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Cultivate a Community of Devoted Customers

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Cultivate a Community of Devoted Customers for Your Small Business

Engaging with your audience and fostering a dedicated circle of patrons in the
modern marketplace is paramount for small business triumph. Mastery in this
area ensures survival and a thriving hub of enthusiasts eager to support and
evangelize your brand. This BanGov guide illuminates pivotal maneuvers that
empower entrepreneurs to weave a tight-knit community around their offerings,
ensuring sustained growth and loyalty.

Deliver Unparalleled Products or Services

When you provide products or services that outshine competitors, you capture
attention and secure a base of devoted followers. This pursuit demands a
relentless focus on quality, innovation, and user satisfaction.

Strive to understand and exceed your customers’ expectations, creating a
compelling experience that beckons them repeatedly. This foundation of trust
and excellence becomes the bedrock upon which loyalty is built, making your
offerings indispensable to their users.

Pursue Further Business Education

An online business degree program empowers you with the skills and insights
needed (e.g., management, communication, accounting) to enhance your
strategic and operational capabilities. With business degrees, you’re better
equipped to navigate market dynamics and drive your enterprise forward.
This flexible educational pursuit creates a harmonious balance between
managing your business and expanding your knowledge base. Such an
investment in your education creates an environment where your business and
customer community can thrive.

Maximize Social Media Engagement

In the digital age, social media stands as a pivotal arena for customer interaction
and brand promotion. By actively engaging with your audience on these
platforms, you open a direct channel for communication, feedback, and
community building. Regular, meaningful interaction, coupled with strategic
social media marketing, broadens your reach and deepens relationships with
your audience, transforming followers into loyal advocates.

Develop a Distinctive Brand Identity

A compelling brand identity resonates deeply with its intended audience,
establishing a connection beyond mere transactions. Crafting this identity
involves a deep dive into what your brand stands for, the values it embodies, and
the narratives it weaves.

Consistency across all customer touchpoints reinforces this identity. It creates a
memorable experience that fosters a strong, emotional bond with your audience,
turning customers into champions of your brand.

Offer Exclusive Promotions

Creating exclusive offers, discounts, and loyalty rewards acts as a powerful
incentive for repeat business and customer retention. These initiatives not only
reward existing customers but also stimulate a sense of belonging to an
exclusive club. Tailoring these promotions to genuinely add value to your
customers’ experience can ignite engagement and encourage a continual cycle
of purchase and advocacy, reinforcing the community around your brand.

Highlight Customer Testimonials

You build trust and credibility by showcasing positive endorsements from
satisfied customers on your digital platforms. Highlighting these testimonials
demonstrates the value and satisfaction your brand delivers, convincing potential
customers to engage.

This strategy amplifies your customer base’s voice, making their positive
experiences a beacon for new patrons. You can attract new members to your
brands community by leveraging customer satisfaction. This enriches the
ecosystem around your brand, fostering a supportive and engaged audience.

Launch a Referral Program

A well-structured referral program capitalizes on the power of word-of-mouth,
incentivizing your existing customers to introduce their networks to your brand.
Offering referral rewards acknowledges and appreciates your customers’ role in
growing your community. This strategy not only brings in new business but also
strengthens the loyalty of current customers, as they become active participants
in your brand’s success story.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the complexities of today’s market requires a strategic approach to
building a loyal customer base. You can lay the foundation for a vibrant and
engaged community by focusing on superior product quality, enhancing your
business education, leveraging social media, establishing a solid brand identity,
implementing special promotions, showcasing customer testimonials, and
initiating a referral program. These strategies, rooted in genuine value and
mutual respect, ensure your small business survives and thrives, surrounded by a
loyal and supportive customer community.

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Written By Stevie Murphy

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Stop Paying Income Tax

So I am no legal representative, but when someone is to tell me that they won’t take this money, or lump some of money because they don’t want to have to fill out a 1040 form. If they tell me that they are so worried about the government coming after them because they mowed someone’s lawn, helped someone move, pressure washed someone’s garage, or even sold fentanyl to thy neighbor……ok maybe be worried about that last one, BUT you are all entrepreneurs in my eyes. (Fentanyl is Fatal) When the fear of making extra money to make ends meet is upon you I say weep no more. The 1040 scam is just to deceive law abiding citizens into telling the government that you have ambition outside of your normal employment duties. 

