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Why Do We Cheat?

Why do we cheat? This may get “confrontational” but hey you come to me for this shit. Don’t like it, I hear Chicken Soup For The Soul is making a comeback. Why do we cheat is maybe not what we think it is. I can really only think of cheating as piss poor planning. I don’t mean getting away with it either. If you make a commitment to someone then it should be honored as your word should be something to value. In the case that you explain to someone you choose to be intimate with I can only think that there has to be a conversation about what each of you want. When it comes to sex, emotions rule the playing field. Say anything you want, tell someone in the most abrupt way that you like sex and your too young to stop at just one person for the rest of your life. I’m not saying to lie, I am not saying to be hurtful in the slightest. Will it hurt, of course, that is what relationships are about. Experiencing all emotions with another. Everyone I know has been hurt in some form or fashion by their significant other.

Does not mean that it is intentional for either party to be hurtful towards each other. In my opinion all of these things are what get lost, or not said in conversation. I have stated before, nobody has all the right words at the right time. What is not communicated can be the cause of someone’s pain. Even the slightest of misunderstandings, you have a guy that is shaking his head and a woman who Is choosing to sleep with the kids, instead of in the bed with you. I think men and women have been so ingrained with the idea that they must be in a relationship that they are scared to face the reality of what they want, what they desire, and what they would even like to experience from a multitude of people. S.E.X, the great equalizer in the bedroom. The Fully Semi Automatic Weapon of lust. The cause of laughs, cries, fights, and an exponential growth in population size. Sex can cover so many basis and I as your blogger am in hopes of covering them all so that we as a civilization can come to understand more and more about this 3 letter word that in my is so powerful I am surprised that the government has not found a way to tax every orgasm we have. Terrible imagery? You’re welcome.

Why is it we as a species have not expressed the idea that communicated our sexual desires and ambitions is OK? What is wrong with that? Of course let’s not be weird about it. If I am on a date I won’t be so forward as to say to a woman that I just want you to ride my face until geese fly south for the winter. Would some women be up for that? I have always been told it depends on how good looking he is and how he presents the proposition. Fair enough ladies. Understand this, hookers do exist and till the end of time their services will be needed for men and women. As well I am being told male escorts are on the rise( pun intended). So that being said, for those of us who cannot afford it, why are we so inclined to condemn a man or woman who wants promiscuity in their life. These may be people who have had bad sexual experiences and feel paying for a professional is the only way to break the anxiety of being intimate with another person. Or someone who is very career driven, and in no mood to waste time on someone who does not know how to satisfy needs. Why we cheat is the blatant disregard for our own feelings and thoughts on what we want our sex life to entail. Do not be afraid to discuss intentions with those you go on dates with. Don’t hide in the dark, don’t be judgemental of yourself for wanting to be with multiple partners.

You cannot tell me a man or woman has not thought of someone other than their spouse. For good reason is the lack of fear that person will leave you for someone else. Women spend outrageous amounts of money on themselves, ie.. makeup, clothes, shoes, plastic surgery. When a woman is willing to undergo surgery for a man, it is because of a little known fear that she has that if I don’t get these for him to play with then maybe he’ll play with someone else. Please understand I am not judging anyone who chooses to make adjustments to their body in order to boost self confidence. Your bodies, do what you will. I’ll admit if I see a brat doll, with double d’s and an ass that could have saved everyone on the Titanic, I get a chuckle out of it. Sexual frustration is a daunting thing to have to go to. If you are not getting enough from your partner and feel stuck because you already told them you were wanting to be exclusive because that is what you thought they wanted to hear. It is time to have another conversation. Don’t just run to the first waitress or bartender you find on a Friday night, RELAX, talk about it first. If they can’t understand that this is a real issue for you, then cheating is inevitable. Just talk with your partner, don’t be afraid of them saying no. Also divorce is a bitch, not saying I have experienced it, but I have had enough people in my life to be completely turned off by the institution that is marriage.

Also if I haven’t mentioned this before marriage is defined as: the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship, as well union for more clarification is defined as: the action or fact of joining or being joined, especially in a political context. Of course as well I know can be defined as: a state of harmony or agreement. BUT..  I cannot ignore the fact that it is only made official through the state, and needing a license to say I love, cherish, or want to spend the rest of my life with them is just hysterical. Why not just spend the rest of your life with them and those who you apparently need approval from will just see that? Also I do own a site called Bangov, so ya. #bangov4life. So just remember that you are not the only one feeling this way, go into a relationship knowing each other’s intentions and do not be afraid to communicate how to go about it. That is why I say to email me. I do enjoy getting them, of course they are anonymous, and as always this is Bangov Actual, I live to serve. Bangov Actual, OUT!

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