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ATT outage, China?

China is the enemy. Relax, they know. When the FBI Director Christopher Wray tells a congressional committee, “China’s multi prong assault on our national and economic security make it the defining threat of our generation.” Things tend to get a little more serious. The link for this quote is in the video provided in the article. It is only 2 min and 14 seconds long so don’t worry about your attention span going haywire. 

For those of you Following the AT&T outage, some are speculating that it was a cyber-attack by China while the company itself is utilizing the FCC, (Federal Communications Commission) as well other federal agencies to investigate the likely cause of the event. Although Verizon and T-Mobile customers reported some network outages, too, they appeared far less widespread.” 74,000 total reported outages, and as the day went on the number of outages trickled down as well.

AT&T does a great job at covering their tracks with statements like “Based on our initial review, we believe that today’s outage was caused by the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we were expanding our network, not a cyber-attack,” AT&T said in a statement on its website. As well in a CNN article, AT&T explains that other possibilities are a faulty software update. With The FCC still investigating and commenting that local governments report outages. This is basically a way to give those who are too afraid of it being a cyber-attack an outlet, so they feel safe and don’t have to deal with the horrors of losing their Tik Tok, and deal with real world problems. 

When an FBI director goes before a congressional committee and is warning the American people that a PRC state sponsored hacking group known as Volt Typhoon, is hacking 100’s of routers in order to conduct reconnaissance on US critical infrastructures. Just seems like China would be gearing up for something. I am no conspiracy nut here; I just look at facts all day and maybe the conclusions come out of them. Figure it out for yourself. Or if you’re more comfortable with it just being a software update issue then that is ok too. 

Erik Prince, the former blackwater CEO states in a GBN article “take Taiwan in spring 2024.” He goes into explaining that this is due to the climate of Taiwan being other times of the year are too windy. This as well was after initial reports that “Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly told President Joe Biden during their recent summit that Beijing will reunify Taiwan with mainland China.” Taiwan is not really known for the size and strength for their military capabilities so America’s intervention would be necessary in order for Taiwan to have a fighting chance.

When all of these things come to light at once, the picture becomes clearer than mud(sarcasm.) Of course, I am sure the software update issue has been fixed and the FCC doesn’t need to look any further (sarcasm.) Let’s just say for shits and giggles that I was to go as far back as April 2023, to an article titled What it will look like if China launches cyberattacks in the U.S. Military transport networks, energy, water, and even business and financial markets are all looked at. “If China invades Taiwan, they say, it is likely to unleash a volley of digital strikes against the United States at the same time.” stated in the same Politico article. As much as I would like to not see our men and women sent to fight in a capacity that is for another country’s preservation. The United States has a history of getting into conflicts that will be advertised as a fight for American democracy.


This is just something I thought was interesting as well. Microsoft article on Volt Typhoon.


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