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Book Banning

Why don’t people read books anymore. It is disheartening that we pay so much attention to magazine articles. Videos even more than books. The issue is when you see a youtuber that knows a lot about different things. Geopolitics, economics, religion. We first go to YouTube to learn things and not go to a selection of books where we could get a backstory or even derive context from what we are trying to learn.

I will admit I am not the fastest reader either. Probably a 5th grade reading level at best. I was not the best in school, I hated it. Go figure because it was the public school system. We had leftist teachers as well. We all remember those teachers who had very bizarre ideas about how society should be. We laughed at them too. Not saying we had trans people trying to touch us but hey, the fight goes on.

Books are a great way to get away from social media and the things we cling to on a daily basis. Our mind is filled with useless information. Also, for me none of it really sticks. Be honest with yourself, could you honestly recite a lecture you watched in order to make a compelling argument to someone else? I’m going to say no. Granted if it shifts your mind towards researching a particular topic I understand the appeal.

Books are just so condensed with information and tell a story, like a movie that everyone seems to be able to regurgitate their favorite movie. They remember lines, they remember outfits, an entire movie all in your head, but provides not significant value to your life. If we get to a point to where we see the government banning books, then the civil war will be very close behind because that means people are being too educated and have stopped watching YouTube videos for enjoyment. Bangov Actual out.


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