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Weak Parents Are Woke Parents

What do you think of when you think of debt. credit card, house loan, car loan. These things all keep us from our personal financial goals. I am not saying I am any better. I see something, and it takes me a swift kick in the ass to convince myself that I don’t need these better features on the car. Or I should probably not buy this for my girlfriend because it is something I may have to get a few paychecks to pay off on the credit card. I have begun to tell myself “You do not need that.” What is embarrassing, is that I do it a lot. Instead of putting money aside, because let’s be honest, we are all not the greatest at doing that if you don’t have at least a couple thousand in your bank right now. Forget about 3-6 months of savings for your monthly expenses in case you lose your job, car breaks down etc. If you don’t have at least 2k in the bank, then you suck at saving money.

Quick google search, you will see anywhere from 49- 57% of Americans cannot afford A 1000-dollar emergency expense. So why do we keep doing this? Why is it that we don’t teach the Gen Z or millennials about money. Personally, I will blame parents for most things. You bought them an iPad but you don’t teach them how it was paid for? Hell, they spend 10 hours on the stupid things but none of what they are watching is contributing to their education They watch these mindless videos of soccer tricks or blowing up watermelons.

There are things you must force your children to do. Don’t care if they are over the age of 18, if they don’t want to listen and then when they come back to you at 25 and ask why they were never taught this you can say because you didn’t want to stupid. Parents that are tougher than their kids are like one of my favorite things to watch. Watching weak parents controlled by their kids makes me sick. It is worse than watching Hoarders, or The Biggest Loser.

One of my favorite quotes by Dave Ramsey is “personal finance is 80% behavior and 20% knowledge.” It just sums a lot of things up. You must change who you are. Right now, you suck because you’re not willing to do what is necessary in order to make those changes in your life. This is not The Oprah show, this is BanGov. YOU NEED TO CHANGE. If it seems as if you cannot break this cycle of debt and indecision on what to do with your life. Try and find someone that will guide you towards getting out of the weeds. Making your life a little better, bit by bit. Just simple pieces of knowledge. All you have to do is stop buying dumb shit. If possible, if it doesn’t come down to a necessity. Food, water, mortgage, rent, car payment, utilities, gas. Then don’t buy it. Put into action, and first start with writing what your bills are and what is made on top of that. If you need a second job, get one. If you need to get a smaller place, or even some roommates, then get one. Cut down your bills as much as you can in order to get ahead of your finances. In a year of committing to bettering yourself you will have made more changes than you can count, and only then will be happier. Happiness is a state of mind and what you implement. If you let someone else determine that, you’re a slave. Bangov Actual, out.


When You DIY Everything

My mother was house cleaning for 22 years of her life before she retired. One thing her and my father taught me was how to save money. Getting things for pennies on the dollar is a great way to save as much money as possible and being able to attribute those savings to investing for long term gains.

For instance, the average household, according to Statista, the average American household spends on average $169.83 cents on cleaning supplies including detergents. When I hear this, I just think this is bananas considering over the course of a 6-year military career, and yes ladies and gentlemen our military do buy their own household cleaners and detergents. It was in my mind to only make under 30 thousand dollars a year. It was in my best interest to save as much money as possible. Over these 6 years we cleaned everything from barracks, general living quarters, weapons, clothing, gear, and the occasional rocks with nothing but soap, water and disinfectants.

Being as you want your home to look and feeling as fresh as can be, just know even your cleaning services that you pay enormous amounts of money, use less expensive cleaning supplies than you do in order to maximize the dollar that you pay for them. As well they charge you for the cleaning supplies used in the process of cleaning your own home. So again, with the simple ingredients of Water, baking soda, vinegar, dish soap and a scented antibacterial you are able to maximize your cleaning capabilities while saving the most amount of money possible. This will leave your home smelling, lemon, lavender, ocean mist or cucumber fresh. Buying 4 separate spray bottles you will concoct everything you need for your household cleaning desires: Floor cleaners, tub and tile, and as many surface cleaners as you can possibly imagine for the price of under a dollar a bottle. 