Never fear the IRC is here. (Internal Revenue Code). Now some are unaware and it is my pleasure to educate those who may not be aware when they choose to grace Bangov with their presence. What is a 1040 form for? IRS invites you to use a schedule (1) 1040 form for additional income and adjustment to income in order to tell on yourself about you making extra money. Don’t care if it is 10 dollars or 10 million dollars, it is your money and you should have a right to keep every cent.  Peymon Mottahedeh is the President and founder of Freedom Law School. Freedom Law School, “Peymon is devoted to educating and assisting Americans in their fight for rights and freedom. He is particularly passionate about providing people with knowledge on how to reclaim their independence from the IRS’s robbery and deceit.” As found on the about page.

The Washington Post states “although the IRS will send out 125,000 notices, the actual number of taxpayers involved may be fewer, as many of them failed to file in multiple years.” This is due to the mass number of Americans who so eloquently misremembered to file taxes between the years of 2017-2022,including 25,000 cases where people’s income was well over a million dollars.(Nice) “When people don’t file their taxes, they need to know there’s a consequence,” Werfel said. This is from Daniel Werfel, Commissioner of the IRS. The fact that we have an institution like the IRS that can’t even effectively enforce the laws necessary for the government to keep misspending and sending money to other countries, then why do we keep them around? For instance NPR reports that the IRS got 80 billion for “beefing up the IRS’s capacity to go after wealthy tax cheats.” You know, the people that employ thousands of Americans. They are not willing to give more money to the government for services we don’t need or even want. 

Before any of you get noble on me and say it is your American duty….just stop right there. You do not pay taxes because it is the American thing to do. Just remember a little while ago when this country was started and we fought taxation without representation. Nothing is more American than keeping money from the government in order to live a more prosperous life. Especially when everyone from small mom and pop shops to billion dollar empires put food on the table for their employees. Jeff Bezos just gave 118 million to fight homelessness. Or Elon Musk giving 1.95 billion Tesla shares to various charities. It is embarrassing to hear people cheer when the IRS says it will try and get more money from millionaires when the people cheering do not contribute even a fraction of what millionaires do to the communities around them.


Poor is defined as: Having insufficient wealth to meet the necessities or comforts of life or to live in a manner considered acceptable in a society.

  1. Relating to or characterized by poverty.
  2. Deficient or lacking in a specified resource or quality.
  3. Not adequate in quality or quantity; inferior.
  4. Negative, unfavorable, or disapproving.
  5. Undernourished; lean. Used especially of animals.
  6. Humble; meek.
  7. Eliciting or deserving pity; pitiable.

What will never be taught in schools is that poor is a mentality. I had an accountant tell me that at a net worth of 150k, I was sitting better than a couple that made 250k a year but has 3 cars, a boat and a house they could barely afford. Living paycheck to paycheck is not a way of life. Quit spending money on shit you don’t need. So rich people may buy some weird shit sometimes. Hotel orgies, who cares, they are just like all of us, but they can afford what we dream of. Not because they are bad people, but they just live a high profile life and when you work a thousand hours a week you may just want to ball out on what you have earned. 

Don’t ever let the poor tell you how to live. Bangov Actual, out.


“Poverty is the worst form of violence” – Mahatma Gandhi




Dark Times For Boeing, And Everyone Who Fly’s

Oh man, when a company as big as Boeing needs daddy to come and watch you build your planes something is happening. At Least that is the plan stated by Emirates President Tim Clark. According to The Hill, Emirates now has a 52 billion dollar contract with Boeing for 55 777-9 and 35 777-8. So sending their engineers to ensure quality product upon delivery is great for those wanting to go to Dubai in the future. What about the planes here in America that need to be fixed? 

Well 2 whistleblowers, one down, as John Barnett is found deceased in his Pickup truck in Charleston North Carolina, he was 62. Family friend told ABC 4 that before John died he said he might end up dead after speaking out against the company. According to the police report, Barnett was found dead in his truck with a gunshot wound to the head and a pistol found in his hand.

