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Stop Paying Income Tax

So I am no legal representative, but when someone is to tell me that they won’t take this money, or lump some of money because they don’t want to have to fill out a 1040 form. If they tell me that they are so worried about the government coming after them because they mowed someone’s lawn, helped someone move, pressure washed someone’s garage, or even sold fentanyl to thy neighbor……ok maybe be worried about that last one, BUT you are all entrepreneurs in my eyes. (Fentanyl is Fatal) When the fear of making extra money to make ends meet is upon you I say weep no more. The 1040 scam is just to deceive law abiding citizens into telling the government that you have ambition outside of your normal employment duties. 

Never fear the IRC is here. (Internal Revenue Code). Now some are unaware and it is my pleasure to educate those who may not be aware when they choose to grace Bangov with their presence. What is a 1040 form for? IRS invites you to use a schedule (1) 1040 form for additional income and adjustment to income in order to tell on yourself about you making extra money. Don’t care if it is 10 dollars or 10 million dollars, it is your money and you should have a right to keep every cent.  Peymon Mottahedeh is the President and founder of Freedom Law School. Freedom Law School, “Peymon is devoted to educating and assisting Americans in their fight for rights and freedom. He is particularly passionate about providing people with knowledge on how to reclaim their independence from the IRS’s robbery and deceit.” As found on the about page.

The Washington Post states “although the IRS will send out 125,000 notices, the actual number of taxpayers involved may be fewer, as many of them failed to file in multiple years.” This is due to the mass number of Americans who so eloquently misremembered to file taxes between the years of 2017-2022,including 25,000 cases where people’s income was well over a million dollars.(Nice) “When people don’t file their taxes, they need to know there’s a consequence,” Werfel said. This is from Daniel Werfel, Commissioner of the IRS. The fact that we have an institution like the IRS that can’t even effectively enforce the laws necessary for the government to keep misspending and sending money to other countries, then why do we keep them around? For instance NPR reports that the IRS got 80 billion for “beefing up the IRS’s capacity to go after wealthy tax cheats.” You know, the people that employ thousands of Americans. They are not willing to give more money to the government for services we don’t need or even want. 

Before any of you get noble on me and say it is your American duty….just stop right there. You do not pay taxes because it is the American thing to do. Just remember a little while ago when this country was started and we fought taxation without representation. Nothing is more American than keeping money from the government in order to live a more prosperous life. Especially when everyone from small mom and pop shops to billion dollar empires put food on the table for their employees. Jeff Bezos just gave 118 million to fight homelessness. Or Elon Musk giving 1.95 billion Tesla shares to various charities. It is embarrassing to hear people cheer when the IRS says it will try and get more money from millionaires when the people cheering do not contribute even a fraction of what millionaires do to the communities around them.


Poor is defined as: Having insufficient wealth to meet the necessities or comforts of life or to live in a manner considered acceptable in a society.

  1. Relating to or characterized by poverty.
  2. Deficient or lacking in a specified resource or quality.
  3. Not adequate in quality or quantity; inferior.
  4. Negative, unfavorable, or disapproving.
  5. Undernourished; lean. Used especially of animals.
  6. Humble; meek.
  7. Eliciting or deserving pity; pitiable.

What will never be taught in schools is that poor is a mentality. I had an accountant tell me that at a net worth of 150k, I was sitting better than a couple that made 250k a year but has 3 cars, a boat and a house they could barely afford. Living paycheck to paycheck is not a way of life. Quit spending money on shit you don’t need. So rich people may buy some weird shit sometimes. Hotel orgies, who cares, they are just like all of us, but they can afford what we dream of. Not because they are bad people, but they just live a high profile life and when you work a thousand hours a week you may just want to ball out on what you have earned. 

Don’t ever let the poor tell you how to live. Bangov Actual, out.


“Poverty is the worst form of violence” – Mahatma Gandhi




Spend And Then Die

Business to me is just something that you are willing to commit to and make your life’s work. It used to baffle me that someone would turn down a 100k job. Even if it is a job of your dreams type of scenario. I am all for the grind, away from the wife and kids on a daily basis, or even weeks at a time. To some this may seem like a “workaholic” or even a selfish individual. All they tend to think of is money, or themselves.

Let us step back here for a bit. A man, trying to provide for his family’s basic needs, because for a lady having granite countertops may be a basic need. Or endless jewelry, presents for the kids. You’re telling me a man is selfish when all his efforts go towards the wants and needs of his family? You may want to look up the definition of both. Workaholic- a person who compulsively works hard and long hours. OR Selfish- lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. 

Seems to me a man to be doing PRETTY FUCKING WELL, if he has devoted the majority of his existence to what his family asks for. Does anyone know what the word servant means? Servant- a person who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant. I think we are now on the same page when it comes to what can be expected of a man. 

Working at all hours of the night just to keep food on the table. Forbes Advisor survey tells us that 40.7% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. NY Post, and Business Insider tell us that 51% of Americans making over 100k a year live paycheck to paycheck. What is even more funny to me, and all of us suffering is that these are things that can be changed in a matter of weeks. Not years but just changing your habits. This is a world of fuck it times, so why wouldn’t you just say fuck it when it comes to making life a little easier on yourself.

Forbes Again with paycheck-to-paycheck people reporting that cost of living…i.e., housing, insurance and utility bills are at the forefront of their financial hardships. Which really chaps my ass is that 27.5% related spending to “social pressure” aka spending unnecessarily. “Fuck off Tom, I’m not going out with you tonight?” Of course, we all like to go out and have fun but more than once a month and you are just throwing anywhere from 30-200$ a month away. Also being at a bar, it is fries, maybe a burger or tots and a couple beers. (3…4..5 beers you degenerate, you’re just making my point.)


Just understand that living paycheck to paycheck is like paying off that credit, only paying off the minimum every month. It will inevitably get you where you want to be when life is at its end. You die, and the only way you’re out of debt is when your life insurance pays for it before it goes to your kids. So, commit to something that you think is worthwhile. Doing that you come to realize how much you can be without filling that empty void we all try to fill with expensive stuff, alcohol, clothes, food, etc. Bangov Actual, out


For all you feminist out there who may want a woman’s side to this, just know you are more than welcome to write one yourself and send it to info@ban-gov.com.