Now that being all fine and dandy, when we look at cleaning ourselves, the price may vary. My question to you is, why don’t we all treat our bodies as if they have delicate skin. Of course, I am going to lose a lot of women here considering they just have to have the right shampoo and conditioner, or they refuse to go out. Body washes, shampoos are just in fact cleaners for the skin. These are things as well that can be diluted with water and able to save a lot of money throughout the year.

According to the women around me they will buy a bottle of body wash every 6-8 weeks. Even at 10 dollars a bottle, if you were to cut it in half and or even a third and be able to maximize the same bottle for 6- 9 months, then you are saving yourself that much more money when you spread that same idea across various means in your life you will be saving money. When it comes to any product you purchase, the cost of an item due to inflation will rise. These are just simple ways to keep money in your pocket while prices for companies deal with the expenses. I have even been one to dilute milk with water, but it is not for everyone.

As someone who likes to find solutions, my dream is that more people will undermine companies’ products by diluting them as I have explained. When you put pressure on companies and how they make money, change is inevitable. This is the misconception that everyone misses when they say to vote with your dollar. The beauty of capitalism is it gives people the choice to find the most expensive, best quality, or even the cheapest for the individual consumer. As we all can struggle sometimes with money and how to make our dollar go further, just keep in mind a little creativity. Bangov Actual, out.

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BanGov Affiliate Marketing…

Just wanted to let everyone know as for affiliate marketing, yes I know its blah blah blah I need money but just know as I do take with high consideration if I am to put the BanGov name on any of the products that you see affiliate links for just know I have tried these products before. I have held them, I have smelled, tasted or even jerked off with them. They are of the quality that I trust to use myself. Here at BanGov, as business advocates, big or small I look for products based on the quality that is seen in how it may be utilized. I do not take this job lightly and I certainly do not care for company sponsorship unless I utilize the product myself and if it is not of great quality. Thank you all for your time.


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Have Fun Making Money…Even if it hurts.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with friends about when they went skydiving. They had told me of the fear before even jumping, before even getting in the plane,hahaha they had not even got to the place yet. Just the fear of going brings me to a point of you must push yourself to a point of no return. You cannot even see the light at the end of the tunnel unless you enter the tunnel. So taking these steps will inevitably put you at a point where you are too far in to turn back. Take me for instance, I have invested time and money into a name that scares people. The inevitability is that new things scare people so why not have fear be the wall in which only those who are willing to climb over, go around, dig under, however the FUCK you choose to get to the other side, just know I want those who are daring enough to be on my side. If you’re a pussy, stay home, if you’re weak do not even try, do not waste my time….BUT if you’re curious about life’s simple pleasure such as immersing yourself in a little bit of fear in order to feel alive then be daring. Maybe buy that clutch purse you have been staring at ladies. Gentleman, go buy that suit that you have been thinking about and see the reaction of going to the bar and just bask in greatness of not feeling the fear that so many others around you are not willing to face. Ladies, go grab that dress and maybe one day you’ll look across the bar and see the stud in the suit….just never know… Have fun making money, but first be daring, try spending money and see how your creativity drives you to create what is necessary. I don’t care what product or service your into. If you need to turn one more trick or sell one more service. Fear is going to hurt just a little bit, but pain retains, and pain as well molds you into being fearless. Also if you’ve felt a slight amount of fear of reading this, then you know what you have to do. As always guys, chase your dreams, and Bangov.

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Where is your next dollar coming from?

Push back on that feeling of not having your next dollar for food. It’s fear, don’t let it keep you from moving forward. It’s a fear that everyone has but not a lot of people have ever faced. Meaning they realize it but are able to just say well gotta go do some work to make money. When you fear what your next job will be, you stop yourself from what is possible. Visualize what your next move is and take the step towards a life better than the one you had. Even if you make less money, you can make 6 figures and still want a different life then the one you have.