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Credit Card Gun Registry….Can’t make this up

The most beautiful thing about seeing that credit card companies are going to be tracking gun and ammo purchases is that cash may have some relevance in your life again. This may be a reason for people to start using credit cards for what they were supposed to be intended for. Getting all the benefits out of them without being in debt for years and years paying the balance monthly minimum. I’ve seen my fair share of YouTube videos when asking millionaires about if they have credit cards. A large majority laugh at the fact that people have so many credit cards. 

Credit cards are not how you make money. Being able to pay for most of the things you “need” (key word here) is paying for it when you can actually afford it. If you need something new, and you have to pay for it with a credit card, you probably can’t afford it. Of course, life happens, but the truth of it is that you should be saving. You should be more aggressive in harboring your money and not spending it on things you have no business buying while you are broke.

That is just a rant, but it is your money, so I am not going to tell you anything else except if all you’re looking to do is get frequent flier miles then pay off your credit card. If you aim to make a 2000 dollar purchase just to get the miles for flying Delta, then you better have that in the bank in order to pay off the credit card next month. Paying off debt is slow and is really hard unless you’re willing to have a side hustle or another job that is going to be dedicated to paying off that debt. Either way you are going to suffer. 

Now with all that being said. If trying to improve your credit score for a future home buy, or vehicle purchase, then understand that your gas bill is about all you need in order to boost your credit score over the next few months. Don’t think you need to spend thousands to go into debt to get the score up. Remember credit card companies want low risk users, so don’t think the more you’re spending the more they will reward you. OK OK fine I know I’ll shut the fuck up about, JUST DON’T DO IT. Cut the fucking thing in half if you can’t help yourself. 

Gun purchases can be bought with cash if you were not aware. Here in Arizona, you are not required to have a background check if you have a concealed carry permit already. You’ve already gone through the bullshit in order to get yourself validated by idiots who know nothing about guns in order to go into a store and purchase a gun. So, using cash to make your entire intended purchase of guns and ammo is what is suggested if you’re not comfortable with credit card companies giving this information to anyone else. 

According to Forbes, they intend to track “suspicious” gun purchases. Problem nowadays is that anything over 500 rounds and more than 1 gun is considered suspicious. What they fail to realize is that anything less than 500 rounds of ammunition purchase is more expensive when you don’t buy in bulk. This is why you will see as much as 5000 rounds of ammunition purchased of 22LR. If you don’t know what 22LR this is then again, the problem, people who don’t know anything about guns making laws about things they do not understand but I digress; intended purchases are to be made as well peer-peer as is also legal here in the state of Arizona as well.

Reading thegunzone.com 40 states allow the salesmanship of private gun ownership from person to person, but in doing this I still always advocate for the person selling to have a copy of just the person’s name and bill of sale stating you sold it to the individual in case it is used in a crime. Of course, this I am sure will piss off gun control advocates, but what else is new. Support your local gun shop and buy with cash. Bangov Actual, out.

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