Enter Ed Pierson. Pierson is a former senior manager at Boeing and is now bringing the same fight to Boeing whilst bringing similar flaws in quality control and stating “the problem is leadership.” Politico tells Pierson’s story of a flight where he intentionally picked a flight that was not supposed to be a Boeing Max aircraft, but just then as he looked up from his seat the safety card caught his eye reading 737-8/737-9. Pierson immediately gets out of his seat saying “the flight attendant didn’t want him to get off the plane. I didn’t want to cause a scene, I just wanted to get off the plane.”  Pierson goes on in the same article to bring to light that Boeing has made only superficial changes like hiring a safety manager in order to bring attention away from themselves.

According to Fox News, which was according to the New York Times states that only 56 points of the federal audits were passed. An internal slide presentation produced by the FAA shows a mechanic using Dawn liquid soap to lubricate a door seal and cleaning it with a cheesecloth. Which just blows my mind when thinking they could have just used Ajax which is cheaper(sarcasm.) This audit was prompted by the January 5th incident when a new Boeing 737 Max 9 had its plug door blow off during an Alaska Airlines flight at 16,000 feet. Cabin depressurized and the flight had to return to Portland International Airport in Oregon.

Can’t imagine a government agency saying “we fixed a private corporation’s issue.” I guess we have to let them feel important. So the FAA has given Boeing 90 days to make a “comprehensive action plan” to fix their quality control issues. I and thousands of other people who look to fly this year can only hope Boeing will do a little more to fix the issues than employing safety managers. Also note that the  National Transportation Safety Board found that 4 key bolts were missing from the door that came off on Jan 5th, so you might want to put those in next time Boeing. Might help with holding things together, then again I am no engineer. Bangov actual out.


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DEI, Wanting What You Don’t Deserve

Well, when your airplanes begin to catch fire, lose part of the landing gear during takeoff or just simply catch fire while in flight. Might be time to have a word with your engineers about what could be done to mitigate this. When a plane loses its DOOR; you know the thing that keeps all your customers inside the plane at 31,000 feet. Just seems as if things are slipping. Boeing for instance is slipping in their stocks by a smidge. According to Forbes stock price for Boeing has dropped 29% just in the new year of 2024. Makes sense when in the same article you will see that it is dated for March 12th. Just last Tuesday it is reported Boeing has failed 40% of their FAA audits for the Max 737 and Spirit AeroSystems has failed 54% of their federal audits. (Seems like a lot.) Just to add, Allegiant airways has reported that it will be purchasing Boeing Aircraft. Specifically, 50 of the Max 737 and with a possibility of 50 more orders.

The only reason I would be willing to speculate that this is not going to get any better, is because the CEO of United Airlines, which has been having most of the plane issues, went on to say in an interview that United has the highest numbers of diversity. (WHO GIVES A SHIT.) Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines states that the company will have 50% of their aviation classes be women and people of color.

Elon Musk has been getting backlash from civil rights groups for the comment “Do you want to fly in an airplane where they prioritized DEI hiring over your safety? That is actually happening.” President and CEO of Urban National League went on to say that Musk’s Comments were “abhorrent and Pathetic.”. (Same article) Musk also posted on X that “It will take an airplane crashing and killing hundreds of people for them to change this crazy policy of DIE,” Musk wrote, misspelling DEI. From here what is very sad is all we can do is wait for either side to be right. We can all hope for Elon Musk to be wrong because these companies are going to push for higher standards of DEI. 

What I would like to bring your attention to is a CNN article about DEI and former Harvard College President Claudine Gay being fired over a congressional hearing of Anti-Semitic rhetoric in school that was being allowed. During the congressional hearing Elise Stefanik (New York’s 21st District (R) questions Gay on the use of certain no no words like Intifada and its use of the words in context to Palestinian uprise and call for violent armed resistance against civilians and the genocide of Jews. (link here.) I am seeing the issue with DEI is it only pertains to one race which will inherently disadvantage other races, but that is not enforced to help, say white people, Asians, Hispanics or even just people that may be deserving and have put forth the effort. Why is it about Color? Sounds racist right?                    

