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Bangov Is Solutions

It is astounding to me that I continuously must present my stance on certain topics. You think it would be simple for people to understand with a name like “Bangov” that I wouldn’t be particularly fond of government intervention in most areas. Well, here I am again making it a point that Bangov does not mean the elimination of government. As passed on through the Declaration of independence and as well The Constitution of the United States this is simply just the advocacy of limiting government powers over the American people. Still love our military as this is a military advocacy platform, as you can see through all the pro-military pictures which was a key element that was wanted by me when creating the website. As well pro America, as if I could not make it any clearer with OLD GLORY ON THE FRONT! 


Love love LOVE how people think the Gadsden Flag is a symbol for slavery now. Didn’t think that would ever happen, but then again people cut their dicks off and advocate for pedophiles now so here we are. I will say the amount of anti-trafficking videos that have come out have really given me another shining beacon of hope that Americans are here to fight. As well people standing up for the state they live in. People don’t want to run anymore, they want to stay and fight against the idiocy that comes from hate speech, black lives matter, gender identity, and anti-American rhetoric.


In the past I have stated that the Government should be limited to Military, property rights and securing our border. Now I’m not sure if securing our border is the best with regard to people getting let in for those to vote in power whomever awards the most “free stuff” like healthcare and education. Just please remember nothing is ever really free. The implementation of cost has just been delegated to those who didn’t know they were overpaying. You know LIKE TAXPAYERS, you selfish monkeys who think that healthcare should be free because of the many astounding reasons you think you’re entitled. Or you think you deserve a free education and go for some ridiculous study like gender studies or a liberal arts degree, then you’re doing yourself a disservice to your future by going for the easiest degree you can get. I digress, but not everyone wants to go to war. Those that do, or at least have an interest in the preservation of our rights and fight for those interests are willing to go to foreign countries and do awesome things. 


Property rights are just as is in the name. Those who have legal documentation of the land being there are not obligated to share with others and are by law protected by those who try to steal it or utilize it as their own. I’m paraphrasing, of course, or let’s say whoever is the owner of multiple vehicles does not wish to let others utilize it while it is not in use. I am trying to be as transparent as possible with this because the more statistics that you throw at someone it seems as if some groups of people don’t care to respond to facts or logic. So, I’ve chosen to respond with simply what is. These are things that if taken away people will tend to respond…”radically.” I wish it would not come to that, but I can’t tell everyone how to react to a threat against their livelihood.


I only wish that people would instead of fighting others for a world of equality of outcome that will never exist, just like wanting world peace or solving climate change or world hunger. Feeding people doesn’t make money, climate change is a fear that is free to those who pay to fight against it. You don’t need to pay anything for the climate to change, it just happens naturally. 


Government is the only business that has to point a gun at people in order to pay them. I’d like to see the private sector come up with the solutions that the government hires them to do anyway. Bangov Actual, out.



Empowering Your Community: Launching A Successful Local Business

Empowering Your Community: A Comprehensive Guide to Launching a Successful Local Business

Opening a local business can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Not only does it provide a source of income, but it also boosts the local economy and contributes to community development. This BanGov article provides practical tips on starting a business in your local community.

Small Businesses Have a Significant Influence on Local Economies

Small businesses are the dynamic lifeblood that fuels the engine of local economies. They serve as robust job generators, hotbeds of innovation, and providers of distinct, community-centric goods or services. Initiating a local business transcends the mere fulfillment of personal ambition; it’s an astute economic maneuver that dramatically amplifies the financial vigor of your community.

Online Coursework Can Boost Your Business Acumen 

Before launching your entrepreneurial voyage, contemplate honing your business savvy through online courses or enrolling in a degree program. For instance, the procedures of an online MBA program provide a wealth of knowledge that spans essential sectors such as business strategy, finance, and marketing. The insights you acquire from these educational avenues can empower you to deftly navigate business challenges and lay a robust foundation for enduring success.

Determining Initial Expenses for a Startup

Venturing into the business world demands a meticulous and precise estimation of startup expenses, including costs associated with equipment acquisition, inventory accumulation, property lease, and marketing initiatives. This pivotal step allows you to craft a strategic financial blueprint and ensures you garner ample funding, thereby paving the way for a triumphant business launch.

There Are Cost-Effective Approaches to Business Marketing

Marketing serves as a vital magnet to draw customers to your venture. Luckily, there exist cost-effective strategies that can powerfully promote your business. Harnessing the reach of social media platforms, local press, community functions, and email marketing efforts can significantly amplify your enterprise’s visibility. The primary objective is to connect with an expansive pool of prospective customers while maintaining fiscal prudence.

You Need Robust and Effective Accounting Procedures

Executing stringent accounting protocols is an absolute necessity for savvy financial stewardship within a business. This includes scrupulous monitoring of income and outgoings, diligent assembly of financial reports, and timely submission of tax returns. To ensure impeccable and up-to-date financial records, it’s highly recommended to utilize advanced accounting software or engage the services of a certified accounting professional.

