadays.

If you have not, I highly encourage those who wish to make your financial futures more prosperous and work for you. Please check out or go on Audible and purchase Tax Free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright, CPA. Maybe it will calm the storm in your head about how you may be able to appease the government by doing what they want you to do in order to get around taxes. Always remember that history repeats itself. Learn from it, don’t be a victim. Bangov Actual, out.


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Creepy Joe & Son

When the apocalypse happens for some, and they find out that even the highest forms of government can be exposed to dealings with foreign nations. To others this may seem just like another day in corruption (Government.) Of course, when you’re in politics for over 40 years and maybe your 401k is not what you thought it would be when you supposedly “beat” the NRA, even though the law expired after 2 years of banning “assault weapons.” Basically, just slap a beehive and run as it rebuilt itself back together. 

As text messages, what’s app messages, emails are found over the course of the last few years on Hunter and Joe Biden dealings with the CEFC (Chinese Evangelical Free Church) all we can do as a nation is hope that these findings be taken seriously. Serious as if laws are to be broken, even those by POTUS. This all according to The New York Post. A breakdown of the Biden family ties to the CCP(Chinese Communist Party.) The Washington Post states that over $4.8 million was sent to Hunter Biden, depending on your source you will see anywhere from 3.8 to $5 million.

These times of confusion, whether you are on the left or right can be very concerning for those especially in an election year. Questions are going to arise, do we even trust voting anymore if states are going to try and dictate who they put on the ballots? Of course, we will need to have all of this go up to the Supreme court for all this to be sorted out. We are told nobody is above the law in this country, but for those who make the laws, it is just a convenient saying. My hope for writing this is to bring people some clarity of mind, as well to be sound of mind before making any decisions. Politics can be very confusing and people rushing to accusations before having all the facts are decisions that can be made emotionally. Emotional reactions have a very low rate of being positive, even though actions with good intentions. Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions. 

The fact that human error, incentive, greed, does not discriminate when it comes to rich, poor, race or stature. As imperfect as a system can be, we still have hope for the better, and the continuation of this Republic standing as the greatest in the World.

As Bangov begins to grow, it is still my responsibility to you as individuals to remind you that even in these times of uncertainty for what is going on in the political world, you are still in control of your actions. The actions to make your life better with daily improvements such as waking up and telling yourself that you will be better. Always learning, adapting, putting yourself in the driver seat of your own life. These Biden times can be trying for some, and positive for others. Your view should not be negative based on who the President is. Fortunes are made and lost with every President. How you invest your time and money will determine your outcome. Bangov Actual, out.