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Heads Up Snowflakes, This Might Sting

Stop Trying, stop getting up early. Don’t even think about setting that alarm. It would be so much better if you stopped waking up in the middle of the night to write what was on your mind and just go through as many days as fast as you can. The process of trying to accomplish something is too long and hard. So just give up. Just get a job that pays your bills and that you can go to Hawaii once a year for the rest of your life. Don’t live to experience life, don’t try different foods. Stay in your bubble, stay just as society expects you too so you don’t get into trouble or hurt anyone’s feelings. Don’t worry about your opinions, everyone has them so why are yours special, or why do you think they are going to make any difference. 

I will say if you have kept reading this long, either you’re fuming like little snowflakes, or you are laughing as you should, because you are a good person and you know this tends to be someone else telling you this. Usually, people who you should not be associating with. Or you tell yourself this every day and you still fight back. You still look deep within yourself in order to combat the day to day of people who may not be right for you to succeed. What is great is that you need less people than you think.

A study of 4,382 will tell you that having basic needs met and being confident that you are able to provide solutions for you, or even your loved ones. To simplify, if you are to look to yourself for answers and fight for what you need, then you become a person that people can rely on. We all need help sometimes, and of course it is great to have friends in order to bounce ideas off of or even ask questions to get out of your own head, and help you not make abrupt or even emotional decisions.

In short don’t be a lazy sack, stop asking others to fix your problems. Or better yet quit blaming others for your poor choices and begin to make better one. Bangov Actual, out.

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