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Tik Tok Sucks, Banning an anti-American platform.

I have never been an advocate for the use of social media, unless it was for business purposes. I think of social media like Tik Tok, Meta, X, as digital yellow pages. Finding vehicles to buy, cheap clothes, all goods and services. Never really built my friends list based on people I knew from high school, or people I have not spoken to in 10 years. That was the Myspace age. Not saying it should not be used for that as well. Want to keep in touch with family, share photos, family experiences then ok.

Where it tended to go off the rails is when people started to give a shit about what other people were doing that were not in your family circle. Not even just family, people in the next town over. Other countries showed me how their shit countries were doing. (China, talking about you with your mask policies or dragging people out of their homes due to noncompliance.) Maybe it opened eyes to how great America is? 

When it comes to freedoms like freedom of speech, choice, religion, or my favorite being able to talk shit about your own government and the ridiculousness of a Social Credit Score (Business Insider). I mean come on, when it comes to tyrannical thoughts, how much more government oppression can you get? Oppression is defined as: prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control, OR the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control OR mental pressure or distress. For those of you idiots out there that mean I can’t make fun of someone or say trans people don’t exist because it causes them mental pressure or distress, that is not what that means. If we are at the same party, they can leave the party and not be around me anymore. If I aim to control a given population saying you have to agree with me, or your Social Credit Score goes down and you won’t be able to fly to Hawaii this year…. See how that works?

Now according to The Washington Post, 3 things stand out. 1) Tik Tok being a Chinese company, let alone have ties to the (CCP) Chinese Communist Party, which communism is a no no here at Bangov. CNN reports after a bill had a unanimous decision that could ban Tik Tok in the United States. This as well Tik Tok reportedly sent out a link asking users to call their elected representatives about opposing the bill. For a company pushing to have influence in Americans voting, seems like a red flag. 

2) The amount of damage that these kinds of platforms do to our children. Being a foreign company they do not have the same rights as an American company does when it comes to the destruction of a child’s confidence or emotional health. Tik Tok is not the only issue out there. Kids are constantly glued to their devices. Of course, I am more vocal about blaming parents when it comes to how long they are on phones, tablets and TV at home. Kids find their ways around it, but continuous education about what it does to your mind is the parent’s responsibility 100%. 

3) The fact that Donald Trump is willing to side with Tik Tok not being banned. Based on not wanting Facebook or Meta or whatever the fuck you want to call it: not wanting the platform to increase its memberships if Tik Tok were to be taken away. Donald Trump is quoted saying that Facebook; “They are the true enemy of the people.” This stated in the same article whether you believe it or not is just a whole lot of angles rolled into one big story. 

In my opinion because that is what most of this is. Bangov is America first, always will be. A regime is defined as: a government, especially an authoritarian one. Authoritarian defined as: favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom:  When it comes to a regime being in control of something that incessantly has our children’s attention, yah they should be banned. Get that communist shit out of here! When it comes to ruining businesses of countless Americans, this is where the heart of Bangov will be split in 2. You must always be looking to cut out cancers of society sadly at the same time realizing others may be affected. As much as Bangov is for small ownership of business, letting the devil of an authoritarian power is just never an option. Bangov Actual out.


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