Transitioning to Digital Formats for Documents

Maintaining an organized archive of crucial documents is fundamental to seamless business operations. Embrace the digital revolution by transforming your paperwork into electronic formats using online PDF solutions. This facilitates effortless access, safeguards against information loss, and streamlines record-keeping processes. Furthermore, digitization frees up physical space, fostering a more productive and clutter-free workspace.

Examining Local Regulations for Business Compliance

Unwavering obedience to relevant laws and regulations is an absolute imperative for every commercial venture. These might span domains such as business permits, health and safety norms, and workers’ rights, to name a few. Conduct an exhaustive examination of the rules pertinent to your particular business type and geographical locale, steadfastly maintaining compliance to forestall any prospective legal complications.


Embarking on the path of local entrepreneurship may be daunting, yet it yields rewarding outcomes. You can construct a thriving enterprise that injects vitality into your local economy and community with strategic planning, unceasing education, and meticulous management. It’s crucial to remember that your business’s triumph is not an isolated victory; it reverberates through your community, fostering a more robust and vibrant locale. Thus, when you inaugurate your venture, you’re attaining personal milestones and contributing to creating a more prosperous and dynamic community.

Written by: Jenna Sherman/ parent-leaders.com



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It Comes From Within

Caught between a rock and a hard place. When schedules tend to build up and day becomes more and more busy, it’s almost like breathing through a straw. Swimming laps, and you are in between 2 brick walls. Any break in your form and you chip a nail, sprain your wrist or WORSE, can’t complete your flip turn…but I digress, those who are trying to make things work by filling your schedule are not doing it through keeping busy. Focusing your efforts is something I myself have struggled to do for a long time. Problem is I still continue to do it. I just want to do so many things in life, for many years I have tried to tackle different pursuits in order to make meaning out of life without really having one that I intend to focus on and really define it’s true worth or purpose for me to continue. I think I just answered your question of “what should I do then?” I’ll bet you already have had as few to maybe a million times in your head where you considered a pursuit in something, but just did not think it was worth your time or maybe was thinking “what if I fail?” Well newsflash you have already wasted enough time not following that in which you have been day dreaming about for years. At the end of your life will you be thinking of things you have wanted to pursue? Problem that people tend to have with the pursuit of happiness is the “pursuit” aspect. Pursuit as per the definition is the “action”, key word here, of following or pursuing someone or something. Pursuits are all we have to feel alive leading us down unknown or unexpected twists and turns. Choose one and go. When you choose to stop, that is your choice. Just do yourself a favor and do not stop because of fear or lack of motivation. Motivation which I have discussed before and yet has come up many more times because people think they have to be motivated in order to start moving. Motivation from this point on will no longer be something that I am in search of. From this day forward motivation will be created within. In the endless pursuit that is life, I will wake up, walk, talk, drink, eat sleep and even PISS motivation because it is something created within. This as well ties into your self reliance. The “need” for motivation should be developed from within. It is what is kicking and screaming at the door trying to get out. To rely on others for things you can produce yourself is like asking if you can have a cookie. “Are you still a child or are you an adult?” Think of rolling down a hill…just go with me ;on this, you’re at the top of the hill. When you’re at the top you get into a shopping cart and you have nobody else with you. You need to edge the cart near the slide and just jump in at the moment just before it leaves to gain speed. Just reading this far you probably have already said, “what about brakes?” What about this, what about that? You all already putting safety nets and things for you to ensure nothing bad happens. Just jump in and enjoy the ride, let go of the fear and know false senses of security are a killer of the human experience of adventure and what it means to know what you’re made of. Bangov Actual, out!


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Let’s Define Terms “Wisdom”

Wisdom: the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise.

Let us take into account that those of us that have ever asked another for advice, knowledge on something or “wisdom” of some sort, some may have taken it to heart. Some have taken it with a grain of salt. To have information is instant nowadays, so what we must be cautious of is how this information is interpreted by each individual. Us a population have it in us to tell someone something we know just because we know the particular fact or stat that was told to us. So what does this mean when trusting someone, knowing them long term or not. This is something that I have said before, when i mention it is in your best interest when getting the most out of life, to Dig, Dig, Dig. Dig for not only the facts or stats, but dig for the interpretation of who is telling you this information. Can be your husband, wife, mother, father, daughter, brother. Interesting enough wisdom is not defined by being right or wrong, it is the “quality” as stated in the definition, of being able to  share with others your experiences and knowledge on a particular subject. How do we with so much access to knowledge, so much access to other peoples opinions, “wisdom”, how do we funnel and focus on what we need to, to make sure we are being to true to who we are? I have stated this before, and anyone that has ever read a self help book has the same “wisdom” thrown at them that the people you surround yourself with are the average of what you will get out of life. Those who are stuck, those who are in what feels like a trap of your upbringing. Go for a walk, go for a drive, swim, get out of the bubble you are in for even a moment and know that when you feel that sense of relief, pressure off your chest, breath of fresh air, go back inside and trap yourself again. Go back and realize you have so much more control over your own environment and the “wisdom” that you surround yourself with. Do that a few times a week and your addiction to that freedom will start to feed your creativity for expanding what is possible. Your mind will begin to create different pathways that were once foreign to you. That is how you create your own world by getting out of the one you feel so stuck in right now. Your 9-5 you may not like, your relationship you can’t end because maybe the lease is not up for 6 more months, (which is a piss poor excuse if you ask me.) Try and maintain a level of integrity for yourself in order to break away from a world that you constantly escape through day dreaming of being somewhere else. Your only excuse is that you will not take the necessary steps in order to move forward with your life. Blame yourself and move forward..Bangov Actual, out!