Billionaires such as Bill Ackman describe DEI in a 4000-word post on X stating, “inherently a racist and illegal movement in its implementation even if it purports to work on behalf of the so-called oppressed.” While I would like to encourage all who have the ambition of doing anything outside the norm of how they grew up. Whether you come from a poor family or not, it is purely based on what you are passionate about first, then how much work you put in to get to where you want to go. Putting people in roles they have not earned based on skin color or gender is the same as saying these groups of people are disadvantaged and will never work hard enough based on their skin color or gender. It is racist and it is wrong. In my opinion it puts people in unnecessary danger in order to adhere to the mob pushing for it. Hire people based on those who can do the job and make it through the training. Does not matter the skill, trade or job. You hire those who want it, not those who think they deserve it with no effort. Bangov Actual out.


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Not joking it is all United Airlines


United flight bound for SFO turns around midflight due to mechanical issue (youtube.com)






Starting a Business on a Shoestring Budget




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Starting a Business on a Shoestring Budget: Smart Strategies for Success

Starting a business with limited funds is a challenge many aspiring entrepreneurs face. With creativity and strategic planning, however, launching a successful venture without a hefty budget is entirely possible. This requires a focused approach and a willingness to leverage cost-effective resources and methods. In this article shared below by BanGov, we will explore practical strategies that can help you start your business journey on a shoestring budget, ensuring you maximize every dollar.

Embracing the Minimal Viable Product Approach

Begin by developing a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) – a basic but functional version of your product or service. This approach allows you to enter the market with minimal investment, testing your concept without overextending financially. An MVP provides valuable feedback from

early users, helping you refine your offering. By focusing on the core features, you can allocate resources more efficiently and avoid costly, unnecessary additions at the initial stage.

Leveraging Free and Affordable Tools

Utilize free or low-cost tools available online for various business functions. From accounting software to design tools and communication platforms, there’s a wealth of resources that can help you manage your business efficiently. Many of these tools offer basic services for free or at a nominal cost, ideal for a shoestring budget. This strategy allows you to handle essential business tasks professionally without the need for significant investment in expensive software.

Effective Marketing with Flyers

Marketing your business effectively can be both simple and cost-efficient, especially when utilizing a free flyer maker available online. These online tools offer a wide array of professionally designed templates, providing a solid foundation for creating eye-catching flyers that resonate with your target audience. The flexibility of these templates allows you to customize various elements, such as incorporating your own text, adjusting fonts and colors to align with your brand identity, and adding personal photos to make the flyer uniquely yours.

Optimizing Workspace Costs

Consider starting your business from home to save on office rent, a significant expense for new ventures. If a professional environment is necessary, co-working spaces offer a cost-effective alternative. These spaces provide a professional setting at a fraction of the cost of traditional office spaces, with the added benefit of networking opportunities. This approach reduces overhead costs while still providing you with a productive workspace.

Bartering and Trading Services

Explore bartering or trading services with other businesses to save cash. This mutually beneficial approach allows you to obtain services or products you need without the direct financial outlay. For instance, if you need a website, offer your services in exchange for web design. Bartering helps build valuable business relationships and can lead to more opportunities and partnerships.

Outsourcing Tasks Strategically

Outsource specific tasks or projects to freelancers or agencies when it makes financial sense. This strategy gives you access to expert skills without the cost of hiring full-time employees. Websites that connect businesses with freelancers can be invaluable, offering a range of

services from graphic design to bookkeeping. Outsourcing allows for flexibility and cost-effectiveness, especially when your business needs are project-based or seasonal.

Starting a business on a shoestring budget requires creativity, flexibility, and a willingness to leverage cost-effective strategies. By focusing on MVPs, utilizing free and low-cost tools, optimizing workspace costs, bartering services, outsourcing strategically, and employing budget-friendly marketing tactics like flyers, you can successfully launch and grow your business. These strategies not only help minimize your initial investment but also lay a strong foundation for future growth. Embrace these approaches, and start your entrepreneurial journey with confidence, even with limited funds.

