Send an email to info@bangov.com he is our CEO, he is personable and pretty sexy.
No, we just accept that governments limited ability through lack of resources hinders the ability for government to be the answer for all the worlds problems. As well leaving it up to the private sector in order to create solutions instead of arguing if democrats or republicans will save us. If we were completely anti- government we would not love our military as much as we do.
We offer products only of quality that are selected by us in order to give you a product with a badass message. It stands for the pushback on government overreach in order to stimulate economic growth. As well our designs are made with class and style in mind, as well our motto for dress is "Sleek and Sexy."
Hat, one size fits all. Every other product is tested for fit on an athletic body type. Generally the shirt lays down to mid crotch area. This is intended for our conceal carry people...we love you.
No, we exclusively sell these item on ban-gov.com....But, time will tell.
In choosing manufactures, we test all sorts of materials. Order samples and choose a best fit for what we think could represent BanGov. Stitching, side seams, lightweight fabrics where it counts, and embroidery stitching. We do have ideas for screen printed products, but are in the pursuit to find which manufacturer will offer the best product. When you purchase one of our products, we want you to look good as our ambassadors should. We take great pride in being able to present you with a quality product. For it can take us weeks or even months to decide on what kind of material we want to represent the BanGov name. Our goal from the time you read this and beyond, we are looking to improve the quality of our products through the large numbers of manufactures we have ready to serve you. As a bonus we ensure that we reach out to all of our manufactures in the search for USA quality products.

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