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This May Be Hard To Hear

No one is going to save you. Self reliance is a key factor in the game of life and being in charge of those pursuits in which make you a happy person. Being able to push through pain. We have all heard these things. Many motivational speakers tell those they have will, or determination that they do not know. The difference that must be made is internally. Relying on others to tell you what you are worth is a great indicator that you do not have enough respect for yourself. So why should others hear what you have to say. I am not going to tell you that you have what it takes to do great things. I do not know you! If you think you do then guess what, you’re headed in the right direction. Has to come from you, that you are willing to go the extra mile and not be afraid of that which you dream of. Like a volume knob get everyone and everything around you turned way down so that you cannot hear them. Listen to what is going on inside you and only you. You may have someone on the inside screaming and you cannot hear them because you are too busy listening to the losers around you or those who pretend to know more than you. Take some time for yourself, I promise the more focused you become, the more you will enjoy being alone and listening to the voice of your own eagerness to strive for better. Better car, better house, better things for you and those around you. I won’t tell you your worth it, because if you have any fight in you then you’re already telling yourself. I am just here to tell you to start listening to what is inside. You may not recognize yourself at first, it’s been a while through the many years you have been listening to everyone else on how to do things. The great save for retirement and be scared of harsh spending. Stop telling yourself you cannot afford something, or you don’t have time for things because you know yourself deep down how much bullshit is really between your fiction and the reality of your situation and how it can be improved. Run, scream, kick, and fight your way out of your reality to create a new one for yourself. Life as you know it now is all a matter of your perspective and having the ability to change all comes down to a single choice to commit action into your daily routine. Once or twice a day, not sure how many steps you’re willing to take a day, I won’t decide that for you, but tell me about it if you would like and maybe I would like to incorporate these actions in my life. Bangov Actual, out


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Sex And Business

No this is not a sex contract being negotiated. I do enjoy details of how individuals get to the specific act, but understand when dating that to treat it like business in a way that it is worth your time and money. Someone who may see things as you do can really intensify the electricity between instead of just the act itself. If within 20 minutes things have not taken off into conversation that is organic then politely leave. You have no obligations to this person you just met and should not feel bullied into thinking other ewise. Not saying you have to make up an excuse because that is all they are. The real reason of this is just not working out is perfectly acceptable. Tell the waiter that you would like to enjoy your drinks for a little bit and just talk. Be flirty if you are, or don’t. When women mean to be genuine they do expect you to have a way of being tactful in how you carry yourself. You do not have to be rude, you just have to have the presence that your time is valuable and do not want to waste theirs. If things start to take off and you are going to be there for a while, order appetizers, order a meal, whatever. Now thinking of this while talking across a table of attorney’s, accountants, bankers. Conversation should have the same level of attitude. I don’t want to waste your time and certainly do not wish to waste mine. Someone in the end may still get fucked, so don’t expect me to tell you how to close every time. Read the vibe, especially if the date is going well then you have all the time in the world to plan your next move. I understand the nerves and skills will come with time, but while developing them have fun. Also don’t give me the “what if I am Married?” Any chance your wife would like to go out for a night? Probably wouldn’t mind being spoiled for a night. I myself am not married but for the divorced women I have gone on dates with they have told me in the end the guy just gave up. Ladies!, moans, groans, bitches complaints, I am more than happy to funnel frustrations through my blog in order to reach those who may need a quick reminder of throw her on the bed, or when we have a babysitter, it is game time. You’re words ladies not mine. Positive outlooks on dates, as well as business is just one way to have the right mindset going forward, as always do your due diligence not to be cat fished, be present and take an interest in the situation you have both created, but in the end respect that someone has taken the time in order to get to know you and see what you’re about. Bangov, actual, out.


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Deadlines Are Such A Beautiful Thing

Putting a time stamp on things, has to be one of the best tools I have ever used. As well just fun in general to see how much can be done in a given time. Stop thinking of them as a way for your boss to yell at you and use them to accomplish things in your own life. Can be small of course, maybe get the house cleaned in a matter of a certain time and what is not cleaned in 30 minutes leave for tomorrow. God forbid you haven’t cleaned out the shower, it will get dirty again I promise you that. Just an example but this is utilizing time for you to do what you are passionate about and forget about the little things which in time you could hire someone else to do for you. Also stop bleaching every little thing ya fucking psycho. Put a deadline on projects for you to get things done for your own business that your boss does not know about. Hell I did it for years, and sometimes you just have to be selfish for yourself. Also what i mean by that is always be selfish for you, always look out for number one. Always see losers say they want to help people but never really have the ability to instill change over a given issue they care about. Deadline sections of success and see how far you come in a given year. Bangov Actual, out.