Written by Cameron Ward


The Minimum Wage Lie

So you walk into a restaurant and the meal that you have purchased before is about $10. Well now you come in to eat and now the same meal costs $13. My Question is, when does minimum wage become so high to where tipping is no longer a thing. I mean now in California they are going to be making $20 an hour. Why should I tip you at all when I’m going to be paying in my meal for your higher wage?

Whether you believe in a higher minimum wage or not. Just some things to think about. Some pros about higher minimum wage according to Business insider. Lift 900,000 people out of poverty, raise income for 17 million people (one in 10 workers), to the tune of $509 billion over 10 years, and potentially increase wages for another 10 million people who currently make close to $15. Now all that sounds lovely doesn’t it? I mean if I were to sell raising the minimum wage to you then that wouldn’t be a bad start. At least it would be a high school argument to get all those people who may be voting for this to want it to happen. 

Problem is the latter of the argument where it reduces employment by 1.4 million jobs, increases the federal deficit by $54 billion over 10 years, and increases prices for goods and services. Now to address the national debt which I am sure not many people are going to be worried about when they are only worried about the dollar amount of their paycheck going up. The national debt goes up and your dollar, or in this case 20 dollars is no longer 20 dollars. Due to inflation and as your dollar goes down, costs go up. You may be getting paid 20 an hour but now your expenses to go out to eat, gas, cost of living in general are going up. Nothing has changed because the economy now has to adjust yet again to those who just want to feel better about themselves when they have not even earned it.

The best part is those people that are not challenging themselves at all. No incentive for people to work harder, longer hours, help a business achieve any amount of growth. It is all on the customer now. What happens when people don’t want to buy your product anymore? If it is now 25 dollars for a big mac and coke. Fast food will no longer be an option for those who make the average minimum wage. Customers find alternatives that are cheaper. Then when a company has decided that profits have started slipping, they will tend to look at employees as expenses. INC.com has a great article about how Amazon saves billions due to their robots in the warehouse. The same article states how Amazon cuts operating costs by $22 million (22%).

Now you have to assume that a billion-dollar company that is allowed to buy a company in order to input robots into the workforce will simply just stop the hiring process for a while and have a robot that can be operated by 1 person and be able to do 80% of the workload. Pay them $20 an hour and now avoid all the cost of needing extra employees. Just a thought but all of those who think that you should be able to feed a family of 4 on a waitress’s salary just wait for the inevitability of working for a company that will do the same thing that car washers do when they went fully automation and only need 1 person in the gas station to turn on the machine. Go to a grocery store and you’ll find 6 registers and 1 person at self-checkout. This is what companies do to maximize profits.

For those of you trying to get ahead in life by making it more expensive for others, just remember your skills are what will save you when you’re replaced by a robot that can do low skill jobs…Bangov Actual, out.


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Book Banning

Why don’t people read books anymore. It is disheartening that we pay so much attention to magazine articles. Videos even more than books. The issue is when you see a youtuber that knows a lot about different things. Geopolitics, economics, religion. We first go to YouTube to learn things and not go to a selection of books where we could get a backstory or even derive context from what we are trying to learn.

I will admit I am not the fastest reader either. Probably a 5th grade reading level at best. I was not the best in school, I hated it. Go figure because it was the public school system. We had leftist teachers as well. We all remember those teachers who had very bizarre ideas about how society should be. We laughed at them too. Not saying we had trans people trying to touch us but hey, the fight goes on.

Books are a great way to get away from social media and the things we cling to on a daily basis. Our mind is filled with useless information. Also, for me none of it really sticks. Be honest with yourself, could you honestly recite a lecture you watched in order to make a compelling argument to someone else? I’m going to say no. Granted if it shifts your mind towards researching a particular topic I understand the appeal.

Books are just so condensed with information and tell a story, like a movie that everyone seems to be able to regurgitate their favorite movie. They remember lines, they remember outfits, an entire movie all in your head, but provides not significant value to your life. If we get to a point to where we see the government banning books, then the civil war will be very close behind because that means people are being too educated and have stopped watching YouTube videos for enjoyment. Bangov Actual out.


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