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Well This Is Kinda Cool

It is with great pleasure to see people from all sorts of businesses reach out to me to spread their message about what they have created. Messages about people’s ways of life that they have created into a business that they wish to share on the Bangov Platform. Stay Tuned we will be sharing more business ideas written by the very people themselves. It is their story, I am just in charge of posting it and getting it out to people. For those of you who have the ideas please share them at info@ban-gov.com. Can’t wait to hear from you.






For Parents that need guidance, please visit Parent-Leaders.com


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New Parents Can Use These Strategies to Start a Successful Business


Starting a business and welcoming a baby at the same time can easily be overwhelming – especially if you’ve dealt with fertility issues or pregnancy losses – but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be. By thinking carefully about every step involved in the business planning process, you can create routines at home that will be helpful for both you and the baby. 


It’s especially important to spend some time developing your marketing strategy since there’s so much that needs to go into it. From creating a budget to utilizing the right online tools to building your brand and identity, there are many details to nail down. 


Here, BanGov shares some helpful tips for starting a business as a new parent.


Choose the Right Business Structure


Starting a business is an exciting process. However, it’s essential to carefully consider which business structure is best suited to your needs. There are a handful of structures used in the US such as corporation, partnership, and limited liability company (LLC), each offering different advantages depending on your particular circumstances. It is worth consulting with a qualified professional who can guide you through the process of determining which is right for you. Many people choose to operate as an LLC, as it offers certain tax advantages, flexibility, and requires less paperwork.


Manage Your Business Efficiently with the Right Online Tools


Managing a business while also navigating all the changes that come with a new baby means you need to be as efficient and organized as possible. Ridgebase notes that it’s a good idea to utilize as many other tools as possible to keep things running smoothly at work


When it comes to putting a marketing strategy into play, it’s important to create engaging and informative content, brands can build trust and credibility with their audience, which can ultimately lead to increased sales and stronger, long-lasting relationships. 


Give Yourself a Stellar Workspace


As you begin gathering the right tools for creating and implementing a marketing strategy, you’ll likely be putting in some hours at home working on putting it all together. Merry For Money points out that giving yourself a great workspace is essential since it will allow you to stay focused while tending to the baby. You might set up a small desk for your laptop and add a rocking chair for feeding times, or create a safe, comfy sleep spot for the baby while you get things done. 


Be sure to baby-proof the room; even if they can’t crawl just yet, you’ll have peace of mind that the room is as safe as possible once they’re mobile. You can add further safety by switching to a digital filing system. Then you don’t have to worry about papers all over or a heavy filing cabinet that your baby can try to climb. 


Find Ways to Stay on Task


No matter how great your workspace is at home, there will inevitably be some days when it’s difficult to stay on task or concentrate. As a new parent, you’ll probably face days when exhaustion sets in so deeply that you can barely focus. 


In order to prevent those times from causing an issue with your business, utilize organizational tools that will help you remember due dates and meetings or allow you to easily access your market research notes. Her Agenda notes that tackling tasks like creating a brand identity requires quite a bit of work, so keeping things in order is essential. You can also use a few apps to help with various newborn tasks, as well.


Endure the Bumps and Enjoy the Successes


Starting a business is hard. Starting one as a new parent is a major undertaking. But taking on entrepreneurship and parenthood simultaneously has some upsides, too. It can help you build confidence and be a great role model for your child. Look for help from various resources as you start building your marketing plan so that you don’t have to navigate it all on your own.  And remember that some days will be hard. That doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. Do your best to stay positive and keep moving forward!


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When It Is Time To Quit

Fucking Never!!! Giving up you never get anywhere. It is all a deviation. Deviation is defined as: the action of departing from an established course or accepted standard. To put in more layman’s terms, just because you have a vision of your future, does not mean the intended path is going to be the same. People have a set plan or picture in their head. Some plan it out really well if they catch what they want to accomplish early in life. They go to school, college, graduate top of their class, and get to be a doctor, lawyer, magician, whatever. 

To get to where you want a million decisions are going to have to be made. I say a million because someone is always looking for a guarantee. Which is the wrong mentality in a world where nothing is ever always 100%. Remember this is a pursuit that you are willing to work on till the day you die. Of course, you can switch out every year a new one. Until you’re too old and stuck in the life you are in to want to choose anything else. Giving up is only easy when you have not put enough of yourself into the game you’re in. Bangov Actual, out.



Regret Is Defined By Your Choices

Starting from the bottom sucks. The thing people never tell you is that you’re only at the bottom as long as you want to be. You start making moves. Visualizing yourself growing and getting away from who you used to be. It is ok to not be satisfied with who you are. Hell let’s be real, who you are now, you’re not happy with, that’s why people change. It is ridiculous for you to not like who you are, where you are in life and not change things for the better. 

After a while you’ll just get older and more bitter about things you can’t control, like the past. What’s done is done. Stop sitting around and thinking about what could have always been. That is a spirit dying. Also you’re only going to waste your life regretting it. Regret is defined as: feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity).

You can still do nothing and regret that. Problem is you’ll blame everyone else but yourself for your lack of ambition, motivation, or whatever else is being sold to you. Better to regret decisions you made rather than regret not making one. Bangov Actual, out.


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