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Government Grants For Non-Profit, The Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Had a lovely conversation with an older lady recently. Her stance was that if we did not have a government and people paid less in taxes then we would not have the infrastructure that we would have. More people would suffer due to less tax dollars being funneled into programs for those in need. As well her background is finance for a nonprofit. So of course, she may be a little biased in her stance, as well she stated to me that she makes 130k annually. My question for these people who “believe in the cause” as she put it to me. Well, my question to her and all those who work for these types of programs is, would you still believe in the cause if you were making half of your income. If they say yes, they are lying to you. If they say no, they might even still be lying to you. I’ll bet you they would be happy making 300k a year even if it meant that 2-3 less people could be paid to spend the night or get a chance at a soup kitchen. 

Donorbox.org does a wonderful job addressing the ways that nonprofits get money for their cause. From branded donation pages, hosting events, applying for grants, and even membership donations. All of this sounds like a lot but when you break it down the top 3 ways that nonprofits get money is through donations, providing a service or entertainment that is hosted, and government funding, or grants. 

According to the nonprofitimes.com 80 cents for every dollar comes from government funding. According to ash.harvard.edu an article I highly advise people who read who give a shit. Government funds may represent critical sources of revenue in health and human services, peoples concern is the over progressive bureaucratization of nonprofits, meaning more worried about people’s gender identity than actually helping those who are in need. Government funding comes with increased oversight, higher administrative costs, as well as administrative efficiencies because you should be aware by now that just because you get a grant, does not mean the government will not get it back in some way. As well everything the government touches will inevitably turn to shit. It is not your money; it is loaned to you with a specific intent. Does not matter if you receive the money, the government will get it out of its citizens when it is funneled back into the system through taxes on your food, and whatever you pay for in your daily lives. 

Finally, nonprofittimes.com again graces us with a beautiful article about 80% of nonprofits accepting government funding. So, as the average American, why would I donate to an organization that my tax dollars are already going to? The point of this blog is to have other people ask themselves why I don’t get to choose where my money goes? No research doesn’t even know what they are supporting. What if I don’t support your cause or how you go about your business? It Doesn’t matter, the government decides what we spend our money on. They will tax you to the bitter end on what they think is in their best interest as another reason to higher taxes for you. I encourage people to look up a charity that they would like to donate to that does not take taxpayer money and learn about their efficiencies and how they are able to help others. Bangov Actual out.


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